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  1. Beez is life, yo.
  2. I'm really looking forward to them this year, now they play all of the classics again. Saw them on the Main Stage in 2010 and it was the most boring set I've ever seen. Totally disinterested and the setlist was beyond poor. The only downer on the best day of music I've ever attended.
  3. BMTH/Royal Blood (co-headline), Kasabian, MCR.
  4. WWE

    Any guesses on the NXT call ups? I'm going for: Finn Nakamura Bayley American Alpha Austin Aries Nia Jax Also going for Dean and AJ as the first two picks.
  5. I don't think 16-19 year olds would lap up that trio at all. Blink are much more popular with people in the twenties and thirties than teenagers these days, and Paramore aren't too far off that. BMTH are the only ones I would expect a massive chunk of the 16-19 audience to be hugely bothered about. It wouldn't happen.
  6. BMTH, Paramore and Blink all to headline in the same year? Not a chance. That would be appealing to a very limited target audience. I would be in that target audience as I love all three, but there isn't much variety there at all.
  7. As long as they have ADTR subbing them I'm cool with it. California has grown on me massively and I can't get enough of it.
  8. Decent lineup but some weird placings. Catfish will be at least third down next time they place, and Tame Impala are bigger than Vampire Weekend now. The Prodigy could headline still, I think. KoRn just aren't an R&L band, and Flume could headline the NME. And I can't see Linkin Park or The Killers playing R&L again.
  9. What's the issue with Farro?
  10. Paramore will headline next time they play, for sure. They put on the best headline set I've ever seen in 2014 (other than Biffy in 2013) and I'd love for them to get a full 90 minute headline length set next time. Also, Zac Farro is back.
  11. That's worked out very nicely!
  12. 3...2...1... If I'd have had signal where I was working today I would have posted it before now Royal Blood / YMAS / Wolf Alice Flume Kasabian / Catfish / Run The Jewels Brand New Paramore / ADTR / Weezer Jake Bugg
  13. That'd be really awesome. I think that if Blink headline Download then ADTR will be a perfect sub for them, but also of Green Day headline R&L they would be a perfect fit for that too.
  14. A Day To Remember have announced an arena tour for January. 22 JAN: Cardiff International Arena 23 JAN: Glasgow SSE Hydro 25 JAN: Birmingham Barclaycard Arena 27 JAN: London SSE Wembley Arena 28: Leeds First Direct Arena Surely they're going to sub either R&L or Download now.
  15. Wow that's really unremarkable. Nothing sticks out at all. Very very vanilla.