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  1. I see tickets for large vehicles are only available for Bath&West, presumably that's to limit damage to the fields.
  2. Good Luck everyone
  3. I believe there are several different security firms. The ones you see at the front of stages on the barrier come from one firm and are all experienced in doing exactly that sort of work at gigs. The ones on the gates and wandering around etc pretty much just have whatever qualification it is bouncers have, which could explain the more relaxed attitude of those at the stages towards drugs.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if all east campervans are directed to bath and west initially in future, they'll do glass and tickets checks there and in wet years manage the numbers heading into the fields. Will stop them blocking up all the surrounding roads.
  5. This is the view going into E16 they are towing everything into E17 with the fleet of tractors. In the half hour I've been watching the only vehicle I've seen make it through on its own steam was a Landover with trailer tent. PS sun has just come out
  6. Pylle Lane
  7. Once you get to canards grave roundabout there are stewards and where there are stewards there are portaloos. They might not technically be for the public but I'd hope they'd let you use them
  8. Hang in there guys, vehicles are going into the East camper van fields pretty steadily, you will make it in the end. Stops that seem like nothing is moving is because camper vans have got stuck. They've got people towing it just takes time. It took us about 6 hours to get from the a361 a37 roundabout into the fields.
  9. People are trickling very very slowly into east camper van fields. Queue is just backed up from that. We are currently on Pylle Lane. If you have the option of not trying to get into the East go for that.
  10. How have the queues been from the A303 direction is it as bad as from the north?
  11. Been queuing on the A361 and A37 since 5pm, just got our first view of the site. Still got a mile and half to camper van fields.
  12. Paint your fingernails. In a muddy year everything gets dirty and without constant scrubbing dirty fingernails make your hands look filthy. If they are painted you can't tell - problem gone *Please remember to wash your hands before eating*
  13. That is a good effort!
  14. Just waiting for our train down from Scotland and wondering who else is on their way already
  15. I've got a similar style pair of goretex boots that I've never bothered nixwaxing. The outside leather always darkens in the wet and water didn't bead off but I don't get wet feet. Brasher have a good reputation so I'd expect them to be fine unless they are really old.