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  1. General News Discussion

  2. General News Discussion

    Shot down in flames
  3. General News Discussion

    sounds like Russia's response is to include the removal of US diplomats too - that should cause a twitter storm from Trump
  4. General News Discussion

    I realise this - they have their fingers in a lot of pies, I have been fascinated by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky confirming Erik Prince's Blackwater are tied to both Dick Cheney’s Office and Kirill Dmitriev (the latter using George Nader, to establish a back channel between Donald Trump). Kirill Dmitriev is one of the 100, and I'd suspect fairly high up in he power brokering. That whole Mueller investigation is going to be very interesting if their fascist leader ever lets it come to light.
  5. General News Discussion

    I'm assuming that if they're not they would point the finger fairly quickly elsewhere. I've since heard the news on the radio and Moscow have said they've moved on - that's enough for a case closed they did it then, rather than a knee jerk reaction, from me
  6. General News Discussion

    at the end of the day we'll still be burning Russian gas in our homes and BP will be making gazillions in Russia was the jist of my posting that clip BTW. Politics can do what it likes ineffectually, oil has a bit more clout. Though if Arsenal do get told they can't play Moscow I'll snigger a little
  7. General News Discussion

    ah that's highly plausible - and if I had to have a hunch it's who I'd suggest was responsible - Maybot said similar in her first address of this - about Russia "losing control" - as this assassination will likely end the 'spy trade' - I just can't see the Kremlin sanctioning it, and that's why I feel there's a possibility of it being another agency.
  8. General News Discussion

    The scientist who created defected decades ago and now lives in the USA - Russia may not even know how to synthesise it - which could be why we're reluctant to give them a sample I guess
  9. General News Discussion

    it's all about the oil https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06198gw
  10. General News Discussion

    It's all really just a plan to keep Arsenal out of the Europa League
  11. General News Discussion

    Interesting that sputnik news media is implicating the USofA https://sputniknews.com/world/201803141062510743-skripal-case-novichok-us-uzbekistan/ and suggest today say it was "carried out by non-professionals or by professionals whose aim was not to murder him but to cause an international scandal" https://sputniknews.com/europe/201803161062591634-soviet-intelligence-skripal-poisoned-nonprofessionals/ elswehwere is reporting that russia want to know who did it as badly as London, if not more so, shame we still haven't sent them a sample http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13961225000593
  12. 2018 New Music

    About 15 minutes of it is - but it's no 'Everything Is Recorded'.
  13. Brexit Schmexit

    EU are repeatedly banging on about how tariffs are really bad mmmmkay - in regards to Trump So it doesnae look like we'll have any imposed on us then.
  14. I saw a Blue Whale Today

    it's much easier going to go in May
  15. Predictions for 2018

    I was really hoping for Mary Gauthier - Rifles and Rosary Beads is amazing - is the line-up full now?

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