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  1. Silver Hayes Lineup

    that's been my plan for the last 26 years
  2. SE Corner

    El wire: http://elwirecraft.co.uk/
  3. Next Announcement thread

    She hasn't - she said the the stage by stage (areas) line-ups would be announced in April - they are begining to be announced - and it's April - she never said they would all be announced in April
  4. coach times

    I was trying to remember the name of the shop - there's a car park just across the bridge off Castle Street - that's where they drop you back. There's also a 24 hour Tesco just down that road for last minute provisions in the morning to be bought before you go.
  5. eFestivals hoodies (limited time to order!)

    i have a stalker
  6. Love wychwood but line up weaker by year on year?

    talking of surprises a few decent new acts in the latest announcement: http://www.efestivals.co.uk/news/16/160426h.shtml
  7. Tickets solding out faster and faster

    need to not have an Il Nino for a while for that to happen
  8. eFestivals hoodies (limited time to order!)

    i hate that ruddy lampshade - it's down below my head height so I hit it everytime I walk by it - hence the jaunty angle - the girls love it though
  9. eFestivals hoodies (limited time to order!)

    mine's arrived
  10. TMZ report that Prince has passed away, aged 57

    word is more that he stopped taking them
  11. Blossoms. Any good live??

    great drum n bass act, and they were even better once the sound guys turned on the amp for the guitarist - up to that point i was stunned by the chops of the bassist - a proper band that know their stuff. worth seeing
  12. Vaping

    anyone know how i stop both my kangertech tanks leaking - lost all my juice in both
  13. D'Angelo

    ah yes will take it back to (TBC)
  14. Secret resales

    I got a notification of change to the URL - which was around the same time as yesterday i think