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  1. Global have had nearly as many failures as they have successes, remember their GuilFest replacement? What is their current state of revenue? They were £28 million down a few years ago. I'm guessing those hundreds of Heart, Gold, and Classic events keep the money rolling in.
  2. Just out of interest this report they were bandying about in Parliament yesterday, the new one which says 35% of Scottish jobs rely on the EU - anyone know where it is, or even what it's called?
  3. I'm going to be emotionally broken after Bill Callahan's set, probably blubbing, and so I hope that's not Sunday
  4. better get a better barrier for SLF!
  5. yup looks like we'll be there again
  6. Just been 'announced' on 6Music
  7. hope so they were amazing at GuilFest
  8. coincidence - that NASA are announcing at 6pm - and there's speculation where Big Dave will be at 6pm?
  9. I've only just caught up on this, am I right in thinking that NASA's found some big black obelisk on some planet, and Foos are playing there? http://www.alphr.com/space/1005411/nasa-will-announce-a-major-discovery-beyond-our-solar-system-today?_mout=1&utm_campaign=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&tpid=247005035811
  10. good return to form with the post season break opener.
  11. is there an EOTR 2017 spotify?
  12. my thoughts exactly - the fact that these are already at glastonbury make a mockery of the whole thing: Bin bags provided to attendees to clean their campsite Decrease in car parking, encouraging public transport Public transport pricing included in ticket price A car sharing link on the Glastonbury website Bio-degradable toilets "Rent a tent" initiative Collect a certain number of plastic cups and get a free drink Shower passes in order to save water Quiet and eco camping zones To the person who made it - go and see for yourself how ar ahead of your perceptions Glastonbury actually is.
  13. nice line-up - strong undercard - looks like another EOTR with a host of clashes, plenty of new stuff to have a listen to.
  14. surprised to see so much references to climate change and environmental protections in there - are the days of the Tories' 'Britannia Unchained' tiger economy manifesto numbered?
  15. stupidity by the look of it - the document itself is being reported as genuine, by organisations like Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-religious-freedom-executive-order_us_5892a812e4b0af07cb6b8672