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  1. As I`ve said before, Corbyn is quite correct to focus on an outright win but........if he can`t get the numbers then there is some data that may be of interest in the attached. Other data is of course available. Before the coalition of chaos folks start, we are of course about to set out with a Tory / Dup Govt I`ve never really been one for tactical voting but it`s now almost the norm for it to be discussed and last time around up here we saw the dreaded unionist alliance between the tories and labour. Surely, for Labour the ideas discussed in this article make sense if they can help get Corbyn into power ?
  2. What age do you think we should start charging for her education ? Are you comfortable with splitting the less fortunate kids into a group who get a free dinner. If your not sure, perhaps ask your daughter.
  3. A free education and a decent school meal for all ? Down with this kind of shit !
  4. Saw them on west holts in 2013 and incredibly subbing at Wickerman that same summer. Hit after hit :-)
  5. Nope. See Ruth Davidson. She wants a sign at the border saying higher taxes here. She thinks the wealthier types are already paying at a sufficient level in England and wants the same up here.
  6. You said everyone needs to pay the ticket price. I said I'm not sure about this.
  7. It's really not exactly the same. Wow !
  8. Not sure about this.
  9. Quite a number of people still manage to get in free. Generally they are not poor people who would need to jump the fence. They probably get driven in through the front door and will have no need to spend a penny.
  10. Agreed. There are various similarities with other parties as well. I was just saying it sat well with me. I'm also with him on the no nukes which i don't think got party support. Ive always been one for free education and had various discussions on the Indy thread with Neil and Gary on that. They disagreed with the SNP commitment on education a while back.
  11. I'm really looking forward to him. One of my must sees :-)
  12. I'm surprised you mention my delusions in a post where you bring Hitler into a conversation about Corbyn v May. Ive said many times I'd have voted for Corbyn if I lived in England. I don't recall me ever posting anything negative about Corbyn. I was hugely impressed with his manifesto though. Im sure JC appreciates your public show of support for him. I accept you voted for Labour and I haven't for a wee while now. Has it not been said on here that Labour need to be more central / less left wing to attract decent support these days ? That was the point I was making in the hashtag as I have always disputed it. I have continually given my view that if people want to vote for Tory policies and priorities then they will vote Tory. As they are entitled to.
  13. I wasn't surprised that bands with way bigger crowds got way bigger cheers at a music festival. My point was more around comparing the ovation he got compared to what our current pm would have received. Are you ever going to stop deflecting to the IRA stuff ? Give us a laugh, what's this story about the Corbyn t shirt ? A bet ? Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)
  14. Still can't believe they didn't go with a beach boy type theme. Especially with all the sunshine we'll be getting. Like grump I've never dressed up either, apart from that time I went as Belinda Carlisle and met that guy that spent the weekend trying to get me to drink Horse tranquillisers.
  15. Cheers for posting Feral :-) Hadn't seen this in full. Mentioned earlier my guess that he could be our next pm. Imagine the day when the uk pm gets an ovation like that on the main stage at Glastonbury :-) #tooleftwingtobeelectable