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  1. T in the Park 2016

    Tickets arrived :-)
  2. Pink moon camping

    Does your booking include car parking? Can't see anything on the site. Would guess disposable bbq would be OK but they might have a specific cooking area. Especially if no food vendors.
  3. Jason Manford announced as Sopabox headliner

    I don't know if I've ever noticed soap box. Is it a tent? Where abouts is it?
  4. Glastonbury and Politics

    Shirley a point of order here, or, the sound of a mask slipping Are the Scots no longer IN the UK ? #subsidyjunkies
  5. Glastonbury and Politics

    Or........The SNP have increased the charge on the top 4 bands only across Scotland this year leaving a,b,c & d to only the % increase set by the local authority. A wee bit progressive in my opinion.
  6. T in the Park 2016

    Cheers Harry :-)
  7. OnBlackheath Festival 2016

    Does this normally sell out? I'm guessing ticket sales are slow this year if they are doing these kind of deals.
  8. Football 2015/16

    Agreed. Think the majority of the hampden cash went on the main stand and five star facilities underneath it. The warm up areas etc helped them get the champions league final but not much good to us punters who get a shit view.
  9. T in the Park 2016

    Do we know now that disclosure are subbing the roses and not headlining radio 1. Saw them at T a few years back and would be a good boogie before a good sing along :-)
  10. Football 2015/16

    Agreed. Behind the nets your just too far away from the action. The atmosphere can be great at a sold out midweek international but It's pretty shit compared to Wembley and the millennium. Was over at the aviva a couple of years ago and it's pretty good apart from the wee shity end.
  11. Football 2015/16

    Certainly more excitement and chances in the scottish one. When you see them back to back it's so noticeable the gulf between hampden and Wembley. Great memories over the years from hampden but it's pretty shit. Was at the old Wembley once a while back and was at the Scotland England friendly a couple of years ago at the new Wembley. Fantastic venue to watch football. Watched a bit of the German final as well. Good ending for pep. Surely he can't fail when backed with the money at city.
  12. The Dirty Independence Question

    Whatever view you took on Indy there are some laughs on here. Using the famous artworks of the period , Bonnie Prince Bob recounts the legendary tale of James Francis Murphy , Saviour of The British Union during the epic battle for Scottish Independence in the year 2014.
  13. The Dirty Independence Question

    Can I just quote what LJS said ( below )as he puts it better than I could. I will add that if anyone ( not just Scottish politicians ) is guilty of fraud they should face the courts. Do I need to add that I include SNP MP`s in this.
  14. The Dirty Independence Question

    Looks like it`s a wee bit too early to condemn the SNP guys Neil and the Telegraph highlighted this week. Happy to re-visit of course and they should have the book thrown at them if they have been at it. Quotes and links with the current state of play. Investigation ongoing. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told the BBC she had seen no evidence of any breach of parliamentary expenses rules. ..................................... In response, the SNP said: "The expenses were approved by the Commons authorities in line with the rules on MP's London accommodation, and none of them involved any additional cost to the public purse beyond that. "This is the height of hypocrisy from the Tories, given the extent of flagrant abuse of expenses by their MPs which has been exposed in recent years - they simply don't have a leg to stand on when it come to this issue." Mr MacNeil said: "My accommodation in London is claimed under normal expenses, as is the case for all MPs, and the cost of this is compliant with the rules of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). "I don't like to comment on my personal life or related tabloid stories, but my marriage sadly ended for very different reasons to what has been suggested in lurid newspaper stories this week. "For the record, as if I even need to say, I have never had so much as a crossed word with my colleague Stewart Hosie MP."
  15. The Dirty Independence Question

    Here he is again saying nothing... Mr Murphy did not respond to a request for comment.