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  1. Justice out, Soulwax in!

    It's a good question.
  2. Justice out, Soulwax in!

    Having seen Justice at the Brixton Academy last night, I'm not at all surprised that they couldn't make it work at Bestival, not with Pet Shop Boys' stuff set up at the same time anyway. They've got the most technically intricate light show I've ever seen. Think Kanye's movable rig from Glastonbury, but split into several sections that fly all around the stage and do pretty much anything you can dream of. It was like magic.
  3. Bestival 2017

    Well, Rob da Bank has tweeted: " Normality always feels strange after festival season...and yes I have started booking for @Bestival @CampBestival and @CommonPeopleSO /OX 18 " Rumours of Bestival's demise are way off the mark.
  4. Bestival 2017

    I never saw it open!
  5. Bestival 2017

    Oh yeah, the courtyard bar, that was a nice little hidden chill-out area.
  6. Bestival 2017

    There was a "craft beer" stall right opposite the main stage. I didn't investigate, so I don't know if they were selling that American muck or just real ale under a trendy name.
  7. Bestival 2017

    Robin - yes I was in that spot. And Georgie - we must've crossed paths loads too based on what your highlights were! The things I controversially loved about 2016 included: 1) The forced scaling back meant that there were more outdoor stages than usual, because they were saving money on covered structures. 2) Skepta followed by Major Lazer on the Friday night - I couldn't have asked for a better double whammy. 3) Eskimo Dance takeover on Friday afternoon. 4) PC Music takeover on Saturday night. Yes, the site did look a bit shabby and under-decorated, but whereas once upon a time Bestival was the apex of festival design, these days the likes of Boomtown and Tomorrowland have taken over, and I really enjoy the more DIY, "knocked up in Josie's back yard" look of Besti. Oddly I think that 2016's "shabbiness" carried over somewhat into this year's event, yet no one seems as negative about it this time. It's probably an expectation management thing.
  8. Bestival 2017

    I thought Bestival worked quite well at the new site. It'd be nice if they could somehow divide the main arena into themed areas a bit better, but the geography of the site makes that difficult. Still, there were about 22 stages dotted around, and nicely spaced out to minimise sound bleed (at last - the main stage and the big top (sorry, "The Box") are located in different fields!). I was very glad that they'd brought back HMS Bestival, Reggae Roots and the Comedy tent after a year or more's absence, and it's good that the Ambient Forest lives on despite the move. Not the strongest lineup of all time, but Saturday was packed - and although I don't like all of the following acts, other festivals would kill for a main stage running order like this: Nadia Rose - Stefflon Don - Rejjie Snow - Laura Mvula - Danny Brown - Rag 'n' Bone Man - Dizzee Rascal - A Tribe Called Quest Highlights of the weekend for me were Dizzee Rascal, Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon and - on the comedy stage - Andrew Maxwell. And the food at the Feast Collective, which is always amazing. Lowlights were: well, the weather. If Robin Hill had been bathing in glorious sunshine all weekend I'd have been really pissed off, but it looks like the Isle of Wight was just as stormy, so what ya gonna do? Just put up with it and plough on through. I didn't spot a single bit of aggression or violence this year. And it was a nice, friendly crowd, just not as wild & crazy as usual, but I think that was because of the weather and the mud. I had no sense of what the numbers were like, other than the fact that they never even pretended that it was about to sell out this year. But next year, all the smaller festivals ought to get a boost from Glastonbury's fallow year, so Bestival 2018 ought to do very well. While 2017 doesn't join the upper echelons of my favourite ever Bestivals (they're probably 2011, 2012 and controversially 2016), I had an amazing weekend as usual, and really it was only the awful weather that let it down. I already can't wait for my ninth one next year...!
  9. 2017 first line-up poster

    I think that is the same as last year's, isn't it?
  10. Justice out, Soulwax in!

    I'd be pissed off but I've got tickets for Justice's own show later this month anyway. I saw Soulwax on tour earlier this year and they were, of course, brilliant, and I'm very happy to see them again. (It'll be even better if they play a different set from their tour show, though that seems unlikely given the nature of their live sets.)
  11. Yay, comedy's back!

    After a couple of years with no comedy stage, they've brought it back!
  12. Bestival 2016 - how was it for you?

    Wow. That's erm..... Layout wise, it looks like they're restricting the festival to the Bollywood/Port field and the forest (Amphitheatre, Woodland Ponds, and that African-themed clearing). I'm sure it'll be fun enough for families who want something quite easy-going. I can't imagine it stealing any of Bestival's audience though.
  13. 2017 first line-up poster

    Loads more to come, there'll be about 300 acts on the final line-up. More additions just slipped out last night for the UK garage heads: DJ Luck & MC Neat, Heartless Crew, Oxide & Neutrino.
  14. 2017 first line-up poster

    Some nice additions there. For me, Wiley, Serocee, Fatman Scoop, Preditah and Ragga Twins are the most exciting.