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  1. 2017 festival

    Might be late because I haven't read back, but weather update for Leeds is that it's only the walkway in that's quite muddy. Everywhere else is just fine. Sun is out now and it's feeling really warm, so hopefully that'll dry things out a bit. Have a sick weekend everyone!
  2. Kegs

    You'll be absolutely fine with a keg
  3. Gate Opening Time

    I'm usually in by 2pm, by which time loads of people have already set up so they definitely open the gates earlier.
  4. 2017 festival

    Everyone would have a great time watching Puppy headline after they get moved up from the Pit QOTSA would be rad.
  5. WWE

    All of those guys broke up 20+ years ago at least. He is different to any other big guy they've had since.
  6. Will they show the fight

    Bangin' news. Well happy with that.
  7. WWE

    I couldn't disagree more with the above post. He isn't just another big guy. He is the best big guy they've had since god knows when. He has improved at an astounding rate. He is athletic as hell. When was the last time you saw a 6ft 9", 385lb guy do a running double drop kick with ease like he does? He has all the right power moves and seems to work well with pretty much everyone he's been paired with. He's killer on the mic too and the crowd absolutely love him. There are ZERO boos for this guy. Everybody goes nuts every time his music hits. They've booked him for perfectly. He's exciting to watch each and every week. He's a megastar in the making. I definitely believe he is ready to be 'the guy' in the company. Have him go over Brock and win the title. The place will explode. My only gripe is that this should have been the Mania main event. Everyone heard SummerSlam go completely insane when him and Brock had that stare down and then when he destroyed Brock. I'M ON TEAM BRRAAUUUN.
  8. Lineup 2018

    Jesus. What a load of arse.
  9. 2017 festival

    Architects > Culture Abuse > The Prettyboys > Breaking Benjamin > Gnarwolves > Neck Deep Deap Vally > Mallory Knox > Puppy > Akala > WSTR > Jimmy Eat World > Boston Manor > Arcane Roots > Dillon Francis > You Me At Six Casey > PVRIS > Zeal and Ardor > Marmozets > Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes > KoRn > Glass Animals > While She Sleeps Is the other secret set after the first band on the NME Friday afternoon? Because if it is I'll probably head along to that.
  10. 2017 festival

    I went to see them in Sheffield on Friday and the new stuff sounds so raw live. An excellent band who will smash it at R&L.
  11. Download 2018

    Misfits playing another show in December in America. What a booking that would be getting them as a second stage headliner.
  12. 2017 festival

    At The Drive In clashing with Frank Carter
  13. WWE

    What a weekend of wrestling. That SummerSlam main event was bloody amazing.
  14. Download 2018

    Agree with all of this. Look at SOAD this year, they barely interacted with the crowd.
  15. 2017 festival

    Reading Friday and Leeds Saturday, I should think.