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  1. Peeing on the land

    I'm sure before they got rid of all the portaloos there used to be a set at the other stage silver Hayes junction though I might have mis remembered.
  2. Peeing on the land

    The only place they really need more toilets is around the other field and the ones between West Holts and Left field. Every other set I went to this year there weren't any queues and were generally pretty clean, with soap and hand sanitiser. But in that area there always seemed to be queues and they were disgusting.
  3. I absolutely loved…..

    The unthanks first thing on the pyramid Saturday, blissfully good
  4. Chair People 2015 ...

    There's is actually a special marked out chair zone in the acoustic tent in front of the sound desk. The problem I find because it is no chairs inside the tent everyone lines their chairs up outside the tent which blocks entrances and exits. Although I only saw that during the proclaimers this year.
  5. Scottish Notes?

    Technically because of the legal definition Scottish notes aren't even legal tender in Scotland. But I've found most places accept them, occasionally requires a check with a supervisor though.
  6. Car park queues

    They changed the pink car parks this year so they don't exit on to the a361 and you head along the local lanes which are all one way and stewarded up towards Wells. As a result we were straight out with no queue at 9am. Hopefully means it was quicker for those in orange and yellow too as they don't have to alternate traffic out. Seems like they are thinking about making the exit smoother. Hope those stuck on the east get out soon.
  7. Setting off early weds morning

    Based on the last couple of years coming from Coventry leaving about 5am means arriving at 8am assuming you're coming from the west we've queued from about half way between Glastonbury and the site which took about twenty minutes to get in the car park and then went and joined the queues on foot which took a couple of hours.
  8. Stage capacities?

    You could probably work out the stage sizes for the tents at least from this website seem to supply most of them. If you can work out which tent is which.
  9. Gypsy Punk recommendations?

    Bare Knuckle Parade Coco and the butterfields Rusty Shackle
  10. No glass on site - mirror for contacts?

      Security search probably at most 1 in 100 entering the site. So you unless you are unlucky you are unlikely to be stopped and have it confiscated. 
  11. No glass on site - mirror for contacts?

    Learn to put your contacts in without a mirror. Its easier than you think.   Use the selfie camera on your phone as a mirror.
  12. Navigating your way around - what's your secret?

    Been going for 12 years and can get everywhere no problems. But the bandstand in the market area, if there is ever a band on there I want to see I can never find the thing.
  13. My first time at glastonbury

    Trainers or converse much better for when its dry. But take old ones you know don't rub or hurt your feet in anyway, its no point buying new anyway as a couple of days in the dust of a dry Glastonbury and they'll never be the same again.
  14. Your ONE new discovery for GF2015

    Bare Knuckle Parade on Avalon for me, though would also have gone for keston cobblers if they hadn't already been mentioned.
  15. Which gate?

    For Hitchin Hill I'd go for Gate A, which means coming in to the West car parks. From the west car parks you can usually choose to walk to either gate A or D Unless you end up in a couple of the orange car parks that are right next to gate D. When you still can choose to walk to Gate A, but its probably easier to go in gate D and walk through the site.    It looks a fairly short walk from Gate B, I've only come in from the East side once, and we ended up in the blue car parks so had to go through gate C. Hopefully someone else can tell you how easy it is to choose / carparks gates on that side of the site.