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  1. Fall Out Boy at their peak in 2009? Is that why they co-headlined in 2016? They're bigger now than they ever have been.
  2. I wonder what that is all about? Any new rumours on the Download front, anyone? I really think I'm going to go for DL instead of Leeds in 2017 after this year. Leeds really has changed too much for my liking. I like Rock and Metal, and that has less and less of a place at R&L year on year. This year has been the worst for it since I've been going (2010) and it sold the best it has since then, so it shows that the lineup style of this year is a money maker for them. It isn't just the lineup, though. I felt really old this year. I'm 23 and the amount of 16/17 year olds talking to me was unreal. I haven't got time for their bucket hats or Nike satchels full of MD or being told how The Stone Roses are the best band ever and how Architects aren't a metal band (that one sent me on a proper rant). I also don't have time for DJs playing the same house music every night until 6am. Even Piccadilly who usually blast some bangers played noticeably less rock and metal this year in place of Sigma and Mambo Number Bloody Five. COME ON. Don't get me wrong, I like CHVRCHES and The Vaccines, but they're nothing for me to get excited about. Not when I know I can go to Download and see lots of bands I haven't seen before and be excited for a lot more heavier acts who I have seen before.
  3. After watching Parkway Drive on iPlayer, I get the impression that they just didn't like the festival and decided not to bother with Leeds. Constant comments throughout the set about the rest of the lineup being soft and the crowd lacking in energy, and that they would be the heaviest thing people would see etc. It really disappoints me as everyone knows Leeds' crowds sh*t all over Reading's anyway
  4. WWE

    Owens winning the title and Rollins turning face. I like. I like a lot.
  5. Die Antwoord for Download 2017 please. Subbing the second stage would be ideal for them, I think. Or even fourth down main.
  6. You're off your head, mate.
  7. State Champs the American version of Neck Deep
  8. After this weekend I've had a little shuffle around of my 2016 prediction. Royal Blood / You Me At Six / Twenty One Pilots / Wolf Alice / Twin Atlantic / Moose Blood / PVRIS / Black Peaks / Basement Chase & Status / Stormzy Marmozets / Four Year Strong Kasabian / Catfish and The Bottlemen / Run The Jewels / Metronomy / Peace / Circa Waves / Pulled Apart By Horses / Blossoms / VANT Brand New / Don Broco Killswitch Engage / The Ghost Inside Blink-182 / A Day To Remember / Deftones / Architects / Neck Deep / Sum 41 / While She Sleeps / The Menzingers / Creeper FLUME (closing set) / HAIM letlive. / Touché Amoré
  9. Which they absolutely ignore. We're doomed to a lifetime of Chelsea Smile and Blessed With a Curse being the only pre-2013 BMTH material to get a live outing. Woulsnt surprise me to see them back and (co?) headlining if they get an album ready for August/September time again.
  10. Decent weekend at Leeds. Weather was shite for the most part so that was a bit of a downer. Saw some amazing sets over the course of the weekend though. Friday was probably my favourite day. State Champs started off with a good singalong and I met the singer afterwards near one of the bars so that was cool. Basement sounded great and I'm looking forward to getting into them before the BMTH tour in November. Coheed and Cambria were effortlessly brilliant as always, I just think that they aren't going to be appreciated at R&L like they should be. Absolutely phenomenal musicians, all of them. Sleeping With Sirens were absolute shite. His voice is shameful live. Rubbish. Five Finger Death Punch was a weird one. I'm not a fan of them but the crowd down the front were so into it. Not my cup of tea, nor will they ever fit in at R&L, but they sounded alright. Still a baffling booking to me. Modern Baseball rammed the tent. They were bloody brilliant. After being so excited for them last year and them pulling out, I was so ready for the singalong this time and they didn't disappoint. Highlight of the set for me was Rock Bottom. Tha Vaccines were really fun and the sun was nice. I've always had a soft spot for them so I enjoyed it. Fall Out Boy were decent. I don't care for any of the new stuff, but went nuts for Hum Hallelujah and Saturday (even though it's now the second time they've played after 2013 and not a single other person I could see had any idea what Saturday was. People on the screens down the front didn't even have a clue! I'm sure I made up for it all by myself though ) The fire dancers were a bit weird, though. BIFFY CLYRO. 11/10. Stunning as always. Awesome stage show, and great setlist. 9/15ths was a nice treat. The best consistently brilliant live band I've ever seen and after 2013 & 2016, how anyone can be dubious about them being festival headliners is beyond me. There is no doubt. They will continue to smash headline shows out of the park for years to come, I'm sure of it. Saturday started with Frank Carter putting on the performance of the festival. Just immense. That's how to be a frontman. Absolute carnage from start to finish. Would love to see him in a really dingy venue. Creeper were good. Not as good as they were on their last tour, but still good nonetheless. Crowd loved it. Misery is such a powerhouse of a song. Reduced me to tears. Lower Than Atlantis are so bland. Nothing about them stands out or perks any sort of interest. My mate asked me to describe what Die Antwoord would be like after and I said imagine being in the mood for ice cream but all there is to have is vanilla, but then someone brings you a bowl of mint chocolate chip covered in strawberry sauce with a flake and hundreds and thousands with a couple of ecstasy pills hidden in there, that's what Die Antwoord will be like after LTA. And it was Die Antwoord were bloody brilliant. Crazy, crazy people playing crazy, crazy music. Entertaining from start to finish. Boy Better Know isn't really my thing but I enjoyed them from afar. Crowd was massive and was really into it. Really good to see this going down so well on the Main Stage. CHVRCHES were good, despite the rain. Nice singalong. Foals SMASHED their headline set. 10/10. Was really close to the front and the crowd was going nuts. Setlist was great and performance was even better. Never been a HUGE Foals fan, but I've come away with a lot more love for them. Definitely deserved that headline spot. Jack Ü was good fun. I was to the side but my friends in the middle said that it was chaos. Sunday was a bit of a crap day. Skindred were great. I'm not really a fan but they are a perfect festival band and are exceptional at what they do. Benji never fails to crack me up, either. PARKWAY DRIVE. Parkway Drive were the one and only band I was truly excited about seeing all weekend and that had been building day by day. Getting an alert on the app to say that they had pulled out was gutting. Really really disappointed by that, but with it apparently being due to a family issue, I totally understand. I was SO ready to pit, man. Slaves are crap. That's all I have to say. Never liked them anyway but after seeing Frank Carter put on a proper Punk show the day before, the "cor blimey Mary Poppins!" 'Punk' of Slaves was never going to do anything for me. Eagles of Death Metal were mind numbingly dull for me. That front man did my head in. I genuinely just wished he would shut up and play more boring songs instead of rambling on between every song. Saw a little of the Courteeners, they went down a storm with the crowd because we were up North, obviously the amount of flares was insane, never seen anything like it. Imagine Dragons were boring too, I thought. Crowd was really big and seemed to enjoy it though. RHCP was a nice, chilled ending to the weekend. Thought they were good, sounded good too but we're just a little boring. They don't talk to the crowd much, but at least they played a decent setlist. Nice end to the weekend. Overall, lineup wise, it was definitely the worst since I have been doing full weekend (2012). I really do hope next year brings a little more excitement. Top 5 for 2016 in order: Frank Carter, Biffy, Foals, Die Antwoord & Modern Baseball.
  11. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes put on the best set of the entire weekend at Leeds. Hands down. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand and you could see that he was genuinely loving every second of it. Amazing to see.
  12. I was absolutely gutted, man. The one band I've been waiting all weekend to see, as well. But like you've said, family issues are understandable. They should have let You Me At Six play the slot instead of being on The Pit
  13. LOL. FOB are subbing. End of.
  14. Thank God for no Creeper / Frank Carter clash Have a sick weekend guys if you're going!
  15. They pulled out due to a 'family emergency' so I'm assuming it was due to Tom's cancer. I'm still yet to see them but I'm a huge fan. I'm hoping to catch them in Nottingham on the upcoming tour.