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  1. Nice Put me in mind of this guy when listening. An interesting character, sadly no longer with us.
  2. So....had a blether with the Mustards at T in the Park and they made it as far South as Liverpool this year. Hopefully we see them in the fields next year. Here`s a few words from the efests review from Belladrum earlier this month...... But what really gave me my mojo back was the absolutely immense set from Colonel Mustard and Dijon Five on the Hothouse Stage. For the uninitiated, well, it's difficult to describe the sheer energy or or put into words the experience of a Colonel Mustard show. The Glasgow-based self-styled "shiny discoball hat-wearing, ultimate genre hopping, twisted festival live stage machine" packed out the tent in scenes reminiscent of their sell-out show at the legendary Scottish venue The Barrowlands earlier this year. Although they acknowledged that part of the attraction may have been that their set was inside a tent and the rain was pretty heavy, by the end of the set there were many more converts to the Yellow Movement. They stormed through sing-along tunes such as Capturado, International Sex Hero, Dance Off, Gay Icon and Cross the Road, with the Colonel himself and the Dijancer leading the collective of musicians and introducing the crowd to the movement's abiding principles of laughing until you no longer know what it is to hate, releasing your soul, losing your inhibitions, determining your own fate and forgetting the distractions. Red-headed audience members were invited on stage for Ginger Girl, there were guest vocals from Butterscotch from Inverness outfit Spring Break on set-closer These Are Not The Drugs (You Are Looking For), there was crowd surfing, a giant inflatable unicorn, balloons, glitter balls and traffic cones - this set pretty much had it all. The Dijon enthusiasm for and genuine belief in the power of music, peace and love is properly infectious and by the end of their 45-minute set I swear the world was a better place with 2000 people singing "Everyone's happy, everyone's smiling, no one here is sad any more." But don't just take my word for it, the best way to understand it is to actually experience it for yourselves.
  3. The Lambrettas playing pretty local to me for a tenner tomorrow night. First gig in a while that hasn`t been in a field.
  4. Cheers Dave. I`d assumed it was an outdoor stage but the map had me wondering. Seen Primal Scream a good few times over the years. From my experience, if they are headlining or it`s their own show then you are normally ok. I think when they are good they are very good but they are always capable of a stinker. Bobby is just back from injury, I would think they will nail it but if the crowd don`t appear " up for it " ........I`m sure it will be fine.
  5. Found this an enjoyable meander with a decent backing track if you have a spare hour. Keith has some great lines Available till Monday.
  6. Just looking at the map. Sorry if this is a daft question but is the main stage in a tent ?
  7. Cheers Lip, have just had a look. I think deep down I knew Craig Charles wasn`t going to be doing a late night slot after B&S James into B&S will do fine and we can look forward to CG back in the lakes next year Clangers and Squeeze clash is a sore one.
  8. Nowt wrong with the Shire when we were there a couple of years back. Starting to think emperors is getting too pricey when I add in the charges for my kids now. I like being closer to the car with emperors and the walk up the hill in 2014 from the shire on the way out was a muddy nightmare but it was a good place to camp.
  9. I also rated showhawk duo in 2014 as one of my highlights. Think a few people just wandered in to escape the rain but no-one left. Really hope craig charles is back next year in a slot after the main stage is over. Going to see him at On Blackheath next month
  10. Watched most of their set a T in the Park in July. Crowd loved it, think there is a very good chance they could be at KC next year.
  11. My guess would be your bottom 3 look more likely than your top 3 but you never know :-) I'll go: Manchester 1st & 2nd London 3rd, 4th & 5th Liverpool for a cup and Leicester bottom half. I accept I have cheated slightly so apologies :-) Got BT Internet now so will probably watch more EPL than I have for a while. Looking forward to it although the scottish championship will be my priority. Will be delighted if Ayr can finish 3rd bottom. Some great away days to look forward to this season unlike recent years.
  12. I seem to recall being in love with Belinda Carlisle so I'm up for that. Also, would be good to see bombskare back in chai wallas :-)
  13. Generally speaking, those who accuse people who vote for alternative party's to the conservatives of being " tories " are best ignored. It's good, if a little ironic, that you are highlighting their stupidity above ;-) If people want to vote for tory policies then they will vote for a conservative government. Unfortunately, this is quite clearly the case and shows little sign of changing anytime soon :-(
  14. I agree that KC is starting to look on the expensive side and I also agree that it is an excellent fest. If I bring the young uns next year and camp in emperors then I think the 4 of us would be cheaper at Glastonbury ( young team will be 12 next year so still a few more years free at worthy farm). Considering they provide little or no entertainment for 12 year olds then 75 quid admission is a bit steep. It is of course unfair to compare kc with glastonbury but the price is now comparable for us. I never really agreed with the extra charges for Thursday entrance which would make it dearer again. We go early to a few other fests and I always assumed it all helped with traffic management and gave those punters a bit more value for money with the extra nights holiday. Do anywhere else have a separate cost for going in a day early?
  15. Spot on We`re ruled by effete arseholes, it`s a shite sate of affairs to be in.