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  1. Aye you'll be fine once you've got your wrist band to go out and in. Advice in the past was not to carry in only crates of beer on a 2nd run. Split the booze up with the rest of your kit. You'll be fine :-)
  2. Baggy Mondays now confirmed 11pm till 3am Saturday in Calling Out. Will be round after madness :-)
  3. Patience :-)
  4. Good stuff sloop. I'm thinking of packing the trainers. Wore my wellies for a full day at T in the park and feet have only just recovered.
  5. Ok cheers and same to you mate. See you at thurlows hat at noon :-)
  6. Aye, know what you mean. I still think last year was better but there is enough to keep me happy and I'm going to make a big effort to see more around the site. First year kids free at kc :-) From your list I think I've only seen dub pistols and lack of Afro before. Both excellent. You've got a few on there that I'll be trying to see. See you in the fields :-)
  7. Cg, I have a vague memory of you providing some mad drink that involved cherry bakewell last year. You got a batch ready for this year?
  8. Is that next to chai wallas? Noon on Saturday will be fine for me. Thurlow I'll sort you out with my annual donation :-)
  9. Liking the look of the Saturday night main stage this year. Don`t see me moving far.... Madness Kelis The Hives Might even get down early and see Maximo Park and The Darkness. Pretty strong
  10. Blue sky and sun here. I'm a couple of hours drive from the site but I'm taking it as a good sign as we've had shit weather here for weeks. Still packing the wellies though!
  11. Cheers :-) I'm in.
  12. As long as that's not it on till Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. What's the story with baggy Mondays? Are we talking midnight for a couple of hours on Saturday ?
  14. Good stuff halfpint :-) Liking the sound of dusty ground.
  15. The perfect Sunday early afternoon script ......? 2nd on Main Stage, sun shining drink in hand