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  1. Nah I know. I want to start a rumour though and start a rumour is what I'll do goddammit! It does feel like the last couple days have dragged though!
  2. Rumour starter from me here. Could it be that it's taking an age because they are in fact releasing the ENTIRE lineup in the one? Purely hypothetical you understand...
  3. Finding top tims and more importantly people who hail king henrik has made my day. The lineup can come whenever
  4. it's like you went into my head and pulled nerves to drive me crazy with clashes
  5. Got an unconditional for teaching at uni so can now get ready and enjoy the festival to its fullest!!
  6. i assumed that there'd be quite a few on sale around ticket resale date. is this like an official sale or just they appear more frequently?
  7. yup. dads a bit of a walker already (and a cobbler) so he's gave me the briefing
  8. see i was gonna do that but i'm not sure if it'll show updates to on sales? because you have to put your reg details in which takes you to a different page
  9. bought my first pair of walking boots! First Glastonbury, it's all starting to feel real!
  10. so my dad has decided he's flash with cash and wants to try getting something at worthy view if we can. what's usually the likelyhood of any going back on sale again? i know that they just go up randomly with no official resale but any tips on getting one etc?
  11. some man! i thank you with an upvote
  12. been in work all day and all night so missed all the fun. anyone know where i can watch the whole thing back?
  13. nathaniel rateliff just announced for southside the same weekend (i think) could we expect a return from his this year? mid main maybe?
  14. just a few points about worthy view, so not sure if this is the right place. when are there likely to be returns available, or is it just a random thing? and the main question. is it worth it, for anyone who's been before.
  15. thank you sir! he comes to gigs all the time with me and mates and loves his music. everything was done under the radar so keeping a secret for 3 months or whatever was difficult he's 53 i think (53 or 54) been going to gigs since he was a teenager and still goes often to gigs. he's not stopped talking about it