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  1. Lineup 2016

    I think it was luckysalt who said that he knows for sure that GNR aren't doing R&L? 
  2. Download 2016

    Not at the moment, I'm afraid! On the Friday I would want to see Heck, Killswitch, KoRn and Rammstein. The Saturday is absolutely stacked as I've already said, and on the Sunday I would only want to see Frank Carter, Don Broco and Billy Talent, so the whole weekend isn't looking like an option for me right now. 
  3. Download 2016

    I'm really considering a Saturday day ticket. Deftones, Atreyu, Beartooth, NOFX, Architects, Bury Tomorrow, Neck Deep, Anti-Flag, Black Peaks and SHVPES is a great lot of bands for me. 
  4. Download 2016

    Ooh that's got me very intrigued now! I'm assuming that none of them have been announced so far? So bands like Skindred and Billy Talent won't be confirmed as Second headliners tonight? 
  5. Download 2016

    I'm hoping (and expecting) that we will get Second Stage headliners tonight. Who is everyone going for? I'm going for Within Temptation on Friday, All Time Low on Saturday and Volbeat on Sunday.  Architects subbing ATL I reckon, also. 
  6. Lineup 2016

    Cho Sued moment was something special. 
  7. Setlists

    Yes. Yes I am. 
  8. Lineup 2016

    I'm sorry, but what!? Saturday is the weakest song off of Take This To Your Grave? Folie à Deux (which is THREE albums away from TTTYG) is nothing compared to that album. NOTHING. 
  9. Setlists

    FALL OUT BOY 1. Sugar, We're Going Down  2. Irresistible 3. The Phoenix 4. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More "Touch Me"  5. This Ain't a Scene, Its An Arms Race  6. Dance, Dance  7. American Beauty/American Psycho  8.  Uma Thurman  9. Thnks fr th Mmrs 10. I Don't Care  11. Centuries  12. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark  13. Saturday BIFFY CLYRO 1. The Captain  2. That Golden Rule   3. *new song*  4. 57 5. Biblical 6. Semi-Mental  7. Bubbles  8. Who's Got a Match?  9. Black Chandelier  10. Booooom, Blast and Ruin 11. God and Satan  12. Glitter and Trauma 13. On a Bang (new song)  14. Mountains 15. Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies  16. There's No Such Thing As a Jaggy Snake 17. Many Of Horror 18. *new song*  19. Different People  Encore:  20. Machines  21. *new song*  22. Stingin' Belle
  10. Lineup 2016

    If FOB do play, the crowd better appreciate Saturday this time. People looked at me and my friend as if we had the bloody plague when we started going nuts for it in 2013.   
  11. Lineup 2016

    Yeah I can't see it happening. If it did though, I don't think it would be that bad. They've since released a massively successful album, sold out and played a hugely successful UK Tour and announced a much bigger full UK arena tour which has sold really well so far. They're a massive band at the moment and get tonnes of radio air play. They could do worse than getting BMTH back to headline. Bloc Party subbed two years in a row. 
  12. Lineup 2016

    You Me At Six & Bring Me The Horizon co-headline would be mega. Bring Me would have no excuse not to play Fuck. 
  13. Lineup 2016

    Linkin Park would be awful.
  14. Lineup 2016

    I expect them to sub RHCP, with The 1975 getting the glorified third down slot subbing Foals/Disclosure.
  15. Lineup 2016

    I'd be happy with that. I'd be there for anything FOB play pre-Save Rock and Roll.  Neil, have you heard anything to back this up at all?