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  1. Hope not CC is absalute quality from the sounds to crowd.
  2. Cocktail cocktail might be there.
  3. Saturday 3rd June ,Falkirk stadium Happy mondays Kklass Together Bassheads Ratpack FPI project Shamen ...more to be announced. What a belter of a line up......
  4. Chemical brothers or happy Mondays
  5. Utter utter horrific pish
  6. Or maybe it's because kasabian are headlining a band that is a cracking festival headliner
  7. Sleep????
  8. Cocktail cocktail there... Quality
  9. Happy with that
  10. Fire away what's going to be the let down???
  11. Killers please no
  12. Probabbly the same fanny who thought strathallan was a good site and edm fucktards are good headliners.
  13. Laddie is on it now there **** all on his except something posted 4 hours ago
  14. Where's everyone watching it?
  15. That would attract the bangers that there trying to avoid. Same goes for a slam tent,hopefully the Streetrave boys are involved in some way for a older crowd.