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  1. Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    Really scraping the barrel for bands names now aren't we?
  2. The Unsuccessful

    First fail in 7 attempts. One of our group put payment details in but got booted. On the plus side I've had success in the resale one year getting one extra ticket so I should stay hopeful but to be honest, I feel like shit. Well done to everyone here who was successful.
  3. Weekend in Pilton, singing with Mr Eavis

    Great read. Thanks.
  4. What's happening??

    Apple is your problem there I think. *ducks for cover from the Apple lovers *
  5. The Killers?

    Yeah they did. I went to that gig and loved it. It was my first time seeing The Killers but it was the James and Gaslight Anthem support that swayed me to get a ticket at the last minute. It was a brilliant day. And seeing a band at Wembley is always an experience.
  6. Jamie T

    Jamie T 2015 is up there in my all time best Glastonbury sets. It was awesome. No south west dates is a bit crappy though and I hope Scottie is wrong with the exclusive come next festival season.
  7. Knobs

    Would a poll on this site go anywhere near getting a rough idea of the % of people taking drugs at Glastonbury?
  8. Knobs

    Anyone else think DeanoL's figures sound a little conservative? I don't partake in class A's myself but it certainly feels like I am in a minority when at Glastonbury. Literally everyone around me has those tell tale signs of indulgence shall we say?
  9. Tell us about your 'Moment'

    They were beautifully brilliant. Trying to find some footage of it on YouTube or somewhere to relive some of it but can't find any yet. And agreed, the new music sounded absolutely great. It was my first time seeing them and I can't wait till the next time. They were so humble and evidently bowled over by the occasion and the reception they got which only added to the emotion.
  10. Glastonbury Toe

    After reporting no Glastonbury toe, I can confirm I have a delayed case. Started yesterday, numbness in the tip of my left big toe. No pain or anything. Weird.
  11. Glastonbury food with pictures

    My biggest disappointment this year was how little I ate. The mud really did put me off trekking to our favourite food places or wandering off to get a cheeky snack or treat. Instead we found ourselves buying our meals conveniently and without much thought. It was more eat when you need to rather than because you'd like to which was a huge shame for me. On the plus side the crab shack was a new find (next to the cornish arms) and did a lovely crab meat roll.
  12. Glastonbury Toe

    No glastonbury toe for me this year strangely. I wore £8 Dunlop wellies for 5.5 days straight (with memory foam insoles) for their 6th glastonbury outgoing. I'm impressed that my feet are in prefect condition tbh. In fact physically, I'm the best I've ever been post festival. Maybe the pilates actually paid off.
  13. Coldplay, what to expect?

    I'm no Coldplay fan, far from it but circumstances lead to us being there to watch them and I have to say, Wow. What a show. It was brilliant from start to finish and left me all a bit emotional if I'm honest. So glad I was there to witness that and I apologise to Coldplay for repeatedly calling them dull over the years.
  14. Tell us about your 'Moment'

    I spent most of Sunday trying to hold it together. Firstly to Bear's Den "The Love We Stole" Secondly to Heaton and Abbot Caravan of Love Thirdly to Years and Years when he made a little speech about pride. But come Sunday night when I unexpectedly found myself watching Coldplay I quickly realised I wasn't going to be able to contain it anymore. When the intro to The Scientist started, I was gone. Floods of tears streaming down my face that didn't stop for the rest of the set. I'm not a crier but that place does something to you that cannot be explained or really understood and we're all the better for it, I believe.
  15. Your favourite Glasto images

    I want to go back. I want to go back now.