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  1. Gorillaz

    still can, tier 3 still available. You know it makes sense
  2. Boomtown 2018

    Yes, we normally meet at the Bad Apple bar around 1900 on the Thursday. We firm up the details nearer the time, although it is probably the usual: Beer / cider, wander, music, drunk, repeat,
  3. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Been to the last couple of beatherders and am going again next year. Top weekend with a sense of humour. Quite heavy on dance and spangled kids but never any hassle and is quality through and through. Read Sean's reviews for the last couple of years to get a taste.
  4. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    You forgot gin.
  5. Glastocam!

    Went for an evening run around the farm yesterday. All of the fields that have been looking brown (weed killer) are being ploughed. The digging in the other field is more drainage being laid parallel to the railway line. Nothing else of note happening, it is lovely and peaceful. We have our running track back again.
  6. Boomtown Fair 2017

    There are a few muddy patches but not much. Its ok. Can't speak for ped gates but it seems to be moving. Campervans was easier than usual. All good. Sun is out.
  7. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Searches are more targeted than than last few years. Dogs wandering around vans and occasional being pulled for a detailed search. They seem to be profiling and selecting. We didn't even get our usual copper wandering over for a chat to see if you look nervous.
  8. One month on...

    There are sheep on the farm over winter when the cows are in. I get the impression he is renting the land out to others but i don't know for sure. Never thought about it, just run past them. They all disappear by April, probably gone to lunch.....
  9. One month on...

    Same place, down by the football field / skate park. wide verges and plenty of room to park off the roadside.
  10. Pilton party

    Current JP field
  11. Pilton party

    It is the JP field but the tent is at the bar end facing away from the woods.
  12. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Lucy We normally meet outside the bad apple bar sometime around 1800. On the open side round the corner from the town square.
  13. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    well played sir. seriously, it is a long way north of the M4 so the food is a little exotic. But bizarrely not a single pie on site.
  14. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    CG. You could always try Beatherder, we went again this weekend and it is a quality weekend and it is also closer than Kendal for you (Sawley in Lancashire). Sean will be putting a review up soon, he is a confirmed repeat offender. A great laugh and you get gravy on your chips if you want.
  15. Glastocam!

    It only looks normal in camera shot. The area around red gate is crammed with fence and stuff waiting out load. There is also quite a lot of fence still up at the common end. Still a couple of weeks to clear the site.