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  1. Shutup.
  2. That's p cool. Last year made them the first act to do that at Glastonbury, too.
  3. If he can do the NME why can't he do 3rd main? Yeah he played there two years ago but I doubt they'd care.
  4. Agreed. I'd expect there are at least talks going on. Same with BMTH. The 1975 + Tame Impala or Kendrick Foo Fighters Bring Me The Horizon
  5. I think there has already been more than 8 deaths in 2016 so you're going to have to wait until 2017 at least.
  6. Cos you're a cabbage.
  7. All Elbow songs sound like Christmas songs.
  8. Kasabian would be another big name headliner. I don't think they'll have Muse, Kasabian and Eminem, and I'd be surprised if Kasabian aren't the second biggest headliner.
  9. This minus alt-J tbh
  10. Ahh okay fair enough. Are Prophets of Rage looking like playing Werchter as opposed to Graspop, then? If so then yeah I could see them being announced tomorrow.
  11. Also... Bastille not even an English exclusive at R&L. Could headline Lattitude, return to Glasto (don't expect it), or are there any other smaller fests they could be at instead?