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  1. dont.
  2. this is totally off topic but does anyone have any idea where i could get one of those novelty helmets they sell at the festival with the big mohawks on them with different colour. anywhere other than the festival that is. theres reasons...
  3. apparently the planet rock radio station in scotland just said its going ahead. only hearing this from someone else though so no idea how to take it
  4. coming down from glasgow thursday-monday for foos and strokes after final uni exams. shelled out about 700 quid between two of us. will be pretty pissed if its cancelled or even rescheduled... some news would be brilliant. even news of news to come would be good at this point
  5. i've been wondering this too. down in london that weekend but at ACDC the noel day so was hoping for someone else on the sunday
  6. the T facebook page is a goldmine for absolute belters of the internet
  7. PROGRESS wrestling from london just announced that they're gonna be putting on a show every night for all 5 nights of download this year ! so so tempted to go. heres an entire show for anyone who wants to check it out
  8. managed to get tickets but only two and was the only one of my mates to get them. thats me got tickets for every 'intimate' barras show in recent years. now seen as the ticket guy.
  9. i should add to my comment that i was last at T in 2012 so it may have changed alot since then.
  10. i always find tangerine fields expensive for what you get. also heard alot of stories of theft due to how the tents are laid out.
  11. Think the only thing your getting is good toilets tbh. Better off with refresh I reckon
  12. Slam lineup on Friday
  13. Yeah. Think there will be. I wcouldreckob ronson will be playing.earlier if he's just djing djing. 3 or 4 from top. I'd have been all over a live show but not much interest in a dj set from him. Guess it was inevitable though
  14. What happened to 'a hell of alot of band's
  15. so when do we think for the next bunch of acts then ? wednesday or thursday i assume. also as for american acts, i expect ryan adams