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  1. 2017 - The Changes

    And the skate park had moved
  2. 2017 - The Changes

    The big gorilla with Lazer eyes and outstretched arms at the entrance to silver heys / pylon was missing . I believe it spends most of the year at a motorway services down south somewhere. Also near there the coconut stall had gone, they'd have made a killing
  3. Lovebullets Police Sunday

    I fancied a go on the vertual reality club thing they had close by but everytime I passed that area it was full of idiots so never bothered to stop, infact most of that area around the glade was a no go for me this year.
  4. Your top Glastonbury sets ever

  5. See Coaches - a bit of a shambles...

    Your post has just reminded me that ours dropped us off in a completely different place in Manchester than where we got picked up from. Frantic phone calls to taxis and loved ones from Everyone on board to rearrange pickups
  6. Food offer 2017

    Had a massive rib of beef with all the salad trimmings, a really nice sauce and pickled stuff from a place on the stretch of markets near the pryamid. It was a tad expensive (around £10) but the best thing I've eaten at a festival
  7. See Coaches - a bit of a shambles...

    A shambles that works is best way to describe the seetickets coach park on Monday morning. Thing that pisses me off the most is the state of the coaches they send us in. Understandably they might get shit up a bit but some of the coaches we've been on in recent years have been shockers. We pay top dollar for the privilege of a coach, a working air conditioning system and a toilet you could actually use should be a minimum requirement (both of which our coach on the way down didn't have). Was anyone on the return to Manchester which had the cracked front window? I saw the damage at the services then passed it again pulled up on the hard shoulder not long after
  8. Paul Carrack

    Was just about to say he's still on. How long has this been going on ?
  9. Weather 2017

    It can't do..we said STICK !!!
  10. Shepton Mallet traffic standstill

    Getting into the glasto spirit nice and early
  11. Weather 2017

    Get the cigars out
  12. Weather 2017

    You've spelt dickheads wrong
  13. Weather 2017

    I can confirm this is correct
  14. Campsite Flags...watcha got this year folks?

    "Plenty in the tank sir"
  15. Weather 2017

    Free from any oxfam stall

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