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  1. The National are more likely to be higher than that than they are to be lower. I think 3rd Pyramid/sub Other if they play, but wouldn't be surprised by them subbing Pyramid or headlining Other. They've headlined Latitude twice and played the O2 on their last album (not sure how it sold, though).
  2. Has a band ever returned to headline without having two new albums of material? Closest I can think is Coldplay 2002-2005, who had released two albums, but one of them came out just after their 2002 headline set so obviously they were already touring in support of it. Both Muse and Coldplay had two new albums between their last appearances and this year.
  3. Bet he does something lame like headlining Wireless instead of being at Glasto.
  4. Oh jesus christ
  5. I was responding to Stuielooie with that part tbf.
  6. Imagine craving attention enough to lie about being told about a secret set, making it so ambiguous that any secret set will make it look like you were telling the truth, and even mentioning in the post that you won't share who it is. Jesus christ. And it isn't going to be Terrorvision.
  7. I've been going with Major Lazer and I'm sticking with that for now. Think they'll be in a similar place to Disclosure by next Summer.
  8. Should say "Half of my life minus half a year" really, shouldn't it, Thom?
  9. Neither are lots of things that get ruled out... No I don't think they are ruled out, but they're not around and I don't see any reason they'd do it.
  10. Didn't know you'd blocked Gazza.
  11. 'Animal Collective' doesn't sound like 'Muse'. I haven't been to a party in so long this is probably why.
  12. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense because a genre and an artist's name sounding similar isn't really indicative of their music sounding similar. That's like me saying you should change your name to Jonodildo. Would make no sense to do so.
  13. I miss the days of putting this in predictions thinking it was an actual band.