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  1. Football 17/18

    This talk of bottling is making me nervous. Blew it last week and since then Raith have won twice to go top. We’re up at Alloa today for a 4.10 kick off( game on bbc alba ) No trains so I have to drive so no beer to help with the nerves. Need 4 points from today and next week to be champions and get promoted. Defeat today and it’s out of our hands. Top goal scorer sent of last week so his season is over.
  2. General News Discussion

    Labour going after Rudd this morning.
  3. General News Discussion

    Does this not mean that the extra folk in Norfolk who have condition A will die due to saving those with condition B ? So we would have an alphabet lottery. I pointed out yesterday that there can also be a calendar month lottery if you prefer but your response was an emoji face and calling me a zombie or summit. There is not enough cash in the pot. Deflecting to Scottish Indy gets us nowhere.
  4. General News Discussion

    Define “ access “. That’s my whole point right there. Should we ever have enough expert consultants in every field for every conceivable illness then I’m with you mate. Perfect. Until then, we can maybe get round the well documented shortages in resources and cash by flying who we have around these islands on magic unicorns using time machines. Funded of course by your magic money tree.
  5. General News Discussion

    You can only have one plan a mate. That was kinda my point.
  6. General News Discussion

    Interesting point on the neighbouring areas. Faced with some of the horrendous health scenarios I suppose we would do anything to improve our life chances. For some reason you reminded me about people pretending to live in different school catchment areas to get their weans into “better” schools. It’s a mad world.
  7. General News Discussion

    Do you have a view on the whole local v centralised discussion for the best way forward in delivering health and social care ? Can everyone be offered the same treatments/expertise no matter location in your opinion ? That would be perfect but is it possible?
  8. General News Discussion

    Fair point. Again, I don’t see why if we’ve got the tax system right, health and education shouldn’t be part of what we’re paying for. Rich nations like ours should have the health and education of the folks living there as starting points. I accept folk on here disagree. Already happening in Scotland and perhaps in England if Corbyn gets in.
  9. General News Discussion

    There’s an argument that by the time you take out all the prescriptions that would remain “free” eg unemployed, low earners, life long conditions, repeat prescriptions, pensioners etc then the administering costs would eat into any savings plus who picks up the tab ? Health Boards or Government. Folk getting prescriptions for stuff they can buy in Asda for 20p might be more of a quick win. Do you want folk paying for drugs they get in a hospital ? When you say free...don’t you think we already contribute to health costs through our tax already ? I remember having a discussion with Neil on that specific point before. Well I say discussion :-) Get the tax up. The mould has been broken up here.
  10. General News Discussion

    What decision are you on about here ? The overall funding decisions will always be made by the government of the day based on the tax take etc ? So London for you then London then Edinburgh for me. The medical decisions on folks health will always have to be taken locally surely by folk working in your geographical health board area. If the south east region of UK receives the highest investment in health provision ( im not sure if it does ) then I’m totally cool with that. I am not the one talking about post code lottery’s etc. I’m fine with the local approach. In almost tempted to point out to you that there isn’t a magic money tree. Anywayz ill await your alternative plan to replace how NHS England see it based on the increasing cash pressures we all know exist. Soundbites easy, actual delivery not so much.
  11. General News Discussion

    In theory that is fine and we would all support that fairness and extend it right across the globe to all humans. I realise I’m flogging a dead horse here but.... On equality, should I fall seriously ill at the exact same time as a fella at the end of my street and I am poor yet he is rich and he can pay for better life saving treatment privately but I die then that’s not fair or what the NHS is about. Especially if his money has taken the specialist away from the Nhs to Work for the private provider thus weakening my chances of survival even more.
  12. General News Discussion

    In the real world the necessarily skilled consultants are never going to be available at each and every location. Is that fair.....no. Seriously ill folk in remote communities won’t ever have the same access to expertise than folk in Manchester, Cardiff, Inverness. Based on medical need you say. That may be a good soundbite but can you please outline the practical reality of your plan ? Ideally without blaming Sturgeon :-) We can then compare it with Nhs England’s which at the moment looks more achievable.
  13. General News Discussion

    There’s going to be ill folk queuing overnight for weeks on the streets of London....for a while anyway, until the money runs out. Shame making them travel in their condition. Just send the magic money tree choppers I suppose :-)
  14. General News Discussion

    I think you’re just pretending to be daft. I back Sturgeon’s Plan A.
  15. General News Discussion

    This is exactly the opposite of what I support.....as fine you know.

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