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  1. Who's watching what on tv

    Just been announced that 'Game Of Thrones' will air on 18th april on sky atlantic, just 1 day after its shown in the states quite simply, if you like your fantasy dark, gritty and suspenseful, do not miss the show, but even better, go read the books (or at least the 1st one) before it airs. There is no way that tv, even hbo, can totally do it justice HODOR, HODOR, HODOR, HODOR, HODOR, HODOR, HODOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Cricket

    the t20 game? entertaining to watch whats the cheating bit with essex?
  3. Who's watching what on tv

    have really loved Luther so far hoping for a second series, but its not looking good for stringer right now
  4. Cricket

    yep, decided against it - telly in the garden, laptop, cider = much better vfm
  5. Cricket

    weather looks like it might hold - im seriously considering jumping on the train and getting to lords for the post lunch sessions
  6. Comedians you recommend

    went to see him last friday on the southbank - man that mans funny, bit hit and miss in the show, but when he hits, he hits you out the park
  7. Cricket

    the only thing is born in......... 1 - Johannesburg 2 - Johannesburg 3 - Pietermaritzburg 5 - Dublin its a bit embarrasing that we cant actually have an 'england' top order collapse
  8. Cricket

    its still fluff its still nonsense but as a bit of fluff, i have to say im quite enjoying this world twenty20 its still not near test cricket tho
  9. Dr Who revealed

    you complete lunatic!!! have fun at the party!! i'll be sat down in front of the idiot box with the missis at 6 with a couple of bottles of fursty ferret, ready to go!!
  10. Dr Who revealed

    in less than 20 words............... describe langdale's level of excitement today......... i ask because my fam are down this weekend, and my nephew has just bounced off a wall, literally, when i introduced the idea that it was less than half a day to new doctor who....... he is only 6 though. i just get the feeling that langdale may be MORE excited than my nephew
  11. Dr Who revealed

    noted, filed and stored!
  12. Dr Who revealed

  13. The Beatles

    playing HRC, which is on entirely the wrong weekend
  14. Dr Who revealed

    nearly every episode available is on daily motion* but here is part 1 of what your after, the others should be linked* http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8r1fs_do...rt-1_shortfilms *this knowledge is widespread and does not in anyway indicate geekhood on my part when it comes to doctor who
  15. Feel good glastonbury clips

    i always use that clip when somebody says 'you cant not have the flags, they add atmosphere' yup, theres certainly no atmosphere in that crowd - man it was jumping, great feeling being in that!!