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  1. Got any gigs coming up?

    The very one mate Cracking building.
  2. Got any gigs coming up?

    Excellent scenes. The fella had the place in the palm of his hand. Quite emotional when he joined the crowd in a wee bounce for a couple of minutes during the encore. Had been in the venue before but never for a gig. Would thoroughly recommend it. Right next to the ABC on Sauchiehall St. Dreadzone were in what was like a big music class room. All very modern and I reckon would only hold about 300. The sound was amazing and didn`t leave with ears ringing plus the best range of beer and spirits at the bar that you`ll get at a gig venue in Glasgow. Plus £16 !!
  3. The Dirty Independence Question

    Sorry that's incorrect. The correct answer is Nick Clegg. To the best of my knowledge Nick is not a rabid nationalist and was deputy pm during the period he was talking about. Lib dems now "free" to support and campaign for indy. That's now a full house apart from the conservative unionist party and probably ukip. In my view these are important developments for indy looking forward. Especially with kez accepting 1 in 3 of what's left of her support backing indy. If the libs fall behind the greens on Thursday they will need to reinvent themselves up here in my opinion.
  4. The Dirty Independence Question

    Sunday fun quiz * Who was quoted in the papers today saying...... " I saw time and time again how they ( the tories ) sought to secure short term political advantage before the long term interests of Scotland and the Scottish people " Was it a rabid unionist....... or perhaps someone who held a very senior role during a 5 year " partnership " with Dave ? * No prizes.
  5. The Dirty Independence Question

    I think they are serious although others may disagree. Fingers crossed the Greens increase their seats and continue to hold some influence. Some figures here..... The SNP manifesto will this week announce that a re-elected SNP Government will bring forward a new Climate Change Bill which will raise Scotland’s 2020 climate target from the current 42% cut in carbon emissions by 2020, to a new target to reduce emissions by more than 50% by 2020. The exact level at which the new target will be set will come further to consultation with the Scottish Government’s independent advisers, the UK Committee on Climate Change. It comes amid the latest official statistics which show that by 2013 – seven years ahead of the 2020 target date – Scotland had cut its emissions by 38.4%. Scotland’s current target and the SNP’s proposals for a new target compare to the UK target of a 35% cut in emissions by 2020, and the EU target of 40% cut in emissions by 2030. Emissions are measured against a base year of 1990. Scottish Environment Minister Aileen McLeod said: “Scotland has been a genuine world leader in the area of climate change and green energy, and the latest evidence shows that we are on track to exceed our 42% target – indeed we had already reached 38.4% back in 2013 – the latest year for which statistics are available. “Figures released last month showed that the SNP has powered through our renewable energy targets, so now we are raising our ambition on tackling climate change once again”.
  6. The Dirty Independence Question

    Until the last paragraph I don't see anyone here saying anything different. I don't see the resource lying out there as some kind of burden though either. Your last paragraph again shows you either can't follow what's been written or chose not to. I'm not back to any oil dream. That would be impossible... Some of my first posts on this thread a couple of years back were around Patrick harvie and the greens. Carry on with your few months banter if you like though.... I have supported things like renewable energy and removing nuclear weapons all my life and will continue to do so :-) As mentioned the other day I'm voting snp and greens next week.
  7. The Dirty Independence Question

    Hey russy. The dream will never die remember :-) it doesn't need rescued. You may need to help us out with these oil updates for a decade or more but surely the real point is that over that period the price will yo-yo? It's an unpredictable world we live in but ongoing tory governments will play more of a role in Scottish indy than the oil price in my opinion. Unless you think Corbyn can unseat the tories of course?
  8. The Dirty Independence Question

    We have the option to vote for the tories next week. I'm going for them being a distant 3rd. I'm hoping polls showing them in 2nd act as some sort of motivation. We are a bit different in my opinion as we only returned 1 tory mp ;-)
  9. Got any gigs coming up?

    Got Dreadzone in the arts centre in Glasgow this Saturday night. 16 quid a ticket
  10. Got any gigs coming up?

    An excellent decision sir One of the highlights of the summer for us last year. Heading to London to see them in September. Nice wee bit after 7 minutes just for you
  11. The Dirty Independence Question

    Tonight I`m feeling a little more confident in my view / hope / guess that Labour will hang in there and finish 2nd. I think the poll you quoted LJS will act as a well timed reminder that we don`t want the Tories being our 2nd biggest party. Fingers crossed the Greens can push on and get more seats than the Libs. Just watched Kez getting her leaders interview on the Beeb. Bad start as she can`t say much in defence about the arrival of the manifesto after folk had already made their postal vote. In fairness she has her hands tied compared to the slick SNP election machine. She was in bother with the next question around trident as the manifesto says no to renewal but she is personally in favour of nukes. The interviewer fairly had some respect for her position I thought. She then said that she accepts 1 in 3 Labour supporters backed Indy last year. The feeling is that this figure is on the rise. The reason I am a bit more confident for her / Labour is that she then went on the offensive against the Tories. Davidson has positioned them as the unionist party and is only ever talking about being the opposition. The Tories long ago accepted that the SNP will win. In my view, Kez should not even mention NS for the next week and go on the offensive against the Tories. After they secure 2nd place they can focus on holding the SNP to account. 6 Labour leaders across 9 years have hardly laid a glove on the SNP. For the next week they need to fight to finish above the Tories. They have no chance of gaining a lot of seats from the my opinion.
  12. The Dirty Independence Question

    This will be my last post on this subject. I accept that you will be able to bask on what you see as another " success " for your " style " of posting. I hope it makes you feel warm inside. I have already stated that I am comfortable with my position and am happy to let exactly what was posted by both of us speak for itself going forward. It is crystal clear for all to see that I was in no way being racist and neither were you It is also crystal clear that you will not withdraw your allegations of racism never mind apologise. By making up words that I didn`t say ( only and english ) and introducing vile and offensive terms that I didn`t say ( quisling and traitor ) you have stooped to new depths to score what you ( and I would suggest only you ) will see as a victory. I did not say only brit nats. I did originally describe this imaginery scenario as involving rich folks. You said rich scots. You are now saying I " inferred " non scots. Perhaps even read this line back....Slowly As I have said already, the vast majority of people in this hypothetical and now tedious exchange WOULD be Scots as we are talking about folks who live in SCOTLAND but of course you knew that already. When referring to Alex Salmond earlier as " Fatman " you again demonstrated a lack of class that does you no favours. It`s childish insults. Same as it ever was
  13. The Dirty Independence Question

    No I didn`t. I have already quoted our exchange in full. No I wasn`t. I have already quoted our exchange in full. You said " rich scots " I`ve highlighted that already. You are accusing me of doing what only you did. It`s all there in front of you. As I said the other day, I do NOT think that you were being racist when YOU claimed rich Scots could flea. Why did you say " scots " ? I am clearly saying that it would be rich folk the vast majority would obviously be Scots if, in this imaginery scenario, we are talking about folk leaving Scotland ffs. Of course, you already know this.