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  1. Hi Neil, Sturgeon confirmed last week that there will not be an Indy ref this year. Hope this helps. Cheers, C
  2. Yeah, to soon for a return from Elbow I reckon.
  3. You should no better than to listen to my predictions mate :-) They are out and about and I wouldn't mind seeing them again. I've predicted them and Cast for the last couple of years. Who would you be hoping to see this year and have you decided on this years head gear yet ?
  4. Or....dogs are having the last laugh. People let them sleep in their bed. They have their own aisle in most supermarkets. Humans follow them about with little bags to pick up their shit for them. They have specialist doctor types. They have an actual army of humans in army uniforms who prosecute other humans who treat them like shit.
  5. Think it was mostly down to the tartan suit :-) Only caught the news summary earlier. I'm not convinced that deep down she personally believes in what she is saying. I think she knows this is a car crash. She's been thrown in at the deep end and will be conscious that the even more right in the party could end her reign as quickly as it started. I agree she has an air of competency. The NHS story has slipped away already....for now. Imagine Labour trying to explain something like that away so quickly.
  6. Not impossible that Bbc losing interest, with the alternative to mass tv coverage being increased commercialism to provide the dough to attract the big names. Daughter losing interest in the pesky mud filled farm and wants to be an event organiser in her own right. ME wanting to preserve his legacy and farm before shite like ed Sheeran destroys it. He said before he would chuck it after 50 and maybe he wants to kill it before it's destroyed by fighting over money with fellow farming neighbour types and the shite state of the headliner pool as you look beyond the next couple of years. Quit while you're ahead. Couldn't blame him if he did. If it moves its dead anyway.
  7. Excellent news This is the year for me not to be last ! The Coral - nailed on.
  8. Would Chaka Khan still have enough to top the bill on WH of an evening ? Touring the US until May.
  9. I`m not entirely sure it is Russy but maybe you are right. Have you noticed anything else recently that in your view, could strengthen the case for Scotland being indy from rUK ?
  10. Not 100% sure either way. Seems a horrible individual but it's the last thing Chelsea need. Didnt imagine this whole China thing would be a thing for players at the peak of their career ! All the clubs must be having a look at their key players. The monies involved means contracts not worth a toss. No change there then :-)
  11. Agree with you about City mate. Bit of a rude awakening getting turned over like that. Interesting times for their money men. Not so sure about decent game at ot but I agree a draw was about right. Some really sloppy stuff and not a lot of football being played. Liverpool relying on a pen to score and Utd relying on a battering ram. For me, a bit of a disappointment as had been really looking forward to it. Was better than the last game I suppose. In other news, this Costa story feels massive for many reasons.
  12. Calling out possibilities. teenage fanclub seasick steve paul Heaton and Jackie abbot ragnbone man vintage trouble king charles UB40 - the one with ally Campbell and his daughter. Friday after the headliner. Baggy Mondays again please :-)
  13. Seems unlikely mate. I remember the name and the one about trumpton. Your average kc goer probably not born when trumpton was on the box.
  14. None. Almost certain to come on late and test your Patience.
  15. Faithless is a decent shout that I hadn't seen mentioned before. Probably about the right size now for KC. Forget the tedious hotspots, I've now seen the YouTube vid from riot jazz and thingybobsuruncle is where's its at now :-)