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  1. Next Announcement thread

    Avalon is mostly folk acts. If you want nostalgia indie bands, surely John Peel or Williams green are more likely
  2. When they pop they're already frozen, so they don't tend to cover your freezer with beer. You just get beer ice lollies. Does mean they are useless and flat if you try and defrost them though.
  3. Facilities in campervan fields

    What's the deal with the camping queues on Tuesday night? The only time I've been in the east gates we queued all through the campervan fields to get to gate C (this was after gates had opened on the Weds). Do they let people out of the car parks into the campervan fields to queue, or are they coralled away somewhere until gates open?
  4. Efest member stats

    I didn't mean my comment as a criticsm of the forums more as a response to eastynh why people lurk not contribute. It's interesting to know cliqueness is something mods are worried about, but I to have noticed it seems less laddish than a couple of years ago. Not sure what changed though.
  5. Efest member stats

    From someone who is mostly a lurker rather than a poster (it's taken me many years to get this no of posts). There's a couple of reasons i don't post more. It's difficult to keep up with the fast moving threads. Everyone seems to know each other already so I don't want to intrude on threads of what seem like banter between friends.
  6. Traffic Management Plan

    I made a map of this last year if it's any help.
  7. Bars

    There's the Avalon Inn too, real ale and i have vague memories of a dangerous scrumpy being available last year.
  8. Facilities in campervan fields

    Cool thanks for all the replies all good to hear apart from about thieving. I'm looking forward to a chilled start to the fest now.
  9. Facilities in campervan fields

    Hi, Glasto veteran herebut going in the campervan fields (east) for the first time. Any advice welcome. What sort of toilet facilities are there (longdrops/compost/portaloos)? What sort of state do they end up in? What about taps and do they tend to have horrendous queues like the ones in the camping fields or is everyone generally sorted in their vans? Is there much thieving that goes on? Will be putting anything valuable in lockups as normal, but wondering about crates of alcohol - we're in a trailer tent rather than a van. How quickly do they fill up on Tuesday and is there anything going onTuesday evening?
  10. The Missing Acts?

    Last time OCS played it was on Acoustic and there are no acoustic acts on the poster
  11. Raise your (non)glass - 2016 Alcohol thread

    Does anyone know of fever tree (or any other good tonic) in plastic bottles 1litre or bigger. I've only ever seen fever tree in glass and cans.
  12. Spending money.

    The last few years I havetaken about £300, put it in the lock-ups and take some out each morning. I've not come close to spending it all. Last year I came home with about £40and thats with buying a hoodie, a £20 donation to the lock-ups, doing a craft activity,all food bought on site, and most beers. From memory I took about 8 cans with melast yearand some gin. As everyone says tthe further you get from the pyramid, the cheaper and better the food. If you are near the pyramid, I recommend the Tor Rugby Club mexican stall, somewhere near the cider bus I think. Not exactly gourmet, but cheap, good andfilling. Warning when people say just take spirits and buy mixers on site if gin and tonic is your poison it's not very easy to get hold of tonic on site. If anyone knows of anywhere selling it I'd be grateful. Last year I resorted to batting my eyelashes at a guy behind a bar to sell me a bottle, when he realised he had no idea what the cost would be and he'd have to ask a supervisorhe just gave it to me in the end :)
  13. Setlist-based Spotify playlist

    Woo hoo. Love this list time to start getting excited again
  14. Peeing on the land

    I'm sure before they got rid of all the portaloos there used to be a set at the other stage silver Hayes junction though I might have mis remembered.
  15. Peeing on the land

    The only place they really need more toilets is around the other field and the ones between West Holts and Left field. Every other set I went to this year there weren't any queues and were generally pretty clean, with soap and hand sanitiser. But in that area there always seemed to be queues and they were disgusting.