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  1. dont.
  2. this is totally off topic but does anyone have any idea where i could get one of those novelty helmets they sell at the festival with the big mohawks on them with different colour. anywhere other than the festival that is. theres reasons...
  3. seen them in glasgow and blackpool magic whip featured heavily in both sets. comes across great live, even the trippy songs
  4. yeah i'm having a nightmare with that. leave glasgow on thursday so if its not delivered by then i'm gonna have problems
  5. yes. you have to donate at least 2 quid. then theres a 2.50 booking fee on each ticket. so its 3.50 a ticket if you buy two. 4.50 for one
  6. i already bought strokes tickets at full price anyone know if AXS would refund me if i complained about tickets now being available for 3 quid ?
  7. you don't receive a link. you get redirected once you've made your donation. just got two blur tickets for £3.50 each edit: here's the blur link for anyone who doesn't want to donate
  8. apparently the planet rock radio station in scotland just said its going ahead. only hearing this from someone else though so no idea how to take it
  9. seen a few at 50 quid (assume you could get it down a bit) on gumtree. dunno how safe that is in london though, usually use it quite a lot in glasgow
  10. so with the suspected cancellation of the foos gigs in wembley, can anyone see any cheap tickets for blur kicking about ?
  11. coming down from glasgow thursday-monday for foos and strokes after final uni exams. shelled out about 700 quid between two of us. will be pretty pissed if its cancelled or even rescheduled... some news would be brilliant. even news of news to come would be good at this point
  12. i've been wondering this too. down in london that weekend but at ACDC the noel day so was hoping for someone else on the sunday
  13. the T facebook page is a goldmine for absolute belters of the internet
  14. is there a friday headliner expected between strokes and blur ?
  15. how do you get this deal ? already got strokes but a refund would make me consider blur too