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  1. You started with Trump and now your throwing UKIP into the mix. I accept that you actually think these are what our Indy question is about. The vast majority of folk don't see it as you do. I see you've also managed to get "flag" in now as well :-) Do you really think it's all about wrapped in a flag ( as you often put it ) tribalism? - serious question, hoping for a serious answer:-)
  2. Or....Sturgeon thinks that the people who live in Scotland - try and think about that last bit before you start branding the racism/anti English or whoever card, should be able to elect a Government to make decisions for those same people. If the people don't like the decisions or direction taken by that labour or snp government then Sturgeon's view is the people who live in Scotland and are affected by the policies taken by their government should have the power to vote them out. At the expense of others in the world is slightly contradictory Neil when you often accuse the folks living in Scotland of stealing from the good folks in England, Wales etc. Do you not think that Indy from rUK would reverse that " stealing " ? On increasing immigration, I remember we discussed it in this thread before. In summary the SNP response was "GOOD " My own view is that with more powers coming our way we need to increase numbers and increase tax revenues. Obviously this will also require more jobs but nobody said it would be easy :-)
  3. Correct. To mention Sturgeon and Trump in the same post is either mischievous, at best, or shows a completely lack of understanding around what NS is about. Fair enough to disagree with her politics but Neil continues to just make stuff up to back up his hate fuelled version of what's going on politically in Scotland. Idiots on both sides etc with some reduced to idiotic insults like poisoned dwarf facist racist etc but the vast vast majority on both sides are engaged in an interesting, ongoing ( see this thread ) debate.
  4. Would go with a few draws amongst that lot. 2-2 at Man City Sunderland and Everton.
  5. No your fine now. Someone played rage against the machine earlier so if the Christmas tunes have started it's pantomime season :-) has anyone mentioned frys cream bars yet. My gran used to spread them onto bread and cut it into soldiers to share with us weans as a treat.
  6. Yeah saw that mate. Pre Scottish cup pints is always a good plan :-) I'll message you when we get the date confirmed. Almost certain to be 3pm on the Saturday as not sure we're likely to attract the cameras.
  7. Ah ok cheers. Were bits of that featured in the TV programme ? i remember it was the Albert hall and an outdoor event. Looked good. Something different and good tunes / memories:-)
  8. Neil this deficit gap that you and only you seem to be excited about. Couple of quick points. Do you not agree that if....we want to compare in the future then somewhere with similar geography, population size would make more sense ? Can I also ask if you are comparing our wee region with all the other ones pooled together to include London and the south east. Would it perhaps be a better indicator to compare Scottish economic performance with one of the other northern regions which will only have Tory policies running things where Scotland has a mix of Torys in London plus the more left leaning Scottish govt. Does our region run at 6% less than the north east for example ? With oil down the stank and our population being more rural and spread out than that of the folks in the north east then I expect performance could be worse but maybe your beloved gap is not as much as 6 % ?
  9. Sturgeon spending a couple of days over in Ireland. Maybe crimbo shopping, maybe not.
  10. Would say your first four are all possibilities. I saw guns n roses at Leeds in 2010 and wish I hadn't. No chance of them being in the fields . Good shout with cast and Jamie t :-) Are franz Ferdinand still a headliner ? could see them being booked but are they to big for calling out headliner but not a big enough ticket shifter for main headliner ? would be ok with me alongside 2 stronger bookings. Killers.....why not ?
  11. New order would suit me as never seen them but won't be down Thursday so hope Lochman is right. easty are you seeing the hacienda orchestra thing ? dont imagine any festivals could accommodate it. Got tickets for Glasgow next year :-)
  12. Wouldn't rule biffy out but I don't think they will be 1 of the 3 headliners. Do we know if tuts will still have a tent? Going by the size I think the green can only really handle one outdoor main stage, the tuts tent and maybe an introducing tent plus lots of bars of course !
  13. Nice one :-)
  14. Lol I reckon T will not be in the new name. Glasgow council can't be wanting this to be seen as T moves to the city. Any fights or God forbid deaths so near the city centre is a non starter. Not that tennents have a great reputation but the last couple of years has brought their brand nothing but negative publicity. Overpriced day tickets and headliners aimed at the middle age types is my guess for the future. I'm in for anything like radiohead, pixies, arcade fire. Can't see it being avicci or calvin Harris but you never know.
  15. Here again we disagree. Of course not ending up in a cave is important and for some, like yourself, it will be all about the money. I respect that but I also believe it`s possible to know the price of everything yet the value of nothing. For me it`s not and never has been all about the money.