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  1. Does she live in that container is that how she gets to venues?
  2. Russydoesn't wear a horned hat
  3. I'll go as you then, if you're not using it
  4. They had Handmaiden on a Cinemageddon at Glastonbury - apparently it made a few people who weren't watching it a bit nauseous with it's graphic big screen content - put them right off their cuppa chai
  5. he's gone to Utd
  6. did he actually play? We turned up at the Gas Tower and there was a crowd of about 200 sat on the floor in the middle, nothing doing on the stage, and some trippy black and white imagery running on the screens.
  7. Joe Rush was living in it
  8. i think when every area is reaching capacity at the same time it's time to being in something new, I would expect a new area after the fallow year.
  9. wasnt one in Acoustic field?
  10. only 72 miles this year (had the family in tow)
  11. Haktivist in Shangri-La - loved it
  12. I think 230,000 people on site is slightly more than any previous year
  13. ....honourable mentions Taste Of Africa, and Peckish Peacock
  14. they were amazing - as were their burgers! dish of the weekend What was the Gordon Ramsey thing they had on their sign?
  15. I think I saw him on the programme listed for somewhere else on Thursday can't remember where that was now. Was it the opening of Carmaggeddon perhaps?