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  1. Where's Let Down, though?
  2. Oh I've also seen Nao then; cool. I'll give her album a listen when I get the chance after all the praise in here.
  3. Yeah this exact thing has been happening to me for the last few weeks. Often have to refresh the page like 5 times to get it working again. Assumed it was just me as no one else had mentioned it.
  4. Finally got rid of that opening run of 5 new songs and dropped Desert Island Disk. Decks Dark is still probably my favourite from the new album so I'd be a bit disappointed not to get that but I'd rather hear some older songs like 2+2=5, so couldn't complain really. Didn't think I'd be approaching a Radiohead show in 2016 with it looking pretty likely we could get any of 2+2=5, My Iron Lung, No Surprises, Let Down, Bodysnatchers, Street Spirit, Talk Show Host and Creep. And yeah, I think setlists like the current ones would go down fine on the Pyramid. Make sure they throw in the big hitters like Karma Police/Creep/Paranoid Android and then a selection of pretty much any of the other stuff they've been playing.
  5. Fair enough. Just seems dumb how no one realised before putting the pic out when pretty much everyone who saw the pic once released saw it said Nov 16.
  6. Oh I thought he'd just assumed it was a mistake because of where it was placed, but fair enough if so. I'd have thought they'd have noticed the mistake before putting it out tbh.
  7. To be fair from that pic he released I was expecting something smaller this month and then the album in Nov, so guess he could easily still drop a track/announcement/teaser or something.
  8. Yeah it's Friday today though init.
  9. Hahahaha ffs. I wanna see DZ Deathrays though, never seen them.
  10. I assumed to make tix easier.
  11. So annoying when this happens. We (Doncaster) had a friendly against Newcastle last week which resulted in half our team being stretchered off and now missing the start of the season. That Mitrovic is a nasty boy.
  12. I am not avin this mate sorry.
  13. It's just a guess until times are released, probably in the week of the festival.
  14. If he did play Pyramid, how high would he be? 5th down or something? Similar slot to Patti last year on Sunday afternoon could be nice.