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  1. 49 minutes ago, MIchael_scarn said:

    Was about to bring up Foals actually and whether they're more likely for 2019 or 2020. Looking at their stage setup evolve over the years I'd say it's definitely the type of set to close a night and regardless if whether this album is a success or not they should be headlining these big festivals outright, especially with FoB this year it'd be an insult to suggest they're not good enough. 

    Having both 1975 and Foals in the same year would be class but doesn't make sense really so I'd definitely expect them to have one year and another the year after. Fully expect 1975 to do it next year with glasto the year after then a stadium maybe after prior to their hiatus or whatever they're doing. 

    I know I often contest people who bang on about anniversary years etc. but the only time in recent memory Glastonbury has booked a headliner on their second Summer touring an album here was Muse in 2016, who are pretty much a Glastonbury house band and are obviously one of the most reliable headliners you can get. I don't see Glastonbury, on their 50th anniversary, having The 1975 as headliners a year after R&L have had the same set as one of their headline acts.

    I think The 1975 will headline Glasto either in 2019 or on the following album.

    In the last few years Glastonbury has only tended to book the absolute megastars as its headliners, too, with the last 9 acts booked for the slot being Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Coldplay, Adele, Muse, The Who, Kanye West, Foo Fighters. I'm not sure if I can see them giving The 1975 the leg up in 2019 but I think it's more likely than them having them a year after R&L. Guess it depends on whether they see the next 1975 album boosting them to megastar status or not.

  2. Difference is Hot Fuss is The Killers' most popular album and has all their biggest songs on it. KoL's more popular stuff is their more recent stuff (with Only By the Night obviously being their commercial peak), and the people who became fans in 08 will know more of that than material from the first two albums.

    They're both just playing their most popular stuff.

  3. 1 hour ago, SomeoneListeningIn said:

    Think there's a decent chance that Glastonbury will get The 1975 in 2019 which would make them less likely for R&L.

    Glasto: The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Madonna
    R&L: BMTH/21 Pilots, Kanye West, Foals
    Download: ADTR, Slipknot, Metallica
    IoW: Florence & the Machine / The Prodigy, U2, The Strokes
    TRNSMT: Florence & the Machine, Muse, Foals
    BST: The Smashing Pumpkins, Snow Patrol, Paolo Nutini, Drake, Elton John

    Edit: thinking about it maybe Paolo would be more likely for TNSMT if he's around.

    Aye I was originally thinking Foals at Glasto and The 1975 at R&L because of R&L seemingly being more ready to take punts on new headliners than Glasto. But tbh I think Foals in the same situation as Biffy were by 2016 and aren't gonna quite make it to Glasto headline status. The 1975 I would expect to be hotter property than Foals by next Summer.

    If that nugget about BMTH having an arena tour embargoed until after R&L is true then I could defo see a secret set this year followed by headlining next year, and a co-headline with 21P makes a lot of sense.

    Think you probably need Muse somewhere in England. IOW or BST would snap them up I'm sure.

  4. 22 minutes ago, dentalplan said:

    Yeah but you responded like he'd just made the argument I had, when he just made a comment on my post. :P

    Fair, I assumed he was trying to add to your point with the Stormzy thing and I was just saying that doesn't really mean anything with regards to the discussion.

    If it was just a throwaway point about Stormzy now being bigger than Skepta, then yes, that is correct.

  5. Wow just realised that as shite as this lineup is, after only knowing the headliners for the main stage and 2 of the NME days I already have a better set of headliners (Wolf Alice, Kendrick Lamar, Skepta) than I'd have been able to see at R&L since 2012 (The Cure, At the Drive-In, Justice) across all stages. Surprising.

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  6. 16 minutes ago, undecided said:

    Just a Shame that the other likes of the line up will bring in little hype beast kids who spent £230 to watch Gucci gang will more likely go and see skepta than the main stage 

    Well when you book a band who hasn't been relevant for a decade or remotely good for even longer than that as your main stage headliner what can you expect? Especially when you have an act in their prime, who's part of a genre going through a massive purple patch headlining the NME Stage opposite.

    I'm a bigger fan of alternative music than grime or hip-hop in general but I and pretty much everyone I go to festivals with would be at Skepta rather than KoL.

  7. 1 minute ago, Homer said:

    I don't get this whole The Strokes being crap thing. I've seen them twice and I thought they were really good both times. Maybe it's just me?!

    What venues were they in? I've heard they're much better in smaller, indoor venues but they were so ridiculously dull and lifeless when I saw them at Leeds Festival. Only band that's come close is Kings of Leon (also at a festival).

  8. Just now, dentalplan said:

    Didn’t you watch Muse on the Pyramid two months after watching them be shite?

    That post up the page wasn’t me suggesting the Strokes could headline the Pyramid, by the way. I don’t see them ever being given that opportunity, just that other festivals will do so they won’t have to take the William’s Green slot they’re tipped for around here.

    Yep but I wasn't really excited for it and knew it'd be no better than what I'd seen a few months earlier (was seeing Sigur Rós 3 weeks later and didn't care about any of the other alternatives, anyway).

    And yeah they're not gonna struggle for headline slots elsewhere so I agree they won't show up at Glasto. R&L, BST and IOW would all take them in a heartbeat for starters, I'm sure.

  9. Strokes returning again and getting a Pyramid headline slot; me getting so excited and forgetting how shite they were at Leeds 2011; me watching them and it being awful and ruining my night.

    Lovely stuff. Get it done.

  10. Assuming those Edinburgh and Soton dates are supposed to say May rather than June, it's gonna be pretty annoying having The Rolling Stones playing 5 mins down the road from my whilst I'm sat in revising for my exams.

    Probably end up trying to grab a Manchester/Birmingham ticket up nearer the time if any are going for affordable prices.

  11. 2 hours ago, Mattd1205 said:

    Knowledge or speculation? Would this also apply to outside the UK? (Thinking of Mad Cool)

    Complete speculation. I was just throwing out situations which could have led to those three being our NME headliners because some people seem to be finding it so difficult to wrap their heads around.

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  12. The 1975 would be the correct booking but I'm not sure I see them going for it unless they have a Mumford-esque surge that is seen in advance. Then again the headliners will probably be booked before The 1975 release their album.

  13. 4 minutes ago, Mattymooz said:

    You could make the same argument about The Vaccines :P

    Well yeah but these aren't hard and fast rules. It seems like the majority of the time they prefer to have acts returning to different stages.

    Say they have Wolf Alice, CHVRCHES, Skepta, The Vaccines and The Wombats to fit into two 3rd main slots and 3 NME headline slots. Wolf Alice's management demand a slot headlining a stage so they're instantly put as NME headliners. Out of the remaining four acts, three of them last appeared on main and one last appeared on NME. They ideally want to put two of the first group (CHVRCHES, Skepta and The Vaccines) as NME headliners and the remaining one is 3rd down main along with The Wombats. They decide CHVRCHES and Skepta will work better in the tent than on main so The Vaccines end up having to play main again.

    I'm not saying any of the above happened, but just because The Vaccines may be returning to the main stage that doesn't invalidate the point.

  14. 1 hour ago, Mattymooz said:

    I expected them to be 3rd down but not over Skepta/J Hus/CHVRCHES/Wolf Alice etc. but more as the weaker 3rd down (though changed my mind later with everyone that Hunna are most likely for that slot tbh)

    The only one of those acts they're "over" is J Hus, and we always get a few surprising placements.

    We can argue all we like about where abouts on main stage an NME headline slot is equivalent to but the fact is they're different stages and there aren't directly equivalent slots. Maybe they thought Wolf Alice, CHVRCHES and Skepta are more suited to a headline set (I'd agree); maybe they thought their music/show would work better in a tent/in the dark.

    Plus if those three are the NME headliners they seem to have gone a bit bigger than in previous years. Maybe from now on NME headliners will tend to be acts that would be 2nd/3rd down main if they were to play that stage.

    Also CHVRCHES and Skepta were on main stage last time they played whilst The Wombats were on NME. We've seen that they usually prefer having acts return to different stages rather than the same one.

  15. 6 minutes ago, Mattymooz said:

    That just seems like such a weird order to book acts for, but then again everything about the lineup has been weird so far...

    I don't get what's weird about any of it other than I'd have expected J Hus to be 3rd instead of The Wombats. But weren't you one of the people saying The Wombats coukd be 3rd down? Loads of people were so it can't be that surprising.

  16. Fall Out Boy / Travis Scott / The Wombats / Post Malone

    Wolf Alice

    Kendrick Lamar / Panic! at the Disco / Dua Lipa

    ??? (CHVRCHES?)

    Kings of Leon / Courteeners / The Vaccines / J Hus



    *The Wombats and The Vaccines swap days (probably due to conflicting commitments elsewhere or something)*

    *Travis Scott drops out and Post Malone is bumped up to sub (he probably overtook The Vaccines in popularity in this time)*


    Please stop saying weird things Mattymooz, especially about what act The Vaccines' fans will prefer to watch if they turn up early to their set.