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  1. the trouble with the English was they waited until I was knackered and subbed out of goal before they started scoring, well apart from the dubious ruled 'ball not out of play - back pass infringement' penalty goal.
  2. usually up by permaculture, or the old bus, you can get 'snail fricasse'
  3. is that all it's licensed for?
  4. like a manifesto, put it to the test oh: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/tories-reveal-three-castiron-manifesto-pledges-to-ensure-brexit-goes-ahead-a3518651.html
  5. looking forward to this tomorrow
  6. Ducti messenger bag - 10 Glastonburys still going strong
  7. exactly
  8. they're are usually a few on offer up at Glasto Latino - mainly salsa, cuban, tango that kind of thing circus fields for hoop skills tho, no?
  9. He's not wrong, I recommend Mena Dhu it's lush!
  10. ......nooooooo let's take to the streets and protest - it's like not having the stone circle!
  11. the one serving cider in a bone china tea service? Nope it's definitely not there, and certainly not called 'The Apple Bar' or anything similar.
  12. Emily has said "grime feels like the new punk" - so put all your money on the grime entries
  13. looking forward to zombie tiger - will that happen?
  14. Thundrecat is a must see for me