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  1. Nick Cave

    This is going to be the gig of the life
  2. The National

    I'm so drunk still and can't work out whether to carry on into tonight or to sober up in an attempt to remember the gig.
  3. Lineup 2018

    Sound The Fucking Klaxon
  4. The National

    Happy National day and happy 2609. Biggest day of the year.
  5. Nick Cave

    Fuck that'd be amazing. Hope he headlines Other instead of subbing Pyramid next time.
  6. The National

    I'm solo-ing it tonight if anyone fancies meeting up for it. If not I'll be the one crying his eyes out to Pink Rabbits if they play it.
  7. Crap bands and their crap songs

    Can confirm they were sick at Leeds 2012.
  8. Lineup 2018

  9. Nick Cave

    Haha I saw that reply too and was going to say it must be from someone who'd seen it via here. Wasn't me, though.
  10. Nick Cave

    She also seems to say that Nick Cave raped her whilst simultaneously saying that she consensually had sex with him. "Nick Cave i love you, i woud like to make love with you again like in 1994 in athens but in better. Please phone me. I will be sweet and docile to you i promise. I need you Nick Cave." Followed by: "It's funny when Nick Cave and other stars shout against Trump, when themselves they have raped me and insulted me horribly, threatened me publicly , when i came just to give them a draw" Followed by: "Nick CAVE ASKED ME TO MAKE LOVE WITH HIM AND I SAID YES, he didn't raped me in 1994 in Athens , it was mutual consent" Unless by that middle comment she was just saying that the others raped her and worded it badly. Very strange, anyway.
  11. Nick Cave

    Yeah it sold out pretty quickly too if I remember correctly. Didn't think they were big enough to even attempt the biggest arenas nevermind sell out the O2 quickly.
  12. Nick Cave

    Sweet, cheers. Just picked one up on Seetickets. After you said the other day that more had been released I checked Ticketmaster and there were none on there so I assumed they'd just sold out straight away. Word of warning to anyone else; when I was checking out it said lead booker will need to be present and there'll be photo ID checks. Released some more standing tickets the other day.
  13. The National

    Pink Rabbits, Slow Show, Lit Up, All the Wine and Apartment Story are probs the 5 I want most.
  14. Nick Cave

    Having read the LCD Soundsystem thread I thought I'd best check... Anyone know if there are ID checks or anything for these shows (specifically the O2 date)? Think I'm gonna try and pick up a ticket but obviously don't want to be turned away.
  15. Lineup 2018

    Fair enough. Reckon they'll do stadiums next year and R&L 2019.