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  1. Since I last posted here I have watched season 1 - 4 of The Wire. My life has changed forever. I knew I would become another Wire fanboy.
  2. Is Day-Lewis really THAT good? Best actor that ever lived? Or is being the only man to ever win the oscar for best lead male 3 times is not a true representation of quality? What do you think guys?
  3. Cloud Atlas.
  4. Deftones did not disappoint last night. A few surprises with the set list none of which harboured my enjoyment because they have rich back catalogue. Shocked they didn't play 'Leathers' as it was the first single off the album they are 'touring'. No 'Back To School' either which is arguably their most well known/popular song. In an ideal world I would have liked to hear Knife Party, Digital Bath, Beauty School, Beware, You've Seen The Butcher, Kimdracula, Minerva, Hexagram, 976-EVIL and Around The Fur but there just isn't enough time damn it!
  5. I've done a bit of comedy this year as well, saw Milton Jones last week, I've got Jimmy Carr in November and in hoping to see Louis CK as well. ... And I'm seeing Deftones next Wednesday
  6. Sounds amazing I wish you all the best there... But now I'm flabbergasted that there is a place called Dorset in Brazil.
  7. Who hashtagged what? :S Neil Maskell (Arby of Utopia) has been in a lot of things but he was not in Lock Stock, the film of that ilk that you probably thinking of that he was in is Football Factory.
  8. Wow I wish I was educated outside how do protect yourself from the elements though?
  9. RB is indeed awesome. Neil Maskell who plays him used to tutor my mate I can't see a new series topping Utopia this year. I hope I'm wrong though.
  10. Oh fair enough, so she already knows you are boring ... Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
  11. If she does truly love you then there is no way of stopping her feeling that way without ruining the friendship as you know, but there are a couple of things you could try to see how "In love" she is. 1. Bore her and repeat stuff you've already told her. 2. Don't respond or be brief when she phones/texts/social media's or e-mails you. 3. Generally just try and show her your flaws. Don't over do any of those because there is a very delicate balance between love and hate. You may even come to some realisation that you feel the same for her..... If nothing works relentlessly chat up her mum and/or sister Good luck though these situations suck for both of you. Love doesn't make sense... Stupid love.
  12. Watched Mama last night, pretty average.
  13. I really hope he/she is and they are just loving it regardless.
  14. A broken record thread? ...... Sounds like most of them...
  15. How's that?