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  1. do the BUMP!
  2. You also get to play 'which member of Camp Solo is that face down in the mud'? Ryan.....
  3. The best decision!
  4. You cant quit as the resident Camp Solo drunk......youre contracted till 2024 or cant you remember signing the deed?
  5. I spent 25 years going solo until i joined the first camp solo. The beauty as Spindles explained is that they are such are mixed bunch. Every one differnet in their own way. Some will group up and go off, others just sit quietly and do their own thing.
  6. Camp solo - some of the best people ive ever had the pleasure to know
  7. Bump
  8. Get yourselves into the Camp Solo whats-app group when @Scully replies as there will be lots of people ready and willing to help in the resale.....
  9. As in not the Chelsea tractor and hunter welly brigade!
  10. That's fantastic! They failed to mention the 'Alt' uniform of Hunter Wellies, cut down jeans (for the Felicitys) and neck beads (for the Ruperts). The festival has dropped a mighty bollock this year with a line up that will please the Latte-tuders and black olive brigade but alienate genuine festival folk.
  11. Wanna take this higher...!
  12. I'd pay big money to see a Mark Hollis comeback gig but alas it won't happen.
  13. Hi Bethannny! You can keep hold of my pole if you wish!! I'll bring a newer longer version....
  14. Totally agree. I missed that 94 due to my daughter being born, but when I returned there were certainly more bucket hats than dreadlocks!
  15. The Pith! Served me well for 20 years. keeps the rain off your head and sun off your neck...