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  1. Friday Aaron Lee Tasjan Goat Girl Ryley Walker Parquet Courts Real Estate Ultimate Painting Lucinda Williams Pond Saturday Pixx Courtney Marie Andrews Sinkane HMLTD Nadine Shah Alvvays Band of Horses Romare Father John Misty Gold Panda Sunday Vaudou Game Nap Eyes Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Starcrawler Julia Jacklin Foxygen Amadou & Mariam Deerhoof Bill Callahan
  2. It all seems to be Woods Stage and Garden for me this year, with surprisingly little Big Top compared to most years. For me, the acts are spread well across the days, with Sunday being the best. What a day that could be: Vaudou Game > Nap Eyes > Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever > Starcrawler > Foxygen > Amadou & Mariam > Deerhoof > Bill Callahan
  3. I totally agree. Yes please. Bloody Sunday night looking the best again. I'm usually gone by then. May have to stay over for the first time.
  4. The festival does have a bit of a history with supergroups. I was wondering about the likelihood of BNQT playing, given that BOH are there anyway.
  5. Interpol have a nice space on Saturday 2nd Sept during their tour for the 'Here come the bright lights' album. One can only hope!
  6. The Spotify description of Yndi Halda mentions "post rock, lengthy compositions"... not one for me. I still flinch at the memory of Explosions in the Sky.
  7. We'll have to come back on here, report on how many of the 10 we actually did see, along with a one line review.
  8. Does it sell out to "The Man"... Never! Do tickets sell out... Usually just a few weeks before the event. I think kids and teenager tickets sell out a lot sooner.
  9. Bill Callahan Band of Horses Amadou & Mariam Vaudou Game Real Estate Lucinda Williams Deerhoof Ultimate Painting Parquet Courts Girl Ray
  10. I saw both in Bristol and agree with you on both counts. I'm seeing Josefin Ohrn on Friday, which reminds me that we're low on the psych band count at the moment.
  11. Great music (through mostly phenomenal sound systems), great beer, great food, actually usable toilets. Other than "the hill" (steep but short) on the way into the campsite, it's a flat site to get around. I gave it a try once and I think this year will be my ninth visit. Out of eight years I can remember it pouring down on two occasions, one being the Saturday of last year. Do it!
  12. To get some serious groove on, check out Amadou & Mariam and Vaudou Game
  13. I think it's a much more impressive first announcement than usual. Have been hoping for Band of Horses for years. They just tweeted that FJM and Mac DeMarco are headliners. Great to see superb African bands like Amadou & Mariam and Vaudou Game on the card. Sinkane also a bit different for EOTR and should be good. Lower order indie bands showing promise... Girl Ray, Mega Bog, Let's Eat Grandma. It's already looking like a good event. Now bring The Flaming Lips back and make it a great one!
  14. Some moments on the first Foxygen album were excellent. A great live rendition of San Francisco has the potential to be a festival highlight. I'm also impressed with the guy's willingness to try new styles - the current single, Follow The Leader, being a good example. I'd certainly be curious to go and watch them, but I have no idea what they're like live. Could be great. Could be rubbish.
  15. I usually find that first announcements are disappointing, but subsequent ones start to get really interesting. But then I've never been that bothered with the headliners, it's all about the strong middle to lower order for me.