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  1. General News Discussion

    I agree with you here Neil. Vaguely remember making a similar point...... but it wasn't to Feral :-)
  2. Football 17/18

    Also a fan of the BT champs league nights. Helps when we get decent games of course :-)
  3. See you in the hills ?

    Just got my tickets through for Electric Fields, first weekend in September Am i right in saying that the Kendal Calling team are running the show for this ? Anyone else going ? Thought it might be of interest on here as the line up looks pretty decent and some of them might pop up next year at KC ? Less the a hundred quid for my weekend ticket and £20 for the kids. Quiet family camping a 2 minute walk from your car ( free ) and 5000 capacity. http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/electricfields/2017
  4. Standout act of the festival

    Cheers. Not sure I'd want to watch Brian Wilson again. I enjoyed it, the last 20minutes was excellent but it was all a bit.....odd.
  5. Half way to selling out already

    Excellent. Thanks Neil.
  6. Standout act of the festival

    Cheers Lochster :-) Working off your links. Are all sets from the main stage available then ?
  7. Standout act of the festival

    Not sure but I'd be surprised if you can still view them. Id also like to watch some of them back.
  8. Half way to selling out already

    The opportunity to cash in the extra numbers allowed within the licence then is understandable but very worrying.
  9. Half way to selling out already

    Me. Do we know if KC already have the capability to increase capacity next year within their licence ? If so, by how much. Could they shift another 5000 tickets for example and the first we know will be when the arena is rammed ?
  10. General News Discussion

    Ah ok. Cheers :-) Not that I know anything about it but I'd reckon there will be circumstances at a&e when for various reasons staff will be forced to rely on info from family members.
  11. General News Discussion

    Out of interest......Do you work in accident and emergency ? If you don't mind me asking.
  12. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    This would be excellent. Book them as the Sunday opener hot pot slot.
  13. Emporers fields

    It`s up. £98.45 for 2 tickets in today`s pre- sale so may go up again this year in the public sale ?. If you`ve got kids under 16 you are now cheaper going to Glastonbury and camping in one of their kids fields where you can`t get in without weans in your party. Have to wait till 2019 though ! Are we expecting a hike on the Thursday price and the weekend camping ? I`m doubting my sanity going in blind at this stage without the line-up. I love KC and have always had a great weekend but if the price keeps going up and they also increase the capacity again then i`d have to consider my options. Yesterday I was thinking I`d wait till the line-up announcement but last minute decision to keep the faith in the KC team.
  14. Emporers fields

    When you include all the fees, are we at £200 yet for ticket plus Thursday plus emperor ?
  15. Lesser known band suggestions

    I had hoped to go see Honeyblood but it got lost in the haze. Just been reminded of this as their Belladrum set is on The Bbc Alba highlights on the iplayer. Well worth a watch. Colonel Mustard finished their set by advising everyone to go see she drew the gun who were seemingly in the Mustard crowd. Totally forgot about that as well but will check them out. He described them as the best band in the uk at the moment.