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  1. General News Discussion

      Since Salmond is a real hero round these parts I thought I`d offer an alternative to this " tittle-tattle "  The portrait of his big smug coupon raised over 50 grand for a kids cancer charity. Oor Neil may or may not have entered a bid. He ( King Eck - not Neil ) was also at Holyrood that day representing his constituents before finding time to host a meal for war veterans that evening. The good news is he will be at the commons on Wednesday. I expect that his contribution to the debate will see him raise serious concerns over Dave`s claims that a 70,000 strong army is ready and waiting in Syria. He may even suggest that Dave made that up. Of course Dave would never do that  ........................... I put it to Mr Salmond that his critics might say he should have been in the Commons for the statement by the Prime Minister, not unveiling a portrait of himself. He replied: "I was in Downing Street last night getting a security briefing, which I accept my critics didn't have the opportunity to get so I heard what was said by the Combined Chiefs and by the Intelligence Services. "The Prime Minister was making a statement today and Angus Robertson, as leader of the party, replied to it. If it had been the Foreign Secretary I've have been there to reply to it. I was in the Scottish parliament when the statement was on doing my job there." The former First Minister added: "I had nothing to add to the statement today but I'll have plenty to add to the debate next week or the week after, so my opponents will have to just wait and see. "Another thing I would say. This is an issue about peace and war, this is about life and death so I hope my opponents should perhaps rise to that level of debate as the SNP is doing and focus on how they can bring peace to Syria, not on political tittle-tattle."
  2. General News Discussion

    Worryingly, I think you raise a really good point. Thought this article gave a decent insight.
  3. General News Discussion

    I didn't see him. Maybe he was on his xbox.
  4. General News Discussion

    I didn't see corbyn on screen so didn't realise that. I wasn't making a political party point, I just wondered who she was. I thought it looked really bad that's all. I wrongly assumed phones would be banned. I'd expect everybody should atleast pretend to be interested not be visibly playing about on your phone.  I think I'm out of touch but would anyone do that a meeting in the real world?  I wouldn't. 
  5. General News Discussion

    Agree Russy on the media savy stuff......but......who was the lady in blue over Cameron`s shoulder ? Gideon giving it large and there she is throughout playing on her phone  Did she not realise that she would be in full view of the cameras sitting where she was ? Standards 
  6. General News Discussion

  7. T in the Park 2016

    Tickets secured 
  8. Got any gigs coming up?

    Standing / dancing tickets secured for James in Glasgow 
  9. The Dirty Independence Question

    I'm assuming you now accept that Scotland sits on more than its fair share of natural resources?  I'm also assuming we agree on no renewal of trident.
  10. The Dirty Independence Question

    It's a fair point. Fortunately the Scottish govt are investing in home insulation measures.  Especially in areas where fuel poverty is rife. No doubt they will mitigate against the tory tax credit cuts which will also help those most in need. Unfortunately,  like when they did the same for the bedroom tax, money will be lost to other areas but you can only play the cards the tories deal you :-(
  11. The Dirty Independence Question

    I`m not sure I mentioned spending shortfalls but in the spirit of your question : 25% of Europe`s tidal power 10% of Europe`s wave power 25% of Europe`s off shore wind resource. * Source Friends of the Earth. For such a small Country these are huge numbers that open up opportunities / jobs / science / research plus the heavy work around taking down/ re-cycling the oil fields. Not from friends of the earth : Since the 70`s over 40Billion barrells have been extracted. If we adjust for inflation that`s over £300Billion in UK Govt direct tax revenue. £300billion. By 2020 the Scottish Govt has a target of generating 100% of our leccy consumption from renewable sources. Add to that we would like to banish nuclear weapons from our shores and lets not forget the shit the casino banking has got us all into.
  12. The Dirty Independence Question

    It`s not coal mate that`s for sure and probably why I didn`t mention it ( coal ).  I`ll get back to you 
  13. The Dirty Independence Question

    Good question Gary. What we normally have around here is the GERS debate. Neil refuses to acknowledge that Scotland is even a Country............ I know. Anywayz, lets go with that for  a minute. How does Scotland compare with say the North east region of England ? What is the average tax take per head ? If that region is not comparable by size with Scotland pick another one. My point is that why would we compare Scotland ( rural small population ) with England when it included London. To try and measure any relative success or otherwise then London would surely be an outlier making any comparison useless. Difficult NOW to compare Scotland with Norway etc as WE pissed the oil revenues into the wind for decades. As we all know they didn`t. To be clear, by WE I really mean WE. It`s water under the bridge now. 
  14. The Dirty Independence Question

    Neil, I could be wrong but I think LJS may have been joking about flying back from the Seychelles. I doubt he even has a butler, not a full time one anyway. He is playing along with you and Russy`s little game that has us all as selfish, greedy, rich or whatever. In reality you have no idea what drives the vast majority of people who think Scotland should be an independent country.....well you have an idea, you just struggle to understand it 
  15. The Dirty Independence Question

    Evening Russy. Lets take this one bit at a time. I never mentioned coal. You mentioned it when you said " Some coal ". It was the first time coal had been mentioned. I have no idea why you mentioned it. You then said " basing an economy on coal " in the same post ( see above ) I`m not sure why ? Still in the same post you went on to point out ( to yourself ) that " the rest of the world is closing down their coal fired power stations " Before a finale of " Dear oh Dear ". I think we can all agree with the last bit