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  1. 18 minutes ago, lighthouse said:

    Well, most of these seem te be about right. Maybe put SOAD half a star higher and AF half a star lower. But that's bickering.


    I took a few examples like Radiohead, SOAD, Frank Carter, Imagine Dragons and others in an other post to show what I ment......

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  2. 4 minutes ago, ThijsDB said:

    The tent was really not that packed, maybe 70-80% filled but yeah I was there as well. In the beginning it was a bit of an awkward set imo but after a while it became better and I had a great time :)

    Worthy of 5* in your opinion?

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  3. 3 hours ago, ThijsDB said:

    Some good stuff apparently because I agree with most of it (except Arcade Fire, who didn't give their best performance ever)!

    Arcade Fire 5* - They were very good in my opinion but nowhere near that good.
    Radiohead 4,5*  - In my opinon they were awful, just horrific. We were a group of 45 people and there were just 7 of us who stuck trough their hole set. I tried watching again today on RWTV and it was just as bad as I remembered.
    Mark Lanegan 4* - I'm a huge Lanegan fan and I've seen him quite a few times but his shows are quite dull. He has an amazing voice but that's about it.
    System of a Down 3,5* - In my opinion they were insane, by far the best band of the weekend.
    Linkin Park 2* - In my opinion they were one of the best acts of the weekend.
    Frank Carter 1,5* - I really enjoyed Frank Carter and thought they gave a very solid performance.
    Imagine Dragons 1* - Like LP, they were one of the best acts of the weekend in my opinion.

    But as always when we talk about music there are different tastes...each to his own I guess :)

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  4. Topp 5:
    1. System of a Down!!!!
    2. Prophets of Rage
    3. Foo Fighters
    4. Linkin Park
    5. Imagine Dragons

    Radiohead and Alt-J join The XX as the worst bands I've seen in my 9 times at RW! Radiohead had a time slot until 01:00 but only played until 00:30....but that last 30min were my favorite :P 

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  5. Just now, Gray Owl said:

    Brilliant idea, as i like to say: great minds think alike.

    However, I'm still pondering about how to pack extra light for a 10 days, 1 festival, 2 countries adventure. :ph34r:

    11 days and 3 countries for me and I'll only bring carry on on my flight ;) ...but the difference is that I'm staying at a hotel with a laundry room, no camping ;) 

  6. 20 minutes ago, Gray Owl said:

    I will die carrying my bags. :notfair:

    It's been easy until now... no train ticket to give you a hard time, no wristbands to think about (I totally forgot we gotta get those also), and no rain in sight. 

    Getting back to the happy jumpy mood: it's getting closer!! :girlwitch:

    Then take fewer bags B)


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  7. Just saw the Foo Fighters last night here in Iceland. They Played a short set, only hour and a half, but they were very energetic. The set contained a mix of the classics and three live debuts, all of witch were great. Lah Di Da especially, It sounded so much like a classic Foo Fighters song that I actually thought at first that I'd heard that song before.... 

    At one point during the show Dave introduced a new drummer, the 2nd generation of Grohl. His daughter Harper Grohl came out and sat behind the drums, her live debut I believe :) It was a sweet moment :)


    Anyway, I can't wait to see them again in two weeks and play a lot longer set. We're in for a treat :) 

    2017-06-16 22.34.56.jpg

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  8. 1 hour ago, Gray Owl said:

    Hello, as the more in-depth trip planning season has begun :D, I have a question in regards to the transfer from Charleroi airport to the train station. Can anyone help with information about the fastest/cheapest way to get to Brussel-Central or to Zaventem that is if the train tickets are also applicable from there?...

    Take the bus from Charleroi to Brussels Midi and the train there to Leuven. I flew in to Charleroi airport a few years ago and this was a cheap and easy trip....

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  9. 34 minutes ago, LMW91 said:

    Thank you!

    How much would you recommend buying? I'm at the festival from Thursday midday until Monday morning. 

    Thanks again. 

    I always buy 120, 30 for each day. Remember that you can also buy food with these vouchers. Beer or soft drinks are 1 voucher but food is 2-5, depends on what you're having. 

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