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  1. Rock Werchter 2018

    1 token = 1 small beer Food, it depends on what you're having but foot is quite expansive there. I always buy 120 in advance and then I buy more on Saturday or Sunday when I run out
  2. Rock Werchter 2018

    W00T??? You haven't lived.....with out a shadow of a doubt best band EVER! But Nicklord is right, Ten is probably the way to start...their unplugged concert is another way to go
  3. Rock Werchter 2018

    Here it is... https://instaud.io/1T72
  4. Rock Werchter 2018

    My 10th year and my group (around 50 ppl this year) always stay at a hotel in Leuven. There are busses that go from the train station in Leuven to the festival site and back all day until the night, about 1-2 hours after last band finishes. If you're not drinking then you can drive to Brussels each night but the other option is much more convenient if you ask me...plush finding a car park close to the festival could be a little hustle every day....
  5. Rock Werchter 2018

    Non taken, I agree with you that we'll probably not make it out of our group. But the English team have some kind of a degree in disappointing it's fans, I expect no different this time
  6. Rock Werchter 2018

    England in the semis, bwahahahahaha......not gonna happen!
  7. Rock Werchter 2018

    Where do you guys reckon Alice Wolf will play?
  8. Rock Werchter 2018

    The time-table came March 24th last year.....
  9. Rock Werchter 2018

    What @Tremousse said!
  10. Rock Werchter 2018

    Rival Sons are great......
  11. Rock Werchter 2018

    It's so obvious, N.W.A. is coming......!
  12. Rock Werchter 2018

    It will take some time getting over this, but I forgive you....!
  13. Rock Werchter 2018

    Dead Cross is a supergroup with Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo.....!
  14. Rock Werchter 2018

    Biffy Clyro and Bad Religion, YES PLEASE!!
  15. Rock Werchter 2018

    Justice played as a main stage dance act after the headliner in 2012.....

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