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  1. Not sure if you're referring to this but at the beginning of 2017 speculation I asked for someone on Sunday Other (Bon Iver/NIN/The National) to continue my run of ending the festival on a big highlight at the Other Stage, after Massive Attack, Chems, LCD (and also said I'd have been there for the same slot in 2013 and 2011). Anyway, at first I wasn't sure which way round these guys and The xx would end up between Friday sub and Sunday Other headliners, but I'm leaning more towards these guys being on Other now. And it'd be the most perfect way to end musical proceedings for the weekend. Feel like crowd-wise it would make much more sense. The National on Other would get a similar crowd to LCD I reckon.
  2. Been at work all day so not had chance to join in with the discussions on here. First thoughts upon opening the poster this morning were that the bastards changed the format, ruining my one-by-one read through. So instead I went for revealing one line at a time. After the headliners I thought to myself "Here we go, time for Elbow and Kaiser Chiefs". Nope, up pop 3 random fucking acts that definitely aren't playing Glastonbury this year. Where the hell did The National, Biffy and Katy Perry come from? Madness. I actually made a post not long back saying we can hope Glasto have finally offered The National an acceptable slot, and knowing that Glasto isn't on next year when they'll be touring the new album they decide to do it as a one off. But I was kinda joking. Said yesterday that I just want one good surprise out of Bon Iver, Kendrick, Frank Ocean and NIN. The National would definitely have been in this group if I thought it was remotely possible. Assuming they're subbing Radiohead or headlining Other on Sunday, which means I've either got 2 of my top 5 bands as a top 2 on the Friday, or I've got 2 of my top 5 bands as headliners over the weekend. Anyway, on the whole it's fucking quality. Top of the lineup surely will be shaping up like this (haven't had chance to think about lower down yet): Radiohead / The National or The xx Major Lazer Foo Fighters / Biffy Clyro alt-J Ed Sheeran / Katy Perry The xx or The National I said a few times I wouldn't be surprised at all if Major Lazer's exclusivity at R&L turned out to be bullshit as they were such obvious Other headliners opposite Radiohead. In terms of stage headliners I'd guess they're all on there for the main stages other than Bonobo. Fuck it's so good. That Biffy set will be rotten, though, won't it? 60-75 mins of tracks from their last three albums. Oh also Anderson .Paak who I'd stopped expecting!
  3. Fuckkk I leave for work at 8:30 so I hope it's at 8. Gonna get ready now so I'm ready for the #drop.
  4. Muse subbing Ed Sheeran playing Black Holes and Revelations in full with an orchestra #confirmed
  5. Might be a dumb shout but could Martin Garrix headline Other up against Radiohead? He's in Europe, playing somewhere on the Saturday and also Tinderbox on either Fri or Sun. Dunno if he's big enough or would fit but aye, just saw him on the Coachella lineup and wondered.
  6. Nah for the record I was wearing shorts. I just went to take the pic and they were riding up a bit and I looked naked so I pulled em up fully and pretended. I'd got changed to go for a run and then got too distracted by this shiter of a thread so ordered a pizza and sat alone reading eFests all night.
  7. They're not smaller than Peej are they? And when we found out Peej was on the Other the most realistic slot always felt like subbing it, 3rd down at a push. Certainly no smaller than the Manics, surely? Could see either 2nd or 3rd down. Think 4th is pushing it.
  8. Lineup page just changed again @MattDavies__
  9. This was the large poster last year, so can see it being something like this, but not the full lineup and not day splits/timings. That'd fuck with us good and proper, like last year we'd have been convinced PJ Harvey was actually subbing Disclosure until the day splits came out (actually we'd have been well confused as Emily had already confirmed her as Sunday Other).
  10. Scenes when it comes at 10 and he's Dan Wilcox'd us.
  12. Read this as "probably penises to be had". Not sure what it is with me and misreading things on this site lately.
  13. Hahahahaa yeah me too. Also Showaddywaddy.
  14. Neil's stand by your beds tweet is still scheduled for the same time as always, meaning he knew it wasn't coming before now. After that tweet was scheduled he carried on hinting it was today and made the 10pm hint. So Neil's info must have been for today, at a time we haven't yet reached? Unless he always knew it was tomorrow and is just having us on.