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  1. WWE

    Could potentially be the new RAW GM with all the speculation about Foley's time in that role coming to a close?
  2. If by darker you mean by numbers, ploddy, turgid rubbish then they've nailed it
  3. Skepta could and should sub the Main Stage no problem. He would pull a ridiculous crowd. Also I agree with the YMAS comment. NME headliner or third down main, I think. The album is absolutely god awful. The most boring album I've heard in a long, long time. There are no redeeming features. It's just so bland.
  4. Yes, mate! Absolutely made up with Code Orange being added to that. I was thinking about going along anyway but this has swung it for me. Magma was in my top five albums of last year and the Code Orange one is absolutely incredible. All over this.
  5. WWE

    Angle for the Rumble? I would mark the hell out if his music hit.
  6. Played last year just gone so I'd say no chance.
  7. Yeah didn't realise the dates Ignore me!
  8. Can totally see Pendulum subbing Muse, now.
  9. But Black Sabbath are these days
  10. I bet that show was absolute chaos! I'd love to see them over here some time soon.
  11. Have any of you guys that are into hardcore checked out Code Orange's 'Forever' that came out on Friday? It's absolutely fantastic. If you like your stuff super heavy and sludgy and full of beatdowns, I highly recommend checking it out. It's excellently produced and really adventurous and forward thinking.
  12. WWE

    Disagree with Goldberg winning the Rumble and the title. I don't think they will do that at all. Goldberg and Brock will eliminate each other. They don't need the title for their feud. I've seen the Taker vs. Cena being off the table stuff and I'm hoping it isn't true. It's the biggest match they have. This Rumble is so unpredictable. I'm trying to think of so many scenarios one of them is this: Cena is taking the title at the Rumble, that's what I feel is certain. I'm expecting Samoa Joe to come up and feud with AJ for Mania. And I'm sort of coming round to the idea of Corbin winning the Rumble and taking on Cena for the title at Mania. Corbin has improved hugely the past few months and they've protected him to f**k. Either that or Strowman wins and takes on Reigns, who I believe will take the title from Owens. Where does all of this leave Taker, though?
  13. Shamelessly.
  14. Even at this stage of BMTH being the horrible sell-out band they are, I would take them headlining over Eminem. I wouldn't watch them, but at least they would be some new blood.
  15. Absolutely made up! That encore looks ridiculous.