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  1. Talking of the hook. Just watched that hacienda orchestra prog on channel 4 catch up. Good sounds. Bringing it to Glasgow in April which is now in the diary.
  2. Aye, red button plus the majority of their set was shown on BBC3 on the Friday night.
  3. Fancy Leicester, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City so keep them off your coupon I`ll be more concerned with Ayr getting 3 points at home to Queen of the South. Tough game and should be a decent crowd for us : 2500 maybe.
  4. I`m sticking to my earlier guess that they are on the Other up against Edward Sheerin on the Sunday. I`m basing this pure speculation on them turning down flat any BBC involvement like they did at T last year where they were pretty decent. Ed gets to be the darling of the BBC and locals while the Roses get to " headline " live and exclusive to the smaller field.
  5. Wembley sold out for England v Scotland in November. Managed to get a ticket
  6. You could bring back the Sky ads.
  7. Or........... Heathrow also supported the recent Labour, Tory and Libs conferences ? It`s easy to find quotes from various Scottish airport managers backing the plans and the extra slots / opportunities they will bring to Scotland. Not to mention quotes from politicians from all parties ( apart from the greens ) representing Scottish constituents - I already provided one from the Labour dude the other day - stating the benefits to Scotland. Perhaps they are all wrong I accept that you cannot understand how Heathrow`s expansion will bring benefits to Scotland. Fortunately you are neither a politician representing Scotland and responsible for trade, jobs, investment etc or an Airport manager. We already know your views on the Scottish Govt supporting the survival of Prestwick Airport and the jobs therein. Is this an issue because all these folk are working with an Airport in London ? Would you be taking the same position if the airport was another european hub eg Amsterdam ? Does this working together in partnership with our friends in England to benefit both Countries not fit with your own narrative or personal view
  8. Back to delegates now I see. I have nothing more to say on this as I have already posted what was emailed out and it`s crystal clear what was said, who it was directed at and the reasons for it. You seem to be struggling with the difference between delegates and " elected SNP representatives ". I agree with you that Scottish airport expansion could support Scotland a whole lot more but extra slots to Heathrow is a no brainer for Scottish business looking to trade. Have you now changed your view on Prestwick Airport which you may recall was kept open by the Scottish Govt. We have previously discussed this in some detail and you appear to now hold a different view.
  9. Warping words like delegates and politicians do you mean Not allowed to voice their support for Oxfam Brilliant ! Atleast you`ve dropped that other rubbish about the SNP taking money from Heathrow at the "expense" of Scotland Hopefully this is because you have now realised the opportunities for trade, for example with our EU partners, are boosted by more slots from Scotland into the hub that is Heathrow. A fact outlined by Labour and SNP types waaaaay before last weekends conference ( see links provided the other day ). It`s not always SNP bad you know and it`s not always about indy with the Scottish Government.
  10. I bought the 12" of Sussudio ( just checked it was 1985 ) from our local record store on the regular Saturday morning trip into town with my mate. Would have been the first 12" I ever bought. For reasons unknown, he took it home and never gave me it back. A twist of fate we still discuss to this day. I reckon it`s been all uphill for me since, music wise. The record store is long gone unlike Phil it seems. I still think Sussudio was a tune but I never got to hear the longer version As you were......
  11. Good summary :-)
  12. Pogba really does look like a dud. If him and Fellaini are picked in the same team then you know it ain`t going to be pretty. Thought Fellaini played ok last night in what was a dreadful game to watch. Crazy the money they paid for Pogba imo. Anywayz, bring on the Champs league. Hopefully 3 in a row for Leicester tonight
  13. They were holed up in a studio by the Clyde a few weeks back and have now extended the pre-Christmas tour to include Feb dates...... Fingers crossed they stay out for some summer festival slots. I agree they would nail it but not sure they would suit this slot.
  14. Good summary. Good night for man city.
  15. Here`s another article with a quote from a Labour fella. This time in 2015. Highland Labour MSP and shadow transport spokesman David Stewart also welcomed the news. He said the new runway could be open by 2025 if the government gives its approval. David Stewart: New slots He said: "We could connect the whole of the UK to global growth, creating up to 190,000 new jobs and £147bn of economic growth across the country – 60 per cent of which is forecast to take place outside of London and the southeast. It also confirms that Heathrow expansion would create new slots for Scottish services.”