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  1. Some of these placings are laughable funniest one is Mooseblood being 7th on the NME stage, Couldnt even open the NME stage lets be honest
  2. the album was far to generic for my tastes, they used to be so much more mathy now they just have the generic female singer trope for the most part glad they got bigger though, when i always used to see them they put everything into their sets, v hard working, just not my cuppa tea anymore
  3. Marmozets Debut was w*nk! their Eps Vexed and Passive Aggressive where a lot better imo
  4. i am so happy that American Football got announced, Luckily got a ticket (which sold out in like 4 minutes) to see them in Leeds but the fact i get to see a band twice in 1 year who id never think i'd ever see has given me warm fuzzy feelings inside
  5. Hey could i get my name changed to TheWonderYears if its not already taken
  6. callummmmmmmmmmmmmmm is gay