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  1. Only 74 bands announced so far. Usually 85-90 so hoping for quite s few more
  2. BC Camplight has also gone from the line up page, though his website still has it listed
  3. You should know that some of those venues are quite a distance from one another - particularly Concorde 2. There's no map yet this year but you can see last years. You'll also need a top up ticket for the A, Alabama Shakes gig, which is probably sold out by now. During the day you can get into any of the venues easily but in the evening they get packed and you pretty much have to pick a venue and stay there There's a lot of good stuff at the alternative escape too
  4. Tweets between EOTR and Memphis Industries today. EOTR saying bar drop outs they are fully booked; they posted the other day that there'd be a few more bands but the no more major announcements. Asked "did AF happen?" they say unresolved
  5. 1. Sufjan Steven 2. Ultimate Painting 3. Low 4. Joanna Gruesome 5. Ought 6. Girlpool 7. Happyness 8. Giant Sand 9. Alvvays 10. Laura Marling