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  1. Hearing Problems

    I've got these and really like them, they come with different filters so you can change the amount of sound they cut out. They're very discreet and easy to use. I used to have a pair of custom fit ones which were great but only got them because I won them. Note to get them you have to have them professionally fitted and in theory you should get a new pair every 3 years as your ears change shape. They are expensive and so probably not worth the extra unless you are exposed to loud music very regularly.
  2. Secret resales

    Poundland were selling sims for the major phone networks last time I was in there, cheaper than a tenner
  3. Is it possible to pack light?

    If you've bought a decent rucksack, adjust it so it fits properly. Use the waist strap to transfer the weight to your hips. Use the chest strap, it will stop your shoulders being pulled back and make it easier to breathe. So many times I see girls struggling in with giant rucksacks just on their shoulders.
  4. Next Announcement thread

    Yes in theory, but the fact that everyone else knows and I don't would drive me crazy. I wouldn't be able to resist looking. I have no will power, so I'd only be able to do it if I was crazy crazy busy or unable to connect to the internet.
  5. Next Announcement thread

    Part of the reason I think it, is it would cut down on my obsessive spotifying and clashfindering in the weeks beforehand and would add a randomness to the festival
  6. Next Announcement thread

    From my memory they announced the headliners in advance but not really much more detail. Certainly no more than you have on the current poster. Could be wrong though, I remember buying Q magazine to get the line up a couple of weeks before but that was pretty much the pyramid and other, but still having to find out everything else from the program.
  7. Next Announcement thread

    Is the schedule your crazy run round like a nutter to see as many bands as possible? If so it'd still be possible you just have to plan it on the Weds when you arrive
  8. Next Announcement thread

    Is it just me who would kinda like to go back to the early 2000s system when you didn't get a full lineup until you got the programme at the gates, was so exciting searching through for everything you wanted to see.
  9. Green Crafts

    Agree, I think they are pretty much just about covering material costs, certainly I've seen similar activities elsewhere for much higher costs, at least there doesn't seem to be a massive festival price hike going.
  10. Green Crafts

    We've done some craft on the Thursday for the last couple of year, last year we printed our own cards, cost a couple of quid I think. I made a leather purse, which was about £10 two years ago cost depends entirely on how big the thing you want to make is. They do other things too, rings, wristbands etc. Whether you need to book depends entirely on the how many people the stall can cope with at once, how long it takes and how many people want to do it. Some of the crafts take a two or three hours and those you have to book in advance as they can only cope with a small number of people at once. We did the leather thing and the postcards, as they were just turn up and go type options and didn't take long, the printing was about 10 mins, the leather about half an hour.
  11. CD Swap 2016

    cr@p hadn't thought about that, will need to work something out. First time I've missed trading my heavy brick of a laptop for something more lightweight without a cd player.
  12. Raise your (non)glass - 2016 Alcohol thread

    Have been drinking Rock Rose Gin lately, it comes in ceramic bottles, given it isn't glass, does anyone know if that means it's allowed, figure it'll keep cooler than in plastic?
  13. When a pint isn't a pint scam

    Is it these cups you're talking about? Fairly sure I was never served beer in them, but did get cocktails.
  14. CD Swap 2016

    I'm up for joining in :)