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  1. They probably also expected United to be more willing to meet whatever valuation they slapped on him, whereas Chelsea are much tougher negotiators. With United out of the running now they either had to lower their valuation or they probably wouldn't have found a buyer.
  2. Animals is a good song imo, best thing on the last 3 albums barring MK Ultra. Supremacy is alright but a little dumb, Survival would be alright with different lyrics and the shitty piano intro chopped off the beginning. What else is even on it? Panic Station is stupid, Explorers is pointless. Think that's everything covered.
  3. It has Unsustainable and Follow Me on it... And Save Me and Liquid State... And Big Freeze...
  4. Just had my first listen of Guilty Party and it's a right old banger.
  5. They are literally negatively good now it's ridiculous
  6. They were fucking shite last year and you all know how much I wanted it not to be.
  7. £75m is about right for him. The £100m being tossed about was pretty ridiculous.
  8. If they play a midfield 2 of Pogba and Herrera then they'll also end up having to play Mkhi and Martial at full back. That team is no better than what they had last year. What's happened with the Matic deal? That seemed like it was done. Would imagine a midfield 3 of Matic, Herrera, Pogba, and a front 3 of Mkhitaryan, Lukaku, Martial/Rashford. Obviously they've been after another winger, though. Edit: So what happens with Chelea now? They tell their striker he isn't wanted and then his replacement goes to United instead
  9. That Bruce stuff is absolutely insane. Absolute weirdos.
  10. Ah fair enough, even then I wouldn't expect anything else in the UK. Glad I saw them a few times on this tour, happy with a decent gap now really.
  11. So how long do we reckon it'll be til the boys are back around? I'm expecting another long break of at least 5 years.
  12. They won't play it. I'm not bothering, after the initial excitement has worn off I've realised it defo won't be worth it.
  13. I would do whatever he wanted me to do to his balls if it meant they'd play Showbiz.
  14. It's like a very forceful petition for them to play Micro Cuts and Showbiz.
  15. I think 15 Step is a fucking terrible song to play at a massive outdoor gig. Thought the same at Glasto. Especially before the guitars come in.