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  1. been in work 10 hours and came home to see fleetwood mac added to the lineup page. anyone any idea where the rumour has came from? other than the fact emily didn't deny them? have i answered my own question?
  2. ocms, ryan adams, pokey lafarge, rob heron or gary clark jr would make me a happy man. maybe some christy moore ? old headliner returning
  3. shit myself there when i woke up to an email from see tickets RE: my glastonbury tickets. turns out that both had the same name on it despite having different ones in the registration. was dreading the line of 'as a result we've had to cancel the booking'!. Guy was actually really helpful though and its been sorted. Thanks mr see tickets!
  4. so been a bit preoccupied with work and the ticket sales thread the last 4 days or so. anyone able to provide a bit of a tl;dr for where we think we're at now?
  5. just got my confirmation and theres something worrying on it on my registration numbers it has the two i used to book but has my name next to both of them and not the second person i booked for on my registration email though, the same number has the correct name next to it anyone got any ideas whats going on ?
  6. luckily he went out with the dog about 3 minutes after i paid. So i only had to bite my tongue for the three minutes before a massive cheer was let out and my mum asked what was up
  7. YES! after 40 minutes i finally managed to get them without my dad noticing! now just the horrendous job of keeping it a secret from him until christmas day! anyone getting confirmation emails yet? i won't believe i have them until i have that email safely on my computer...
  8. 8 minutes, can't get off the holding page on 1 pc and can't get anywhere with everything else
  9. trying to do this in secret while my dad is in the next room is already proving difficult! praying i can get in and out as soon as here!
  10. AHH, thats what i thought. wasn't sure because it still had registration details on it. cheers!
  11. sounds ridiculous but where is the ticket link for tonight and sunday ?
  12. had my first dream last night. except it was swaying over to reality. dream kept having something happen to make me miss ticket sales then me waking up in reality to check the date and time!
  13. just had a scary moment of realisation there when i went to look for my reg details but noticed i had totally cleared out my inbox! luckily found them lying in another folder! never been nervous for buying tickets in my life, why is this different!!!
  14. trying for the first time this year and have a question. how likely is getting these first time and being off for quarter past 9? also, in the flipside, what time do people give up and accept defeat ?
  15. dont.