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  1. Thousands and thousands and thousands is a bit vague. It would be impossible to put an exact number on but are you guessing at 3000, 10000, 15000 plus ? As an aside, are you including the 2 who post regularly on here ?
  2. Neil can you perhaps put a rough estimate on the numbers or percentage of YES voters you believe are driven by anti English sentiment. You are using terms like vast numbers and significant amounts which sounds a lot but is pretty vague. Whats your best guess ? Less than 1 % More than 20 % 50 % Quite a large number of people living in Scotland voted for Indy. I think 2 post on here. We can maybe agree, roughly, on the numbers expressing their views on the other sites you and ljs mentioned then we can factor in the newspaper roasters. It could be in the hundreds but I'm guessing not all of these folk hate the English ? I had a google for the number of people charged with offences that were tied in to the Indy ref. Was nosey to see how many it was from both sides. It was a draw. Happy to stand corrected on this if anyone has a link to any stats or relevant data.
  3. As I said earlier, pound as starting point but would expect to hear more once the Indy ref is confirmed.
  4. The numbers thing is interesting. I'll have a sniff around google re those other pro Indy sites you mentioned. If we say there are approximately 10 folk post on this thread can you hazard a guess at how many people post on those other sites ? Is it 1000's or 10's of thousands or way more ? Appreciate you might not know this but would be interesting to get a very rough idea on the number of folk engaged in that way.
  5. What do you mean by falsely denying it ? Can you please be specific.
  6. Genuine question What do these number represent Neil ? Is it " hits " per day ? Can we move on from you saying that me or LJS don`t think that any indy supporters are idiots please. very tedious and worryingly folk might be starting to believe you....unless that`s the plan Kaos mentioned a while back about folk ( can`t remember if it was him or someone he knew ) being called a traitor. That is horrible stuff and totally unacceptable.
  7. Agreed. Really enjoyed it. Can't believe there were only 2 goals.
  8. I specifically said other opinions were available. I have never posted a link on here from wings, the other one that got shut down or the national for the exact reasons you point out about them clearly pushing a certain political agenda. As far as I`m aware the New York Times and the Electoral Reform Commission don`t have a horse in this race. Fair enough if you have made up your mind on the master race stuff or if you have concluded that it`s all about hatred of the english and wrapped in a flag nationalism like Neil but if you have, then not everyone sees it like that. This is / was my point. It`s a shame that people on both sides see it like that.
  9. My point was that on specifically claim that hatred of England is a driving force. You`ve called Sturgeon racist plus her supporters including the ones on here. Fortunately the vast majority don`t think it`s about hatred of anyone Racist, facist, nazis ...there`s no stopping you !
  10. Fair enough, that`s your take on it. I posted that particular article to counter the many comments on here about Scotland being a racist place. For the record I don`t think Scotland or England are particularly racist places to live but as ever there are idiots on both sides. Here`s another view from the Electoral Reform Society. Other opinions are available as we often see on here. I`m only posting this one to counter your superior master race comment that " the rest of us " ??? find offensive. Neil often posts about scottish exceptionalism. Don`t believe the hype We also have many posts on here already about hatred of the English etc being the driving force. You are going with demonize the other. Not everyone sees it like this, fortunately, but of course some do....on both sides. “It offered a stark contrast to the vibrant, well-informed, grassroots conversation of the Scottish independence vote – a referendum that left a lasting legacy of ongoing public participation in politics and public life,” she said.
  11. Define " starting point " ? Clue : it`s the currency we have at the moment and will probably be our........ Personally I hope Sturgeon has more to come on this over the coming couple of years but I`m content with the quid being our starting point as the initial vote isn`t till Wednesday so one step at a time.
  12. Ah.....the inference of his words.
  13. Did he say greater right ? My admittedly tedious point is that the Snp currently sit on a mandate, voted through at the Scottish election.... in our parliament. I'm not aware of any Counties having a similar mandate but I'm all ears.....well eyes.