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  1. Perfect Weather

    Can we all agree that was perfect Glastonbury Weather. Dry and not too hot.
  2. The size of the crowds

    I've found it more spacious this year as the dry weather means getting around much easier so not confined to track way. Both Foo fighters and Ed Sheeran were busy but nothing compared to Dolly or Adele. I think there are just a few acts that were underestimated in popularity.
  3. Hobo Jones..

    Midnight Saturday Avalon cafe
  4. New security measures in place

    They are checking tickets and properly checking faces, questioning people on their address / postcode on the way out into the camper van fields. You need to go through this to get your pass out.
  5. Let there be tonic

    I've tried getting some on site before and had no luck finding it in any of the shops including the general stores. I eventually sweet talked a nice man at one of the bars to sell me a bottle.
  6. I usually take both last year it was walking boots the whole time, but most years I swap between the two depending on the state of the ground.
  7. I was stopped on the way in last year and had to show bank card and driving license to prove the ticket was mine. It was my ticket and I looked exactly like the photo on the ticket, same hair cut and glasses. I've now cut my hair short and dyed it purple and still using same photo so getting in this year will be fun!
  8. 2010 vs 2016 - let's settle this once and for all!

    Not a fan of either but 2010 marginally better, I think the worst I've been to in order are 2007, 2016, 2010.
  9. Worthy View, Tipis & CV Fields Sale

    I see tickets for large vehicles are only available for Bath&West, presumably that's to limit damage to the fields.
  10. 2017 Ticket Sale

    Good Luck everyone
  11. Conduct of security

    I believe there are several different security firms. The ones you see at the front of stages on the barrier come from one firm and are all experienced in doing exactly that sort of work at gigs. The ones on the gates and wandering around etc pretty much just have whatever qualification it is bouncers have, which could explain the more relaxed attitude of those at the stages towards drugs.
  12. Bath showground

    Wouldn't be surprised if all east campervans are directed to bath and west initially in future, they'll do glass and tickets checks there and in wet years manage the numbers heading into the fields. Will stop them blocking up all the surrounding roads.

    This is the view going into E16 they are towing everything into E17 with the fleet of tractors. In the half hour I've been watching the only vehicle I've seen make it through on its own steam was a Landover with trailer tent. PS sun has just come out
  14. Queuing on the A37

    Pylle Lane

    Once you get to canards grave roundabout there are stewards and where there are stewards there are portaloos. They might not technically be for the public but I'd hope they'd let you use them