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  1. Bars

    Yes I think it's in the Greenpeace area, it's a crew bar which we managed to squeeze into one night. Nice fire and a table tennis area.
  2. BBC TV Coverage - iPlayer?

    When does the live iPlayer coverage start folks? I've not gone this year so gonna torture myself at home instead.
  3. Liam Gallagher

    Maybe he should get The Real People in as his backing group. That would be a proper throwback to the likes of Rockin' Chair.
  4. Legends Slot

    Billy Joel Peter Gabriel Eric Clapton Madonna They'd all fit the profile if they weren't interested in headlining.
  5. Is there any chance whatsoever of...

    Davies and Hodgson don't get on at all - Davies broke a gentleman's agreement to leave Hodgson's songs out of their set. Supertramp without Hodgson are a poor imitation in my opinion. Be better off just getting Roger Hodgson to play instead. His own band are excellent.
  6. Ray Davies on the phone?

    U2 did as good job considering the conditions. Maybe they deserve a 2nd shot at it in hopefully better ones.
  7. Worthy View, Tipis & CV Fields Sale

    Thanks - very helpful.
  8. Worthy View, Tipis & CV Fields Sale

    Do you need 4 registration numbers for a WV 4 man tent or can one person buy it? Do they just send you 4 wristbands or something like that later on? Presumably you haven't got to actually have 4 in them if there's only 3 of you? But they send 4 wristbands in case another person gets a ticket in the resale?
  9. The Legends spot

    I think they should have a Saturday and a Sunday Legend slot on The Pyramid. Saves people cramming the field on the Sunday. Late afternoon on both days. In fact why not go the whole hog and have a Friday one too instead of the Other Stage "secret" opener?
  10. The Killers?

    They're alright The Killers One of those bands who created a few bangers in a short space of time which they'll inevitably be expected to replicate every time they make a new record. Good job he's a good looking bastard that Flowers chap though because he can't sing for toffee.
  11. Full Set Videos?

    Not sure - used to be invites back in the day Power users and donators would receive invites to give to people.
  12. Full Set Videos?

    iptorrents has 87gb of the full sets if anyone has a log in for that site.
  13. The Legends spot

    Dire Straits if Knopfler ever thought about getting back together for a one off would be decent I reckon.
  14. Booking "luxury accommodation" at Worthy View

    Can we petition for one of those ski lift thingys to be installed?
  15. Booking "luxury accommodation" at Worthy View

    300 metres of steps?