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  1. Just been trying to remember what year I first saw Bonobo at Glasto. Jazzworld Stage. Lunchtime-ish. Very hot. Sat down in front of the sound desk. Few pints of Brothers lined up on the grass. He had Andreya Triana singing with him. Great memories.
  2. Cant help but think we've heard nothing for a couple months, cos its not going to happen now. Maybe he's the big secret
  3. I'm starting to think same. If only the Bristol gig wasnt Glasto Wednesday :/
  4. Hope not , on both accounts.
  5. any more info on Bonobo making an appearance this year ?
  6. >>Are you in a bateria? Do I know you

    Hi there. No you dont know me :) I'm Phil. But you probably do know Luke - leader of Swindon Samba - who I play with (caixa).

    Luke is playing with Ziriguidum.

    I was at the Encontro in Cardiff last year. Did JPs Monobloco workshop. Our paths may have crossed then ?