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  1. What's the latest from inside the right said Fred camp mate ? Should we expect them to announce soon...
  2. or C ) Leave him in place and maybe they stay up ? I`m starting to side with Neil`s point that Ranieri walks away without the relegation being his bad. The last 24 hours has made me think they don`t deserve the man.
  3. Nicely put
  4. Depeche Mode sold out. Belle and Sebastian still available
  5. Im still in the queue so will stick it out. My circle thingy is still moving. Will post back if...I get anything different but think it`s all over
  6. ffs !
  7. aye. bbc takes you through to ticketweb. cue 0 - 30mins !
  8. Saying on the BBC website " on line via this site at 10am " Hat in the ring for the Mode at the Barras but will be gone in a flash.
  9. My waters agree with your waters.
  10. Disagree mate. I know what you mean by " their problems " but I wish my team had them. As I said last night, I hope their fans are at the stadium. They have a champions league tie in a fortnight. They are Leicester. They won the league by 10 points last year. They are Leicester. Who out there has got a better chance of pulling a relegation escape off than Ranieri ? Vardys goal on Wednesday could....have been a turning point. The fact he's not there in a fortnight when the champs league music rings round that stadium is a shocker. Relegation feels like a fitting end now for me.
  11. Spot on fellas. Should we assume the champions put a relegation clause in Vardys new contract and anyone else who got improved terms. Great scenes with their party in the park and the opera guy on the pitch wearing their strip. Still in the champions league, not in the bottom 3 and they sack the man. Shocker. Did someone on here not take 10's on them being relegated ?
  12. Didn't realise that. Good stat. Maybe we all know football is shit and Leicester last season gave us some kind of hope. But now they behave like shit and it's all shit again. Some of their fans must just be arriving home from their champs league tie looking forward to the 2nd leg. Leicester will still be in the Champions League in the middle of March.
  13. He has previous of achieving the unlikely for them. I think he deserved the chance to keep them up. Vardy scoring again last night and who are they going to replace him with at this stage. For me, sacking him is a shite state of affairs. I hope their fans are outside the stadium.
  14. Boooooooo Decent enough result last night as well. If they had finished bottom half but out the relegation places last season would this have happened? Very poor :-(
  15. You've got the neck for it :-)