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  1. Are you just a figment of all of our imaginations?
  2. This is the reason I expected Sheeran vs alt-J and Foos vs Bon Iver in the first place, but if alt-J do play on the Sunday I'd still expect Saturday Other headliner over any other slot for Bon.
  3. That's a point about Hurricane/Southside. Probably are on Sunday then. Bit annoying as I wanted Bon Iver to end my weekend on; guess they'll be on Saturday against Ed instead.
  4. alt-J could have headlined Other the last time they played and we all thought they were going to until late on. They were also clearly going to sub the Pyramid until Weller came in as a package with The Who. They're definitely big enough to headline Other and lots of us expected them to be headlining R&L this year.
  5. Yeah was gonna say The Weeknd but I think if he's there he'll be on the Other against Radiohead. alt-J definitely a contender.
  6. But Florence could easily have headlined Glasto in 2015, as she eventually proved. Don't think that makes a difference. Just because they have 2 headliners that doesn't mean they then have the budget to book everyone a slot lower than usual. First year I went to Leeds The National were third down on a day with co-headliners. They definitely weren't technically a sub. Lorde is playing below Imagine Dragons on that Werchter lineup, who also wouldn't sub at Glasto.
  7. The xx, Lady Gaga, Royal Blood and Elbow are the most likely ones for me. I agree on Gaga seeming too big but she does seem like she's playing so I'm going with it for now. I also thought Florence was too big in 2015 but she was booked to do it. No chance of Lorde subbing imo.
  8. It was released 12 years ago?
  9. Greets to you also.
  10. If they're give any indication that they're going to be active in the Summer I think Twenty One Pilots would be a very good shout to sub Muse. Edit: Oh they're at an American festival in May so they're at least active until the start of the Summer.
  11. On a similar note to the above (not the kid, the PTSA discussion), I really don't like the song Push the Sky Away and am always surprised at the love it gets on here, along with the desire for it to be played live. I can't even remember what it was like live when I saw him. The album on the whole is good but I just don't like that song at all. Skeleton Tree, however, is all banger no clanger.
  12. Who? Wolf Alice? They have a date in Spain in July. Or do you just mean UK?
  13. Tbf I nicked the suggestion from dental but I agree with his reasoning. With it being their final tour and them having quite a cult fanbase I think they'd do quite well in an nme headline slot. Especially if they fancy sticking something heavier on that stage.
  14. Yep I meant to include Deftones actually. Also meant to include Twenty One Pilots as a potential Muse sub but don't think they have any dates announced. Yeah I think those are the subs I'm going with for now. Flume and Bastille definitely. Beyond that I once again see loads of options with no one particularly standing out. Metronomy, Enter Shikari, Wolf Alice, You Me at Six*, Skepta*, Chase and Status, Jake Bugg, Brand New. If they don't sub main.
  15. Hope the next announcement gives us one or two subs. Really interested to see who ends up in those slots. Quite a few potential shouts but no one seeming particularly likely. Royal Blood - would be an ideal sub to Muse but I expected them to be pushing to headline R&L this year. alt-J - likewise was expecting them to be pushing to headline this year but that Boardmasters slot may indicate they've not achieved as big a slots as we anticipated. They'd work below Kasabian but they also did only sub two years ago. They're around late Summer so can see them being at R&L or Bestival. Pendulum - would work under either Muse or Kasabian. Playing SW4 the same weekend and have only been announced as a London exclusive I think so R&L could be on the cards (or Creamfields have snapped them up). Actually are they Saturday at SW4? That would mean they'd have to be below Kasabian if we're correct on the days of the headliners. Skepta - could see him doing it and it'd be a smart booking from R&L I reckon. He'd get a huge crowd. Would work below Kasabian and could also see him being stuck below Muse if they had no options for a heavier sub (a la Macklemore in 2014). Jamie T - thought he'd be a likely option but he has no dates at all lined up so who knows? Would seem odd for him not to hit festivals at all so maybe an R&L exclusive for him and some other late Summer fests that haven't announced yet. You Me at Six - some people here thought they'd even be given a co-headline slot so it isn't impossible that FR also didn't anticipate their drop off in popularity and gave them a sub slot below Muse. Especially with the lack of options for a heavier sub. Tame Impala - We didn't expect them to be active but they are. Don't think they have any European dates yet but FR may have bagged them to play below Kasabian. Would be a good booking and may be the last Summer that they're available as a non-headliner. ADTR - look like they'll probably be subbing Biffy at Download but if they aren't they'd be a good bet for below Muse. Enter Shikari - R&L is stupid so wouldn't even be shocked if they somehow subbed Muse. Bastille - maybe the turds have their tour dates wrong and are actually subbing (or Major Lazer have theirs wrong). Dunno if I've missed anyone but that is my summary. It's like in 2014 when we couldn't think who it could be and it ended up being fucking Jake Bugg and Macklemore with Vampire Weekend 3rd down on the other day. Which means we'll end up with two shiters like YMAS and Shikari subbing and Jamie T or Tame Impala will get shoved 3rd down on a European exclusive because Melvin Benn is dumb. For me this seems the most logical but also seems too big and all three subs could have headlined imo. Would be a statement of intent, though: Muse / Royal Blood Eminem / Major Lazer Kasabian / alt-J