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  1. Neutral Milk Hotel?
  2. festivals nominate themselves clearly EOTR organisers have better things to do, and I echo what Paulwa said
  3. i remember you mentioning it
  4. it was yeah - and contained their amazing hidden bar - I lost many hours in there that year.
  5. checkpage.co.uk
  6. there's a reason it took 2 days Michael was painting it
  7. or a man with a dog
  8. I posted a link in this thread yesterday to a live stream on YouTube of them plaiying somewhere in the US last night - set to start at 1.30am their time
  9. Ed said a few week's ago Radiohead were going to get together and confirm the pencilled plans and then let us know - looks like they've had that meeting
  10. the mouth is going to be sucking a lemon
  11. must it? Not convinced
  12. hype machine working for world's biggest festival shocker!
  13. i bought that glo in the dark paint they're using too - from the stall just outside the dance village - shame it doesn't work in the dark
  14. yup just add the mouth tomorrow - and then get the proper camera in for it
  15. could it be for this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg0AjceOgZg