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  1. It's about £20 quid in a taxi, if you are really stuck.
  2. Mobile phone charging prices?

    These guys are £20, which isn't a bad price and it's a portable charger, so you don't have to hang about or come back (except when your battery goes again). There will be queues though I guess.
  3. Weather Thread

    Leeds forecast has vastly improved. Wednesday was going to be horrible, but now it's dry. Some light showers on Thursday and Friday afternoon now and that's it. Hope it stays like that. Hopefully, the ground should be alright. It's been dry enough for the last couple of weeks up north to have coped with the rain of the last few days I think. Anybody on site yet (eg working) can confirm about the ground?
  4. Weather Thread

    2008 was my worst ever experience of a wet festival. The festival itself was largerly dry (it rained overnight once), but it pissed down for about a week beforehand and the ground turned into some kind of ankle-grabbing bog of doom until Saturday. A few showers will be nowt to worry about
  5. Yellow Bubble (Or lack of)

    Yellow is back, so they must have sold more tickets (or the work experience kid did the 1st map).
  6. Weather Thread

    BBC's long range outlook sounds horrible (see below) Leeds is probably the most south and east place, you could still consider northwest though, so maybe it'll be alright It doesnt actually look bad on their current specifc forceast for Leeds. Monday 24 August—Sunday 30 August The final fortnight of meteorological summer With high pressure across Scandinavia and low pressure systems approaching the UK from the Atlantic, the weather will always be wettest and windiest in the north and west. A familiar story continues as we approach the end of meteorological summer with a northwest-southeast split developing in the UK weather. In the northwest expect frequent showers and longer spells of rain accompanied by strong winds at times. Temperatures here will most likely be below average and feeling rather cool. In the southeast the weather will be mainly dry with just occasional showers. Temperatures will be at or above average with some very warm periods, especially when the late summer sun is shining.
  7. Lineup 2015

    Picadilly Circus is just the big open space at the bottom of Orange hill by the XFM all night disco thing. I camped on the little hill-side by it last year. Got about 12 minutes sleep per night and always woke up in the corner of my tent with a numb leg! No green camping back, still way down n tickets then (was planning to camp there). Orange it is then.
  8. Festival Buddy :P

    You should be able to pick up cheap full weekend tickets now, for probably only 20 or 30 quid more than 2 days tickets.
  9. Campsite Playlist

    Here you go. One track from a band playing Leeds - Wolf Alice - Bros One from a band Not at Leeds - Death from Above 1979 - Virgins One Classic - Suede - Trash
  10. V Festival VIP upgrade

    The V Festival VIP upgrade is a bit naff. A slightly better bar where you can pay cash and some slightly better bogs and a lake to look at. No camping area or anything. It's handy for a piss as I think the entrance is near the Main Stage, but that's about it.
  11. Received ticket but not my early bird

    My early bird only got posted today, but I already have my ticket. Seems they are going out seperately.
  12. Ticket arrival time?

    They are flying out the door as we speak (23% posted on Seetickets). They'll arrive this week or next I reckon for almost everybody.
  13. Set list this year.

    They are staggered a bit, so nothing usually clashes totally (except headliners). Main stage headliners normally have a longer set than NME too. You can generally catch a bit of a set, and then leg it to another stage for a full set of somebody else. I did this last year for Vampire Weekend and Catfish and the Bottlemen.
  14. Chairs in the arena

    Never noticed anywhere selling them last year. Probably cos they are lethal in the dark field. You used to be able to buy them in the arena though.
  15. Yellow Bubble (Or lack of)

    Yeah it's a bit shit really. Probably easier for them to close it, than to lop off part of Orange or something. They should have got rid of Orange Funfair. Who in the right mind wants to camp under a big fecking contraption flinging people around all night?