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  1. Was just about to say he's still on. How long has this been going on ?
  2. It can't do..we said STICK !!!
  3. Getting into the glasto spirit nice and early
  4. Get the cigars out
  5. You've spelt dickheads wrong
  6. I can confirm this is correct
  7. "Plenty in the tank sir"
  8. Free from any oxfam stall
  9. Classic boot
  10. I'd say march when all of southern England was under water
  11. Living in the weather thread
  12. 97/98 were my first two. Both were worse than last year. The other stage sank ffs
  13. Well, you can safely say I got that one wrong. I'm just going to lurk in the background of the thread this year and keep my optimization to myself
  14. BBC introducing always throw on a surprise act. Remembering catching an unexpected Paul heaton/Jackie Abbott sing a long in there a few years ago
  15. Just the general email address,postcode lead bookers inside leg measurements, grandmothers maiden name......