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  1. I know your post is lighthearted Feral but even so, I`m not actually sure who Neil would tell me to vote for, especially after this increased mandate business I have voted for Labour way more times in my lifetime than anyone else. I`ve just found that the current SNP policies on things like * the nukes, Iraq, Syria, immigration, the eu, welfare, austerity, free education, healthcare for the elderly..... I could go on, are more in line with my own personal views hence they currently get my vote. If folk don`t like Corbyn`s / Labours policies then they should cast their vote elsewhere surely ? It`s not all SNP Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. * In no particular order.
  2. Aye, that seems a good shout. Corbyn obviously needs to start the difficult job of uniting Labour today and you`re suggestion would be a good start. Would be interested in your view on whether this should be the end of the leadership challenges now until after a GE ? Seems to me that it should be all hands to the pump now to go after the Tories.
  3. Agreed
  4. I`m not sure if this is accurate. I think you may be comparing apples and oranges. The old firm are huge clubs up here in a very small pond. They think the lack of competition and finance restricts their chances of success in Europe ( results would back this up ). I think, generally speaking, we all recently agreed that should they ever get a move South then they would eventually settle at either the bottom of the EPL or near the top of the Championship. I think, generally speaking, that we all agreed that a move South for them was unlikley. There is very little money in Scottish football and there would be even less without them but supporters of other clubs seem to welcome the opportunity of actually winning the league and would be happy to see them go ( for on and off field reasons ). The Scottish national side already contains a high number of players from the English championship. I can`t remember that last Rangers player who started for Scotland. I don`t see how the old firm moving would undermine our FIFA status ? IF...all the UK countries merged into one for the olympics into a Team Rule Brittania, was the concern not that Blatter ( at that time ) and all the other fine upstanding pillars of the community at FIFA would jump at the chance to strip the home nations of their places in the euros / world cup and hand us 1 place for Team Great Britain and give our spare places to someone else ? This would have deprived us , as an example, of the great run that Wales had in the summer and surely we would ALL rather support our own individual Countries at football ? ( I accept that some people don`t recognise Wales, Scotland etc as actually being Countries ). I enjoyed the games against Ireland last time round and Wales the tournament before. I would also hate to be deprived of our upcoming trip to Wembley in November * Surely it`s not just the Scots who would be against Team GB footy if these were the consequences ? * I`m heading down for this if anyone has a spare ticket
  5. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 2 & Aberdeen 2 Rangers 2 * 2 singles and a double. * My predictions are always crap and normally more of a small bookie donation.
  6. Or we only returned 1 Tory MP ? Do you blame Scotland for global warming ? I suspect you were made to holiday here ( in the rain ) as a kid which, in fairness, would explain a lot. Here`s a wee pic to rain on your Murdoch parade...
  7. So Jezz wins again and actually increases his mandate. Smith no longer talking about a split ( quick change ) and instead looking to move forward together etc. Time for all Labour supporters to get behind Corbyn until the next GE ? Enough damage done ?
  8. This.
  9. Evening Yog, I got a pair just like the ones in your pic for free when I bought a pint of Kilkenny in an Irish bar in Barcelona earlier this year. They do have " Kilkenny " written along the side but I like them and managed not to lose them at a couple of festivals this year. I looked to see if I could find a picture on google for comparison but no luck. I think free is the correct price for sunglasses as I always lose or sit on them.
  10. As do I. I think we`ve both made the point many times over the years that Indy will see a resurgence in Labour`s fortunes up here. " Traditional " Labour voters hold the key and when you consider the numbers who were still holding out hoping for Milliband to be the next PM the last time round I reckon YES would get enough. I reckon plenty of these traditional Labour voters now see the SNP as a vehicle for independence then we can all wait and see what Labour come up with before deciding who to vote for down the line. With Labour being all over the place at the moment and various noises coming from them that they might support indy next time round then it`s all to play my opinion. The latest convert seems to be a former Labour First Minister up here. He also has some interesting views on the eu...... He`s still a Labour man of course but I suspect he`ll now be labelled as a dirty snipper by some Asked about the Brexit negotiations, Henry McLeish said: “I think we’re slowly running out of red lines, and I’m slowly running out of patience. My Britishness is actually being squeezed out. I’m in a position now where I could vote for independence.” McLeish, who was Scotland’s second first minister from October 2000 to November 2001, urged his own party to sharpen its constitutional policy, to at least the extent of backing a federal structure. This would see Holyrood control every aspect of public policy except defence, foreign affairs and macroeconomics. However, Labour was “all over the place” on the issue, he said. “The Labour Party has got to recognise that independence should not just be the flag of the Scottish National Party. They have no right to a monopoly, because independence could come from any party,” McLeish said. “Independence isn’t necessarily about their kind of nationalism. It’s about wanting to be maybe like Finland, or Sweden or Denmark – the Nordic countries generally. We would have a different way of life, different social investment policies, be a genuinely social democratic country.” McLeish said his changed view arose partly from Brexit: “That was like a bereavement for me. I think it was the most monumentally stupid decision this country has taken since 1945. “That said, Scotland and England’s politics are diverging. There’s a growth of hard-headed nationalism in England, there’s xenophobia, there’s racism, there’s an ugly politics developing that we’re not part of. “I think that for Scots it’s not just the European Union issue. It’s other issues that tend to cement the idea that maybe part of the union is not where we want to be. And being part of the EU is much more internationalist, much more ambitious, much more where a modern Scotland could be.” He also made clear that he expected freedom of movement to be the price of continued access to the EU single market: “If the Conservative Party and their right wing and UKIP are not willing to have that, we might be left isolated if we try to get all the trade deals without being in the single market. That, to me, would convince most Scots and much of the country that we’d had enough.” Pressed on the timing of a second referendum on Scottish independence, McLeish voiced concern that Nicola Sturgeon’s party might force her to hold a vote too soon: “There are a lot of issues, from the currency through to nation building, that the SNP haven’t bothered with too much. I think an early referendum would be a mistake.“ But he added: “I think that within five years is a possibility and, yes, I would really, really be seriously thinking about casting my vote [for independence]”. McLeish was speaking after Theresa May’s visit to meet first minister Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh. “Tactically, politically it was a sound idea,” he said, but added: “I’m not sure it will do much to close that gap that has now emerged between Scotland and England.” He deplored as “disgusting” May’s refusal to guarantee residency to EU citizens in the UK – “to use them as a bargaining chip is mean and miserable” – and suggested that parliament should still have the final say on whether to leave the EU once the Brexit terms had been negotiated. “I’ve always been sceptical of referendums because you cannot take massively complicated issues and reduce them to a binary number, yes or no – especially when, after 43 years, this country has been starved of any decent debate about the EU. This is shallow democracy, and we deserve to have another go at it.”
  11. Can you please show me once where I've said the debt is ruks alone. Your 100% sure I've said it numerous times so once should be straight forward enough. I've quoted a small sample of the numerous times I've said the opposite. I liked the brain under the bed insult. A new one on me :-)
  12. Probably best....and fair that Neil confirms what he is 100% sure I said more than once. Happy to pick this up in the morning.
  13. Thank you sir. I realise that Neil is 100% certain so I`m sure he will be right but just to clarify, is he certain that I have said on more than one occasion that iScotland should walk away from current UK debt ? Is this what he`s 100% certain I have said on more than one occasion ? Apologies if I`ve got the wrong end of the stick.