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  1. Haha yeah I'm similar. I'm desperate for Radiohead and Daft Punk to be there by I'm happy for the third to be Sheeran instead of the Roses as long as someone like Nine Inch Nails or Justice are up against him. I'd still skip seeing the Roses but I'd feel like I was missing out a bit - no such worries with Sheeran.
  2. Do they?
  3. They would have headlined outright in 2011 if it wasn't for Pulp becoming available after the headliners were booked.
  4. Tame Impala/alt-J Foo Fighters The 1975/Kendrick Lamar I don't actually think they'll have 4 co-headliners again but I think all 4 of them have to he considered good shouts to headline.
  5. Even if they're playing Lolla I think they'd just be added to the lineup later on after Coachella has been the one to break the news of their return.
  6. Yeah I can't see anything other than JP or WH.
  7. New album really is amazing. As said above, I Need You is a total banger. That and Girl in Amber are definitely my favourites so far. I really hope there's a dvd release of the film as I didn't manage to see it.
  8. Gonna give these a proper go soon. I listened to one song a few months ago on the recommendation of Mash and enjoyed it but didn't delve any deeper.
  9. Yeah among people I know Radiohead would probably be bigger news than most headliners. Almost everyone who asked me who was headlining last year was very unimpressed with the trio, aside from some who'd say Muse will be alright, but Radiohead would definitely be more impressive to most of them. I keep being surprised at how popular Radiohead seem to be around me at the moment. When I got tickets for the Roundhouse this year loads of people at uni were asking me about it, which I don't recall being the case for anyone else I went to see. A few days ago I was at at open day in York and there was a student radio stand outside playing music all day and whilst I was sat in a talk I heard them blasting Burn the Witch, which felt weird (although they also played a one-two of Dance Yrself Clean into All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem long after so maybe they just had good taste). Daft Punk would also be a big deal. Ed Sheeran wouldn't (I can't actually think of anyone I know who likes/listens to him; I feel like his audience is mostly teenagers and middle aged people). Stone Roses probably average.
  10. I think United need to play (and I said this as soon as they signed Pogba) a 3 man midfield of Carrick/Blind, Schneiderlin and Pogba, with Pogba having total freedom to roam the pitch and do his thing. Then Mkhitaryan/Mata at RW and Martial/Rashford at LW and obviously Ibra up front. Having Rooney in midfield as well is just stifling Pogba's play. He needs to be the most advanced midfielder, as evidenced by his not-so-great showings in a 2 man midfield in the Euros.
  11. Daft Punk vs NIN vs Nick Cave vs Nas "Less clashy"
  12. Hail to the Fief
  13. White Lies I'd happily see. I loved them until the last album and have seen them four times. They were good each time other than when they were mid-Main Stage at Leeds. They were brilliant when I saw them in an academy in 2011 so I'd be happy to see them get a slot a couple from top in the JP. Wouldn't be rushing to see them but would give them a watch if there's nothing else on.
  14. It'd be such a shite clash cos I know I'd enjoy NIN more but Daft Punk would feel like such an event and I'd be worried about ever getting the chance to see them again. NIN will probably tour properly though so I reckon it'd have to be Daft Punk.
  15. Christ this is a depressing post.