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  1. my immediate thought was 1030am. surely not though
  2. Seen them supporting foo fighters in murrayfield and hey didn't look or if place in a stadium. Will definitely be buying a ticket, got faith.
  3. Dunno where everyone stands on cereal bars but I swear by them. Asda currently doing hob nob bars for 50p a box
  4. Finally brought the tent down from the lift, realised how big it was, decided it was to big to be building yesterday. Will try again soon. Also bought a tonne of stuff of ebay at 1am, most of which I can't remember to be sure.
  5. Gone again hah. That's crazy
  6. well that didn't last long! has anyone done a 2 man scout tent before? hoping i can get a yurt or podpad before the fest but would take pretty much anything two man at this point!
  7. Nope
  8. tickets and car park pass confirmed! IT'S HAPPENING, IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!
  9. Nah I know. I want to start a rumour though and start a rumour is what I'll do goddammit! It does feel like the last couple days have dragged though!
  10. Rumour starter from me here. Could it be that it's taking an age because they are in fact releasing the ENTIRE lineup in the one? Purely hypothetical you understand...
  11. Finding top tims and more importantly people who hail king henrik has made my day. The lineup can come whenever
  12. it's like you went into my head and pulled nerves to drive me crazy with clashes
  13. Got an unconditional for teaching at uni so can now get ready and enjoy the festival to its fullest!!
  14. i assumed that there'd be quite a few on sale around ticket resale date. is this like an official sale or just they appear more frequently?
  15. yup. dads a bit of a walker already (and a cobbler) so he's gave me the briefing