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  1. Your Top 5?

    Only got to see 6 acts so I'd feel bad leaving one out 1. Twin Atlantic 2. The Prodigy 3. The View 4. The Libertines 5. Enter Shikari 6. The Vaccines The arena was too much of a mission away that there was a lot of "do we really mind if we miss so-and-so?"
  2. Weather

    This would be delightful. Was getting para about everyone saying rain on the friday as there's nowhere I really need to be that day until Fatboy Slim so was planning on just vegetating in my camping chair all day until
  3. First time at T

    First went to T with one other friend when we were both 15 and got in no problem. As for alcohol being taken off you it isn't really common you have to be quite unlucky for it to happen, you might not even get searched at all, I've only been searched once in 4 years
  4. anyone suggest best/most reasonable 4-6 man tents

    I always get the same tent from tesco, they're double skinned, survived T 2012 weather and the thunderstorms last time I was at Leeds festival, and right now (and every year near T time) they have them on cheaper http://www.tesco.com/direct/tesco-4-man-dome-tent-greygreen/735-0309.prd?pageLevel=&skuId=735-0309
  5. Most Disappointing Perfomance You've Seen at TITP

    Agree with Arctic Monkeys last year. Was really looking forward to seeing them as I finally got into them but they were just really unexciting? For the closing headliner you'd think they would've put on a more lively performance. Watching them on the telly at Reading made it more gutting as that was how I expected them to be like at T. Wish I got to see them there instead.
  6. Tickets dispatched!

    I don't think I've actually had a plastic sleeve since 2012 suppose it's not too much of a worry since they've stopped having your ticket on you at all times to get in and out of places being a requirement
  7. Tickets dispatched!

    Did you need to sign for them? Some years I have and some I haven't and I just realised this year I won't be at home when it arrives which might be a pain
  8. Top tips for a newbie.

    Or a pillowcase which you can stuff with your clothes/a hoodie at night to save packing space
  9. Top tips for a newbie.

    I bought a phone from tesco which was only £7, has the battery life of like a month, and comes with a deal that triples your credit when you top up, so I still have more than enough from last year to do me this year. I don't think I've seen babywipes mentioned yet??? Babywipes babywipes babywipes and hand sanitiser. Dry shampoo or a mini bottle of talcom powder if they're worried about their hair, who needs showers. If they're a beer drinker then maybe best to look into BeChilled which will make the queuing/walking to pitch the tent a lot more enjoyable without that weight. If they can hold it then going to the toilet in the morning is nicest in the arena when it first opens. Duct tape and bin bags.
  10. site map

    In the past seems to have been the third week in June/three weeks before the festival, think it's usually printed in the Sun first?
  11. T in The Park 2015

    They have US dates every day of T anyway
  12. T in The Park 2015

    2011 was my first T, thankful I managed to get to that one before the lineups started getting a bit iffy. Weezer were excellent, I was right at the barrier and got to high five Rivers and watch him penguin slide through the mud in front of me, although when he came out to sing I Feel Like Dancin' with All Time Low beforehand everyone around me were pretty much "who even is that?"
  13. T in The Park 2015

    The TITP twitter favourited my tweet saying "it's probably just one headliner but FINALLY". Dunno if that's them hinting I got it correct?
  14. Change Name

    Doesn't look like taylorswift is taken... that would be a nice name change