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  1. P!ss!ng on the farm

    What happened to simply booing people? It's certainly more effective than internet naming and shaming.
  2. Where can I watch The Killers' set?

    Red button > Peel Stage > watch from start > FF to 5:30
  3. P!ss!ng on the farm

    Two wrongs don't make a right.
  4. Secret resales

    The challenge is to get them to hang up first. I usually let them start their sales pitch and then interrupt with "yes, yes, we'll get onto the details shortly but first of all could you slowly describe to me what you're wearing..."
  5. Your favourite Glasto images

  6. Your favourite Glasto images

    2010. Where there's a will, there's a way.
  7. Videos to show first timers

    101 Seconds of Glastonbury
  8. Your favourite Glasto images

  9. Your favourite Glasto images

    Cheers for the compliments on my pics people, tis much appreciated. Without doubt, one of these - Crumpler Half Muffin bag. All your kit safely underneath, and room for beers, jumper and other essentials up top. There's an ex-demo for £45 on ebay.
  10. Your favourite Glasto images

  11. Your favourite Glasto images


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