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  1. VIP tickets

    I found one of these last year blowing along the grass. Was Friday about lunchtime and I had been back at the car for supplies. Right on the grass path coming back from the pink car park. Knew it was a ticket straight away. Had a name on it eg J Smith but no photo. Was £375 if I remember and it said something about you must provide proof that you are " J Smith " to gain access to the festival. Had a seat on the grass and opened a cider and waited to see if someone would frantically rush past looking at the ground etc. They didn`t. Didn`t really know how to try and get the guy his ticket back so walked back in still looking at everyone to see if they looked mega stressed and were staring all over the ground etc but didn`t happen. When I got back to our field ( Wicket ) I gave it to the folk that look after the field and told them where I`d found it. The fella radioed it in as lost and found to the Site Office.  Always hoped the guy got reunited with it. Imagine getting to the car park and then your ticket falling out your pocket and getting lost. What a nightmare.
  2. Line up prediction game 2016........

    Unfortunately bad news on this. They played not that long ago in a pub down the road from me. Was quite a mad night as Bez was also on the bill. Anywayz....not long after I`m pretty sure the fella from 808 got locked up ( drug related ). Utah Saints could be a good shout though.
  3. Line up prediction game 2016........

    Good stuff. I`m going to include Jake Bugg in mine now I think. Wonder if Boy George might do the Grand Master Flash  " slot " . I see you`ve put Travis in yours to try and confuse everyone into thinking your not actually hoping for the Fratellis  I`m setting my sights low after last years announcement. There were a few things I missed because of clashes last summer. Can`t see them keeping the standard that high.  
  4. Line up prediction game 2016........

    Nice one. Cheers  Is this earlier than usual ? Will it be on that Manc radio station ?
  5. The Dirty Independence Question

    * Sighs * 
  6. The Dirty Independence Question

    You don`t need to roll your eyes, of course it`s your right to choose to support the closure of Hollyrood. I resepct that. I honestly didn`t know that`s how you felt.  I`ve said this before once or twice about our political union..... The Tories have nothing to win or lose vote wise up here. 1 seat at the moment what difference would none or another 1 make. We know it`s down to the Maths and with England having waaaay more seats it`s not difficult to see how their political decision making around investment etc would be motivated by votes. I don`t agree with a Tory Govt being influenced by power but I certainly understand it.....and the maths. I completely disagree that a Tory based in London is better placed to make decisions on Scotland than a Labour or SNP Govt running our show from Edinburgh. You are entitled to think otherwise.  On the right policy comment I was going to mention the Poll tax as I assume that`s the type of thing you mean   
  7. The Dirty Independence Question

    I have posted that Scotland`s poorest are getting a raw deal for longer than the last week or so but leaving that aside..... I assume the 10 billion is a figure you believe to be correct IF we ever become independent at some unknown point down the line and for sure many years away. I disagree as you know but lets just go with it for now. Scotland voted to stay and I posted an article from the Herald yesterday ( the Sunday version is the pro indy one ) that stated that Scotland would lose £3.5 billion if we accept the current deal from the Tories. The £3.5 billion would actually happen and to be clear that is over 10 years ( while we are better together ). So to use your this not " taking away " £3.5Bn from the poorest in Scotland ? Can you not see a problem with the position you are taking on one but not both of these issues ? It would be interesting to know how the total cut from our block grant is coming along after the years of Tory Govt and with a good few more to come. Hopefully this will not end up being another £3.5 billion added to it.
  8. The Dirty Independence Question

    You should have just made this post 375 pages ago. I suppose this is it in a nutshell. Only today ( and for years now ) we have been discussing the different, rural communities we have here in Scotland. The fact that they are more expensive / complicated to run. How services have to be delivered differently in these remote communities and the local difficulties attracting necessary skills etc. This is before we start on the politics of our Country who we know returned 1 ( one ) Tory MP. You think that the best place to make decisions for Scotland is......London and that these decisions should be taken by a Tory Government. I strongly disagree. Your words are quite revealing though and as I said before, you should have just said this from the start.    
  9. The Dirty Independence Question

    No I don`t. You answered it earlier today with " Complete and utter bullshit " followed by one of those we eye roll thingys. It`s just a page back if you want to check. Strangely that is not what you said previously on the 34 year claim but you and Stash have had your say and I`ve had mine. I was really just wanting to come back in after you accusing me of lying and presenting some stats, which you claim as complete and utter bullshit, without also stating that Scotland costs more to run. I had mentioned that fact as you now know.... but will soon forget. I will not expect an apology   
  10. The Dirty Independence Question

    Your on it  
  11. The Dirty Independence Question

    Is it true though. Serious question. I`m not going to bother quoting Stash`s responses over the last 24 hours but will assume you have read them. To be clear, I take your point that they cannot be taken in isolation....hence the reason I referenced the costs and have always accepted this. I know you like facts so true or false on the 34 years ?
  12. The Dirty Independence Question

    I see the latest tactic from you Unionist fellas is to claim that me and LJS are motivated by a sense of feeling hard done by and it`s all grievance politics. Oh dear  If only people would read the posts before inventing conclusions. I do not feel hard done by. Hopefully this is clear enough.
  13. The Dirty Independence Question

    I have stated in the last 24 hours and also many times in the past that Scotland is more expensive to run. I mentioned the geography, more rural etc so clearly I did not reference tax receipts without also acknowledging the greater spend   I also mentioned specifically that tax receipts per head over the last 34 years ( not selectively leaving years out ) were higher. Specifically on the tax receipts, am I wrong ? were they lower per head in Scotland ? If so I`d appreciate a link to the correct tax receipts per head across the UK regions for the same period. Of course, I will then apologies if I`m mistaken. Graphs and chat about other websites is all smoke and mirrors when we are talking specifically about tax receipts per head and over a specific period. I think we all accept that Scotland is more expensive to run due to land mass, population etc.        
  14. The Dirty Independence Question

    The majority of Scots in favour of additional powers being devolved is very different from Scots who voted no because of the vow. Stash these are not the same group of people we are talking about mate.
  15. The Dirty Independence Question

    Sorry stash, why are you calling wings on you put it. Are you saying it's not true. On my phone so can't link. Did you read my post?  What are you on about with my selective sample. I answered your previous questions. Mostly in red text. What selective southern regions are you saying I'm selecting?