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  1. Crap bands and their crap songs

    You don't get this good by only doing it on Saturdays mate.
  2. Set lists

    Should play Everybody Knows That You're Insane and I Never Came, init.
  3. Crap bands and their crap songs

    Do you really think I go out without makeup on?
  4. Crap bands and their crap songs

    Okay, cheers. I'm going to Leeds early afternoon anyway to meet a friend so I'll be there before anyone going to the gig takes up any parking space. I'll be the one stood alone at the bar probably so if you see me feel free to come say hi or whatever.
  5. Crap bands and their crap songs

    Stylus is the Leeds uni SU isn't it? Don't suppose anyone knows a suitable (read: cheap) place to park around there?
  6. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Black Stone Cherry would get a crowd of -3 at this R&L.
  7. Secret 'Arena' Band

    It's Olivier Giroud.
  8. Secret 'Arena' Band

    I included the "musical" so that you couldn't use this point so HA.
  9. Secret 'Arena' Band

    No he's an ex-football manager, not a performing musical artist...
  10. Secret 'Arena' Band

    No lightning mate you've misunderstood. He meant a band which play arenas, not the band called Arena !!
  11. Secret 'Arena' Band

    That arena band Foals who've never played an arena. Have Foals ever played an arena? I don't think they have but I'll look a tit if so. Ally Pally ain't an arena is it?
  12. Secret 'Arena' Band

    It's Lana del Portishead.
  13. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Looks like the arse-end of a space ship which, to be fair, is where they both belong.
  14. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Is it not the other way around?
  15. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Wasn't the tour t-shirt photo just taken by someone at like a Japanese gig and then it was posted on here, and we all argued whether it was real for ages?
  16. Secret 'Arena' Band

  17. Secret 'Arena' Band

    It's The Prodigy and Muse, Babyquack, and you're gonna accidentally miss it.
  18. Secret 'Arena' Band

    It's The National.
  19. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Did Matt just say Biffy are bigger than arena-sized?
  20. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Every festival I've been to we've always joked about a Muse secret set (aye me and my friends are pure banter). If it happened when I wasn't there I'd cry hard.
  21. Secret 'Arena' Band

    "Reading and Leeds" should probably have told you I wasn't serious
  22. Secret 'Arena' Band

    I bet it's Neutral Milk Hotel.