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  1. Yeah it was on purpose but I've now removed the Other one to fit Whitney on there. They are doing three sets, mind. Probably only one on a major stage though.
  2. Would u like to find out at Glasto 17 x
  3. The "(Beck cover) (without Beck)" meme made it into real life. I can't remember if that Kanye setlist kerfuffle actually made it onto here.
  4. On the subject of sharing drinks at SFA, I saw them alone in 2015 and shared my rum with a few guys next to me in an attempt to make friends. Found out afterwards that the main guy I'd been sharing it with was @Badlands from this forum. I don't remember the end of the show. In fact I only remember tiny tiny bits of the show as a whole. Remember one of them holding up signs saying things like 'applause'. I have a memory of coming back into consciousness at some point sat outside some tipi playing music with some 30-ish year old couples, stumbling back to my tent, trying to piss in a can in my tent, golden showering myself, the inside of my tent and someone I'd met and made friends with that weekend (you know like when you put a spoon under a tap), then waking up the next morning to find my friends who hadn't seen me since RTJ/The Libs the previous day. A good night.
  5. Unless the line-up is coming tomorrow I wouldn't have thought the BBC would have seen it, though, and it sounds like the line-up is coming next week. Edit: And if they realised the band they tweeted about aren't even playing Glasto they'd surely delete it straight away.
  6. They played last year. Reckon they may have just got mixed up and thought they'd been announced for this year.
  7. I posted one earlier in the stage predictions thread at the request of my good friend @MattDavies__. Unless you mean another one in light of this Stormzy bombshell. In which case I cba I'm afraid.
  8. Yep I would expect that will come with the big announcement.
  9. An Oasis reunion in 2017 would be nigh on the biggest act Glastonbury have ever booked, and pretty much the biggest booking they could make. They're not going to announce that as a last minute add-on in a non-headline slot. Some of these suggestions are ridiculous. It's obviously going to be something about his new single/album.
  10. Haha if that's you in your pic then sadly not. I didn't actually make it to the pit, was stuck near the sound desks
  11. They are clashing with Ed.
  12. Would normally agree but that poster run of Royal Blood-Stormzy-Chic...
  13. This happened to me for Kanye and was really annoying (although I ended making friends with two guys near me before he came on who shared lots of things with me, so could have been worse). They went to the Pyramid for Paloma Faith onwards. I turned up mid-way through Pharrell and couldn't get inside the front barrier at all.
  14. Hoping and predicting they're Saturday JP headliners. No one at the Pyramid would have a clue who they were and I don't think they'd stick them there when they've got much better alternatives such as Stormzy and ATCQ on the bill.
  15. Other sub is a bigger slot than 4th Pyramid and that's where I have Lorde. HAIM Other sub or 5th Pyramid.