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  1. They're two different websites. It didn't change. Once it hit 6pm today, people with boarding passes were able to check in online. Once they had, they were told to check their emails on Thursday.
  2. Yeah I mean alt-J clearly aren't gonna headline R&L or any other major on this album tour so they've probably nothing to lose by subbing. Plus they're in the area and the options are v thin.
  3. Tbh I only added CSR because of those new dates putting them in the area
  4. Do you live in the Somerset area?
  5. It was 6pm our time. Once it hit 6 the people with boarding passes were able to enter their code online and were greeted with a message telling them to check their emails on Thursday and their adventure will begin on Friday. We can all come back on Thursday expecting something but I think all we'll learn is that Foo Fighters are playing a show the following day and the boarding pass holders are invited. Not sure when I expect the Glasto announcement to happen within all this. During the gig, I guess.
  6. Enter Shikari are there almost as much as Frank Turner. They probably started Shikari Soundsystem just so they could carry on appearing.
  7. Skepta, Metronomy, Billy Talent, Moderat, Death Grips, Crystal Fighters, Vince Staples Eminem, Run the Jewels, Editors, Rise Against, The Pretty Reckless, Wilkinson, Rag'n'Bone Man alt-J, Chance the Rapper, The Kooks, Stormzy, Blossoms, Killswitch Engage, Marshmello
  8. Bastille subbing Muse I assume? They said something in an interview not long back about ending their tour with a 2nd headline slot at R&L so with this combined with their tour dates saying Saturday Reading I'm expecting them opposite Eminem still.
  9. Yeh that's what we're all expecting anyway I think.
  10. The gig in question is on Friday, isn't it?
  11. It wasn't a delay. They were told to check in at 6pm today. Someone on this forum earlier today found something within the website that said once a correct code had been entered they'd be greeted with a message saying something like "check your emails 23rd Feb, your adventure starts 24th Feb".
  12. Going with this now then.
  13. He isn't as well known as Art Garfunkel, is he?
  14. Day off today during which I should have been revising all day. Fucked it. Foo Fighters ruining my life.
  15. Are you on about Glasto or Latitude? Cos the post you quoted was about Latitude.