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  1. Predictions for 2018

    Good additions
  2. Predictions for 2018

    Could Woods play it? New album - played it loads.
  3. Predictions for 2018

    Ultimate Painting are playing this too.
  4. NOS Primavera Porto

    Prefer this festival. Ty Segall will play.
  5. Green Man Festival 2018

    Not sure what the issue is with the headliners.
  6. Green Man Festival 2018

    Good lineup
  7. Green Man Festival 2018

    Think that is me tweeting them
  8. Green Man Festival 2018

    TWOD would be my dream ticket - headlined EOTR so makes sense to now play GM
  9. Green Man Festival 2018

    Great news. Reckon there will be a few more clues.
  10. Green Man Festival 2018

    This has potential to be immense
  11. NOS Primavera Porto

    Might go to this one - smaller and nice city
  12. Primavera 2018

    They won't all react the same way I wouldn't be bothered if Daft Punk play
  13. Nick Cave is Sunday headliner. Has anyone ever been?
  14. Primavera 2018

    No Beck would be disappointing. Surely there be a lot of crossover with all the gigs in London (APE ones).
  15. Primavera 2018

    Just announce it.

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