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  1. WWE

    I love it. It's something completely new and different. It can't hurt but to give the guy a run and see how it goes. God knows that's got to be better than extending another pointless Blandy Boreton title run. Rusev will turn face after he returns, I think. Feel free to shoot me down, but I can see Cena returning to challenge Jinder and Jinder going over.
  2. Where Do We Go is definitely the better of the two. Huge chorus. After listening to both loads today, HJD sounds like an album filler track. I'm just hoping they appear at R&L in some capacity because I'm having to miss them at Slam Dunk.
  3. Neck Deep's new album 'The Peace And The Panic' is out in August 18th. The two new tracks from it are absolute bangers. Surely they will be added after Slam Dunk next weekend. I hope they're headlining the Lock Up opposite Muse.
  4. Lee Cabbage
  5. I'd have said no way to Manson subbing but with a new album and the UK tour selling well so far (Wembley standing went today, I've heard?), I could see him taking one of the sub spots. Judas Priest are also working on a new album. I think that Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica will be two of the headliners, and the last will either be Ozzy or BMTH. BMTH / Limp Bizkit / Parkway Drive Volbeat Avenged Sevenfold / Marilyn Manson / Stone Sour Brand New (Final UK show) Metallica / Judas Priest / Ghost Panic! at the Disco
  6. Replace them with Employed To Serve. The new album is as savage as they come.
  7. Twenty One Pilots peaked already? No no. They're only going one way and that isn't down.
  8. Soundgarden are out. RIP Chris
  9. I'd be overjoyed if The Menzingers got added to the Main Stage on Muse day.
  10. Paramore / Twenty One Pilots / Wolf Alice Royal Blood / Boy Better Know / Enter Shikari Arctic Monkeys / Catfish and the Bottlemen / Vampire Weekend
  11. No way would that combo ever happen. Three first time headliners and a band who have never headlined outright in the same year? No chance. I'm going for: Paramore, Royal Blood & Arctic Monkeys.
  12. New Paramore album is decent. The first half is bloody brilliant, but I think it drops off after that. Some absolute bangers on it though that will go down so well live. Hayley is an incredible vocalist (as if we didn't know that already).
  13. Frank Iero is a pretty damn awesome name, too.
  14. Piccadilly is usually a great night. They played South of Heaven last year. It was a wonderful time. A large chunk of the crowd dispersed by the end of the song but I had a ball.
  15. Parkway Drive confirmed to be recording a new album, so expect them to show up next year. They're comfortably big enough now to play third down Main Stage. Brilliant band.