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  1. Dick move of your festival......

    No it was Coming out of West Holts i think.. Glad the other kneeing situation is ok too!
  2. Dick move of your festival......

    One from me (I still feel bad about this) Hammered night, walking out of a busy crowd at night next minute i was face down on the floor. Turns out i had kneed a poor girl who was sat down in the face. Checked she was ok but she was in tears. My knees bruised. So i expect her face to be. Sorry again if your reading this!. Also the absolute weirdo we stumbled across at 6am who decided that he needed to inform us all later in the morning. That he use to "play" with his sister when they were younger... I hope you get the jist.... You weirdo.
  3. Vango tempest 200 tent

    Hey Dude, Wana expain anymore detail why it wont stay up? Have you made sure to peg out all the guide ropes. I have the 300 and friends have the 200, we swear by these tents kept us dry in all conditions for years!. You have to make sure everything is tight.
  4. I will show you mine if I can see yours ...

    Heres mine, I may tone down the Face Paint to a more Friendly Version though....
  5. Looking beautiful there. Rain here
  6. Been spending today listening to Electro Swing, Really looking forward to Electro Swing Circus Now!
  7. Hayfever at Glastonbury

    I Also vouch for Fexofenadine after my doc prescribed me these. My life has honestly got better in the summer months. There was days that i couldnt leave the house. I took them throughout Glasto year and was perfectly fine. Unlike my friend who was suffering quite badly. I think it is key to take them on the run up months before hand too.
  8. Its gonna be a scorcher this year. 3 lewis' it seems that i am the odd one out.
  9. I seem to lurk these forums far to much, So thought id have a post. This will be my second glasto, Im Rob and going with lewis lewis & lewis..... lol. The dreams have started lots.
  10. Personal Worst / most embarrassing event

    This story taught me a vital lesson in festival life.. 18 year old me, Decided Festivals are a great place to get lucky. Found a girl, getting on great, Thurs decided to go back to her tent, only to find her brother in there, Who wasn't to happy about letting me in. I was gutted, anyway she then said we will go back to yours, after a trek across site we got back to my tent. Did the dead happy days. Woke up the next morning, she did the walk of shame infront of all my mates. Once she gone, i started to brag being the only one who had pulled all festival.... Until my mate ventured into my tent, what did he find, the bloodiest tampon i had ever seen in my life.... He walks out dangling it on a string and my face drops..... My wasted state is my only excuse for not realizing she was on. Which then resulted in every female we came across for the rest of the weekend being told how i love the taste of blood.... Embarrassing but god i can laugh about it..... Lesson learn, sex at festival isn't the one, no matter how tempting.
  11. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vango-Talas-Two-Person-Two-Poled-Tunnel/dp/B00H5IPL18/ref=sr_1_3?s=camping-hiking&ie=UTF8&qid=1461922511&sr=1-3&keywords=vango I swear by Vango to keep me dry, and this looks like a bargain.
  12. new here? introduce yourself

    Hi All, Lurker here too with a few posts. 22 and from York. This will be my first Glastonbury too, after trying for multiple years to get tickets. Cant wait. Coming with 3 Friends also newbies.
  13. Vape or Smoke

    For the Herbal Tobbaco Users Have you seen the Amazed pipe.? It pushes the smoke through a maze cooling it before it hits your throat, making a nice clean smoke. Much better than the older styles.. and easier than rolling a doobie in a crowd. http://www.red-eye.co.uk/amazed.html
  14. alcohol infusions

    Different to the Ones Currently Posted However went down a treat at IOW and will be bringing some to Glasto this year too Haribo Gummy Bears - in a glass Bowl Cover with Vodka, Leave in the Fridge for Couple of Days. The Gummy Bears double in size soaking up the vodka - And Taste great too. (The vodka not soaked up takes a fruity twist too, but not as nice as the alcoholic gummy bears)

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