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  1. 2017 Panoramic photo 1

    It must be time for a new one, please!
  2. Latitude 2016

    Setting off from Bury St Edmunds around 10 o'clock hoping to get there for around 12. Then hopefully set up around 2-3 o'clock, then open the keg of Ale that my nephew is bringing with him from Southwark brewery.
  3. Latitude 2016

    Last year we were in the car park at around 12:00. Joined the small queue around 12:30 when they opened the gate! Hoping to do the same this year!
  4. Efesters on Twitter

    @sjp61. I think I am following quite a few of you now! Not a prolific tweeter though!
  5. Your favourite Glasto images

    I use 'photobucket'. Wether or not its the best I can't really say.
  6. Your favourite Glasto images

    About time this was bumped! This topic always makes me feel good. :-)
  7. Hey man!!

    I've only just moved to this part of the woods.

    Not long til Glastonbury :)

  8. Hi to another Buryite!

  9. Your favourite Glasto images

  10. Hey Steve, nope, not long now - can't come quick enough for me!

  11. Hey Heidi, not long to go now!!!

  12. Your favourite Glasto images

    This thread needed 'bumping', so, here's another one of my pics from last year!
  13. Hi back at ya fellow BSE'er.

    Sent you a message earlier ( i think!!)

  14. Hey! Just saw you're from Bury - me too ;o) Thought I'd drop and and say hi!