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  1. Nick Cave

    Haha I saw that reply too and was going to say it must be from someone who'd seen it via here. Wasn't me, though.
  2. Nick Cave

    She also seems to say that Nick Cave raped her whilst simultaneously saying that she consensually had sex with him. "Nick Cave i love you, i woud like to make love with you again like in 1994 in athens but in better. Please phone me. I will be sweet and docile to you i promise. I need you Nick Cave." Followed by: "It's funny when Nick Cave and other stars shout against Trump, when themselves they have raped me and insulted me horribly, threatened me publicly , when i came just to give them a draw" Followed by: "Nick CAVE ASKED ME TO MAKE LOVE WITH HIM AND I SAID YES, he didn't raped me in 1994 in Athens , it was mutual consent" Unless by that middle comment she was just saying that the others raped her and worded it badly. Very strange, anyway.
  3. Nick Cave

    Yeah it sold out pretty quickly too if I remember correctly. Didn't think they were big enough to even attempt the biggest arenas nevermind sell out the O2 quickly.
  4. Nick Cave

    Sweet, cheers. Just picked one up on Seetickets. After you said the other day that more had been released I checked Ticketmaster and there were none on there so I assumed they'd just sold out straight away. Word of warning to anyone else; when I was checking out it said lead booker will need to be present and there'll be photo ID checks. Released some more standing tickets the other day.
  5. The National

    Pink Rabbits, Slow Show, Lit Up, All the Wine and Apartment Story are probs the 5 I want most.
  6. Nick Cave

    Having read the LCD Soundsystem thread I thought I'd best check... Anyone know if there are ID checks or anything for these shows (specifically the O2 date)? Think I'm gonna try and pick up a ticket but obviously don't want to be turned away.
  7. Lineup 2018

    Fair enough. Reckon they'll do stadiums next year and R&L 2019.
  8. Lineup 2018

    Did he himself say it ties in nicely with Reading fest or is that something you added?
  9. Lineup 2018

    Bastille and imagine Dragons are both big because they make lowest common denominator pop music that gets mass radio play and they both came across a big hit with Pompeii and Radioactive, respectively. It's the same reason bands like The Kooks, The Script and Scouting for Girls had success in the past. Neither of them are big because of their deep content or because of wildly impressive vocals. You're all overcomplicating it. I don't know 21P well enough to comment on their success.
  10. The National

    Haha oh shit I forgot about Lit Up. Yeah if they were to play ant rarity from any album that'd be my pick. Would probably be my 2nd pick out of all their songs after Pink Rabbits.
  11. The National

    First National song I heard was Fake Empire on the Reading 2011 coverage the day before I saw them at Leeds and fell in love with them despite knowing none of their music. They were so good. Edit: Actually when they showed Fake Empire I remember I recognised the song, but that was the first time I'd knowingly heard anything by them.
  12. The National

    Haha yeah, same reason I often pick up on Abel really, confuses me that it gets so much love, but it'd be boring if we all loved the same stuff.
  13. The National

    Weirdly it was probably my least favourite song on the album when I first got it but it grew on me so much and before I realised it was my favourite by far.
  14. The National

    Friend of Mine would be amazing. All the Wine and Daughters of the Soho Riots too, for me.
  15. The National

    Just gets me right in the feels, you know? I never really know how to describe it but it's one of those songs that just makes me feel something. It's a feeling I only get from music, and only the odd song, but damn it's like I'm being overwhelmed by a million different super strong feelings at once. Unless you know the feeling I'm talking about I probably sound dumb as shit right now but yeah. Other songs that do it to me are Let Down (obv), Straight to You and I Need You by Nick Cave, When Under Ether by Peej, and probably more I can't think of atm. Pink Rabbits seems to be a strangely divisive song amongst The National fans on here. Seems like there's a group of us that class it as one of their best songs and then a group who are baffled by that. Other favourite National songs for me include Lit Up, Daughters of the Soho Riots, All the Wine, Fake Empire, Slow Show, Apartment Story, Conversation 16, but Pink Rabbits definitely number one for me. The one that baffles me the most is Abel. So average.
  16. The National

    It's their Let Down.
  17. The National

    Ye but it's got Pink Rabbits tho
  18. Nick Cave

    Ah fuck I'm gonna end up buying a ticket to this.
  19. Lineup 2018

    I was reading your post for so long trying to work out when tf I said that hahaha.
  20. Lineup 2018

    Ian's in prison.
  21. LCD Soundsystem....

    Last night was fucking amazing but I am so dead now. The bottle of wine on the train home was a bad call.
  22. Lineup 2018

    How did u quote me saying something I didn't say? What's going on in here?
  23. The National

  24. The National

    The National Other headliners 2019.
  25. The National