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  1. Download 2018

    I don’t think Boston Manor should be any higher than opening main tbh and Marmozets should play higher but I don’t think they will. Some has been shite like Dragonforce will be higher up than Marmozets will in 2018 and that’s insane. All three of the other stages are looking great with lots of exciting younger bands playing. Greta Van Fleet who are doing the classic rock thing WAY better than any of those middle of the road bands on the main stage (Whiskey Myers. Inglorious, The Struts, Monster Truck) are playing second stage. Their singer is 21 years old and sounds like Robert Plant more than Robert Plant does these days. They should be playing the Main Stage for sure. Bury Tomorrow who are one of the best live bands the UK has should be playing Main stage after playing the Zippo last time out. Milk Teeth should be opening main stage. Even Neck Deep, the biggest name in UK Pop Punk, at this time or any other time, should be getting a crack at the Main Stage. Baroness are exactly the kind of band who should be getting exposed to as many people as they can on the Main Stage instead of being stuck headlining fourth stage (especially after having to play second against Death Punch last year), not has-beens like Cradle of Filth playing the Main Stage in 2018. I understand there needs to be a mix of bands playing, that’s why you have returning favourites like Hatebreed playing, and Black Stone Cherry and Volbeat. The lineup for the stage just seems like a massive step back this year.
  2. Download 2018

    I’ve had a go at putting the main stage lineup together out of what we have. It looks really weak, especially the GNR day, which I think will only see 7 bands play to accommodate their 3+ hour set that Andy said they’re getting. Then again, that day will sell out on GNR alone so I don’t think they’re bothered about it being weak. Avenged Sevenfold / Bullet For My Valentine / Volbeat / Black Veil Brides / Dragonforce / Marmozets / Boston Manor Guns ‘N Roses / Black Stone Cherry / Thunder / The Temperance Movement / In This Moment / The Struts / The Pink Slips Ozzy Osbourne / Marilyn Manson / Shinedown / Cradle of Filth / Hatebreed / Monster Truck / Inglorious / Whiskey Myers
  3. Download 2018

    I can’t get over that main stage lineup. In This Moment, Inglorious, Shinedown, Monster Truck, The Struts, The Temperance Movement, Whiskey Myers. That’s really not exciting. So much ploddy, bland stuff there. Friday usually has 7 bands, plus 8/9 each on Saturday and a Sunday (I’m assuming only 8 on GNR day to accommodate their set length). That totals 23-25 bands tops. We’ve got 22 there. There’s really not much more left for that stage and look at what we have. I’m barely going to spend any time at the Main Stage. Then again, I guess I’m precisely the kind of client they’re targeting with the Avalanche and the Fourth Stage as I’m over the moon with those. Second stage is looking great too.
  4. Download 2018

    2016 was full of older bands on the main stage. Last year was the only year that had considerably younger bands playing.
  5. Download 2018

    It seems they’ve done the opposite of last year with the main stage. They’ve pushed a lot of the younger, exciting bands down to third and fourth with a load of crap filling the main overall.
  6. Download 2018

    Main stage looks terrible overall. All the other stages look great, especially third and fourth. I really hope YMAS are playing TOYC in full.
  7. Download 2018

  8. Download 2018

    I’ve seen them live at Download and they pulled a massive crowd. They were absolutely rubbish.
  9. Download 2018

    I’ve got a mate who insists on putting them on at every single pre-drinks and goes on about how great they are. He’s 23. I guess he’s my equivalent of your Imagine Dragons flatmate except I thankfully don’t have to live with it. What a god awful band.
  10. Lineup 2018

    Vieuphoria got me onto The Smashing Pumpkins
  11. Download 2018

    He’s hinted at Milk Teeth and Knocked Loose playing. That’ll be nice.
  12. Download 2018

    I saw them supporting Bury Tomorrow and didn’t think much to them at all. They seemed pretty popular with the rest of the crowd though. Could see them playing early on the Avalanche.
  13. Download 2018

    I’m going for a final prediction, taking some of the obvious ones from that list and some of what I had anyway: Avenged Sevenfold / Bullet For My Valentine / Enter Shikari / Killswitch Engage / Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes / Code Orange / Black Peaks You Me At Six (TOYC in full) / Black Veil Brides / Hollywood Undead CKY Meshuggah Guns ‘N Roses / Black Stone Cherry / Volbeat / Joan Jett & The Blackhearts / The Hives / Baroness / Bodycount ft. Ice T / The Pink Slips Parkway Drive / Babymetal / Jonathan Davis Neck Deep Kreator Ozzy Osbourne / Marilyn Manson / Ghost / Alice In Chains / Shinedown / Hatebreed / Avatar / Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons / Greta Van Fleet Rise Against / Alexisonfire / Asking Alexandria Converge Tesseract
  14. Lineup 2018

    Their tweet says that they are announcing ‘a’ show.
  15. Download 2018

    YMAS have a show announcement tomorrow so I could see them headlining second against Avenged playing TOYC in full.