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  1. Define "peers". I'm sure he would welcome your support but obviously that ain't happening.
  2. Or..... he is currently doing this ?
  3. I disagree Corbyn is in this for the " adulation ".
  4. With respect, I think you are confusing your own views with Corbyn's. I reckon he will continue to fight against the Tories and everything they stand for.
  5. So you think he wants a Tory Government. Fair enough, I disagree.
  6. Disagree. She supported remain because she is against brexit and she didn't want to go anywhere near a general election. Force her into a tv debate. The punters watch those and she would be shit.
  7. I think he wants to beat the Tories. Do you have a source for him not wanting to win this election?
  8. Disagree. Shying away from a head to head is never a good look. The media love the debates. Open net missed by Corbyn....apols for all these footy references. Corbyn could have gambled on a deal that if he signed up and May was a no show they had to empty chair her. Scottish Labour went after Davidson up here this week to good affect. Corbyn had to get on the front foot. May would be useless in a live debate environment. She's all over the place on calling this election plus brexit.
  9. He could have pushed for a couple of weeks against May. Attempting to highlight that May was running scared. Create the narrative that May is running scared. Im amazed he's given it up so easy.
  10. It also doesn't include pension credit so the poorest pensioners don't benefit as much as the more affluent. Political capital for Labour though to highlight the Tory plans to ditch it.
  11. With Labour so far behind I think Corbyn should be all over this. Bit like sending the keeper up for a last minute corner, seems crazy but nothing to lose. Not convinced JC would be up to much but it's worth getting some capital from it. May won't go near it as she'd be useless.
  12. Good performance by Keir Starmer on channel 4 news I thought laying out Labours brexit position. Following on from a decent showing earlier from Kez at Holyrood around the horrendous rape clause. A good day for Labour.
  13. Does that include Thursday sir ? Any rumours on Belinda C that have led you to get your cash down early ?
  14. I'd guess about half the folk had left before Belle and Sebastian last year. Had never seen anything like that. The Libertines is a very odd fit but good point about them bringing their own crowd. Can see trouble if there fans don't take their shoes off before stomping on all the picnic blankets :-)
  15. Don't think I'll head down this year but think it's a pretty decent line up again. Especially if you get a ticket deal !