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  1. Paramore / Twenty One Pilots Royal Blood / Boy Better Know Foo Fighters / Catfish and the Bottlemen With Foster The People, All Time Low and something dancey headlining the NME.
  2. This guy knows.
  3. KoRn have just got better and better over the years as a live band, to the point where there aren't many headliners that could show them up if they were subbing them. Manson on the other hand has been so poor and a mixed bag live for a long while. I personally can't see them giving him a sub spot, unless they are desperate like has been said.
  4. The self-titled most definitely did increase their popularity and boost their sales, that cannot be disputed as it is the album that finally gave them that push to headliner status. If they were big enough to headline on the back of BNE, they wouldn't have subbed Blink in 2010 on that cycle. I remember at the time a lot of people thought that sub was generous and that they should have played third with Weezer subbing. And I think that the fans that the self-titled brought in definitely outweighs the fans who turned their back on the band when it came out, as it is an album that is hugely popular with Paramore fans old and new (I'm not one of them, I think it's just alright).
  5. I disagree that they were big enough to headline in 2012. They were lacking a new album. I know they had the EP with Renegade and Monster on, but BNE was still the most recent album and I think they needed the self-titled to give them that push. I remember thinking, though, at the time, that they were announced out of nowhere having been quiet for a while. They made very, very strong sub.
  6. They should have done it outright last time. Name me a band that has emerged in the last 10/12 years who have consistently played arenas over here like Paramore have. They are a massive band.
  7. Brick By Boring Brick is a banker. They never play All I Wanted so there would be no reason to start doing so. I couldn't see Crush getting played either.
  8. That track just has everything.
  9. Screw it. That's What You Get Hard Times Brick By Boring Brick *new song* Playing God Decode Daydreaming *new song* *new song* The Only Exception Ignorance Pressure Last Hope *new song* Misery Business Ain't It Fun Hallelujah *new song* Still Into You
  10. Ignorance has never been a favourite of mine. I would take everything else on BNE before it I would go nuts for Feeling Sorry, Playing God or Looking Up.
  11. Let The Flames begin is a BANGER. I was absolutely loving it when they played Pessimist last time, so I would be ecstatic if they did it next year again (if they play). I wouldn't usually expect Hallelujah but they played it on the Parahoy tour last year and it's a fan favourite so it'd be cool to see them bring it out for the occasion. Man, I love me some Paramore.
  12. I definitely agree with Paramore filling their set with newer stuff. They aren't going to play Emergency (or anything else other than Pressure from the first album) or anything much from Riot! other than the two obvious ones (and maybe Hallelujah). AWKIF- Pressure Riot!- That's What You Get, Misery Business, Hallelujah BNE- Ignorance, Brick By Boring Brick, The Only Exception, Decode Self-titled- Ain't It Fun, Still Into You, Daydreaming, Last Hope And then Hard Times and five other new songs. That would give them an 18 song setlist. Seems about right to me.
  13. The title track, Revolt and Settle Down Society are my personal favourites. There isn't a bad song on the album, though.
  14. Avenged Sevenfold / Thirty Seconds To Mars / Stone Sour Within Temptation Bring Me The Horizon / Limp Bizkit / Enter Shikari Ghost Metallica / Soundgarden / Black Stone Cherry You Me At Six
  15. My day is sorted! Puppy > Sorority Noise > Milk Teeth > Bury Tomorrow > Beartooth > We The Kings > Don Broco > Enter Shikari I'm happy to miss WSTR, Casey and (potentially) Less Than Jake and catch them at Leeds in August.