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  1. I could see You Me At Six headlining the NME next year. They get plenty of airplay on Radio 1. Anyway, isn't this the Download thread? Let's get back to having absolutely no news to talk about
  2. There's a three second blast beat in Herex
  3. I think Reading will get them too. Any idea what slot they've been offered? As I imagine it is something significant.
  4. Just going for the top acts on each day: Bring Me The Horizon / Enter Shikari / A Day To Remember Chase & Status / Stormzy Rise Against Kanye West / Royal Blood / Twenty One Pilots FLUME / HAIM AFI Kasabian / Major Lazer / Catfish & The Bottlemen You Me At Six / Jimmy Eat World Killswitch Engage
  5. @Chavmeisterdeluxe has said on the DL thread that Reading are after Shikari on an exclusive. If that's the case then I think that a sub spot is awaiting them.
  6. Nah, I think Shikari in 2017 justify a sub slot. They've got such a rich history with the festival and are a massively popular band in this country. Tag it as a European festival exclusive and that'll sweeten it. They will absolutely deserve it too. One of the hardest working and most forward thinking bands around. Subbing BMTH would be a good call and would sell day tickets, I'm sure.
  7. BMTH are pretty shite (now)
  8. Suzanne? Are you listening to the same song ? Creeper have zero in common with BMTH.
  9. Where have you heard/seen this? Sub spot is calling, if so!
  10. I saw someone on here mention the latest BMTH interview which talks about them taking some time off to be with their families and specifically taking a month off at the end of this tour before they start writing again. Oil also says that he wants to go "weirder" on the next album and go down a "darker dance" route, citing Linkin Park and Massive Attack as massive influences. The turn around from the Sempiternal tour to TTS being announced was pretty quick, so I would think it out of the question that they have a couple of new tracks ready by next summer, in time to headline R&L. As far as the "dance" sound, I'm not interested in that one bit. As soon as I heard Throne when it came out I said that they're going to do a Linkin Park, and by the sounds of it they are. Not fond of that at all. This next album is going to be their 'A Thousand Suns', isn't it
  11. Misfits ain't happening, man. Danzig has split. And I don't think Shikari will be about; they said ok Twitter that their BMTH show is the final show of 2016 before they go away for a long while.
  12. Tame Impala are way bigger than Panic! at the Disco. It can't even be argued.
  13. That eye, man!
  14. Paramore, Kendrick Lamar & Green Day.