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  1. Super Furry Animals!

    Holy shit - it doesn't get any better than that...
  2. Super Furry Animals!

    I just sold my SFA tickets for Brixton using Twickets - it's an anti-touting site, no charges for seller, small charge for buyer, face value is the maximum sale price. https://www.twickets.co.uk/
  3. An amazing cause, and a great day's cycling, in memory of Miriam Hyman who was killed in the 7/7 bombings.

  4. Race the Neighbours is coming soon! Our inaugural run through the parkland of East Finchley and Muswell Hill takes place on Sunday 7th June. Whether you are an experienced runner or fancy running a 10k for the first time, it promises to be a highly enjoyable (and rather scenic) jaunt through our lovely suburbs. There are only 250 places, which are filling rapidly, so if you fancy it, sign up now while stocks last. Don't fancy running? You don't get off that easily, we need helpers on the...

  5. Super Furry Animals!

    I'm going the opposite way - I have tickets for a few weeks time, which clashes with what would otherwise be an unbreakable social arrangement. Awkward cancellation now avoided.
  6. Setlist-based Spotify playlist

    Frank Turner had completely passed me by until I heard him on your playlist yesterday - now a bit obsessed! I've got some hours to put in before the end of June. Thanks for the introduction, and generally for your fine work here.
  7. Orli's turn! Sleeper train to Glasgow once more. See you in the morning...


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