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  1. WWE

    I had this thought yesterday too. It should be a great show.
  2. Download 2018

    Aftermath is so euphoric, I love it. A Flood of Light is so powerful too and I LOVE the part in Alma Mata when Eva screams TIME WILL DIE AND LOVE WILL BURY IT. Absolutely my album of the year so far and I can’t see it shifting. I am so excited for their set at Download.
  3. WWE

  4. 2018 Reccomendations

  5. Download 2018

    Gojira are nothing like those bands, genius.
  6. Lineup 2018

    Former R&L darlings Bloc Party playing Silent Alarm in full at Ally Pally in October. I know it’s only half of the original band but that’ll still be one hell of a show.
  7. Yeah that’s fair but I can’t see one of them not offering it to them. There’s no reason in the world why BMTH shouldn’t be a headliner now.
  8. Oil has said that BMTH are not interested in co-headlining with anyone and they want it outright so I can’t see them sharing the billing with anyone. They deserve the outright headline slot, even if Oli is the world’s #1 karakoke artist. They’ve grown with the festival.
  9. Slam Dunk 2018

    Zero interest in that stage either
  10. Download 2018

    Gojira aren’t far from Lacuna Coil? Come off it
  11. Download 2018

    I'm not feeling it after the first few listens. It's not vastly different from the majority of IRE but I find it quite uninteresting really.
  12. Download 2018

    Parkway Drive’s new album ‘Reverence’ is out May 4th. They are going to obliterate Download.
  13. Download 2018

    This is a truly terrible post.
  14. Lineup 2018

    Everyone should listen to the new Nervus album. It’s is SO good. It’d be great if they played the Lock Up.
  15. Download 2018

    Download would still have them headline.
  16. 2019 festival

    Tbf he isn’t saying they want to sound like 21P, he’s saying that 21P have got where they are by still sounding like 21P so BMTH want to do that too which is pretty rich considering how far they’ve gone. Of course Download would definitely still go for them.
  17. WWE

    Is Impact still a thing? Seems to be a lot of stuff going around about The Bar facing a team that aren’t part of the roster at the moment at Mania. Please be The Bucks. It won’t happen but please.
  18. Download 2018

    I saw them supporting Gnarwolves at Esquires in Bedford back in October! They were bloody great.
  19. Slam Dunk 2018

    I’m not bothered about that stage entirely.
  20. WWE

    SmackDown is SO shit. Bin this brand split off.
  21. Lineup 2018

    Tried it. 97% men 3% women.
  22. Lineup 2018

    He’ll be the subject of the first non-deceased hologram tribute.
  23. Lineup 2018

    Totally agree on Sempiternal. Sonically it’s their best.
  24. Lineup 2018

    Even then, getting to arena level as a hardcore band would have been an unbelievable achievement. Agreed, There Is A Hell... is incredible. It’s exactly what a modern metal album in 2010 should have sounded like. I also think that about Sempiternal. If in 2013 you had someone from 20 years in the past suddenly appear and ask what manstrwam metal sounds like in 2013, I think that’s the album that would have best represented that. Makes it all the more disheartening the way they’ve gone. On the flip side, it doesn’t surprise me that they’ve kind of given the metal community at large the finger in recent years when they were so unreasonably trashed by them for so long when they were making great heavy music. It’s been said a thousand times but the direction they go with the next album is going to be fascinating.
  25. Lineup 2018

    Gallows were so good. Everything about them was super cool. I’m unsure about them headlining if Frank had never left, I kind of got the feeling that they would eventually burn out anyway. I think he will come good with the Rattlesnakes and still get really big. To be fair to BMTH, they got so much stick for years even though they were releasing great albums in Suicide Season and There Is A Hell... because of the way they they look (mostly Oli). If they had looked like, I don’t know, Lamb of God and released those albums, they’d have been embraced by a lot more of the wider metal community. I guess it doesn’t matter now they’ve been fully embraced by a different crowd.

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