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  1. Holy God, yes please.
  2. Mastodon would be a fantastic booking to play the Other Stage, what a great shout. Not strictly metal at all, but the same goes for Baroness and Clutch, who I think would do brilliantly and gain a whole bunch of new fans playing at Glastonbury. Rancid too would be a bloody magnificent booking. I'm telling you, though, get Ghost. Ghost are the perfect band for it.
  3. Stormzy headlining doesn't seem too unrealistic in the near future.
  4. Avenged Sevenfold / Marilyn Manson / Parkway Drive Ghost Metallica / Stone Sour / Black Stone Cherry Panic! at the Disco Guns N' Roses / Volbeat / Alice In Chains The Offspring
  5. Bring Me The Horizon, The 1975 & Arctic Monkeys.
  6. I'm going for The Killers after Glasto. Arctic Monkeys to play 2019. Paramore / Twenty One Pilots / Panic! at the Disco Future Royal Blood / Boy Better Know / Vampire Weekend Justice The Killers / The XX / Wolf Alice Don Broco
  7. There are very, very few bands who can touch Biffy live, tbf.
  8. I can see Ghost getting booked somewhere.
  9. There are very few bands who can play an encore (well, two) as utterly ridiculous as that.
  10. I think it'll be Skepta on his next album.
  11. "See you later, Theresa. Just shut the door on your way out" Please play Fake Plastic Trees.
  13. The XX to sub? They're looking great at Glasto. Paramore / Twenty One Pilots / Panic! at the Disco Royal Blood / Boy Better Know / Vampire Weekend Arctic Monkeys / The XX / Wolf Alice
  14. Feels like I've been watching Royal Blood play the same song for the past 40mins.
  15. The Stone Roses headlining Coachella was weird af. Nobody in America has ever given a shit about them.