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  1. Iggy Pop would go down horribly at R&L, no two ways about it.
  2. Does anyone else think Stormzy could sub Muse? I know a few are expecting Skepta, but with BBK having that high slot last year, I'm leaning towards Stormzy. This album will be huge.
  3. Get Neck Deep subbing them.
  4. Oh it is absolutely the Jared Leto show. They sucked in 2011 but I really want to see them again.
  5. A Beautiful Lie and This Is War are two cracking records. Not even ashamed to say it. I'd love to see them under Muse.
  6. So what are we looking at? Kasabian / Bastille / TDCC YMAS Eminem / ML / KoRn FLUME Muse / ??? (surely) / HAIM ??? (because Blossoms, Giggs, Marshmello and Halsey sure aren't NME headliners)
  7. You Me At Six playing after all.
  8. What is an Alessia Cara or a Tori Kelly
  9. I haven't criticised anyone. I have said that I simply don't know who most of the acts are. I find this really odd as every year the lineup is full of acts who I'm a fan of, or am well aware of or have some familiarity with at the very least. That isn't the case this year. Unless The Pit / Lock-Up saves the day, this will be the first time since 2010 that I'm not attending Leeds.
  10. MK and Oliver Heldens? Jesus, at least champion some actual decent dance music
  11. I actually wondered earlier if they have canned the lockup/pit after the stories of how poorly attended most bands sets were last year at Reading. Because Dan P Carter has mentioned nothing about it, and we haven't heard of any of the previously announced bands playing that stage at all.
  12. What are all of these things?
  13. I only know who it is because my mate's younger brother and all of his friends are massively into him and I like to wind them up by saying it's a guy with a bin on his head pressing play with some Christmas lights.
  14. I don't know if I'm just ignorant (I like to think I'm not), but I haven't heard of so many of these acts. I have no idea who they are. There is eight bands I would go out of my way to see, and I've seen four of them already at least once each.
  15. It's some DJ called Dot Com who wears a bin on his head.