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  1. I'd be happy enough if that were real.
  2. Have to say I was expecting the likes of Wolf Alice, Sundara Karma, Rag n Bone man to appear this time. Maybe in announcement 3 I suppose. There are a lot of bands still to come I guess, but it doesn't bode well if these are the bigger names on the bill.
  3. Fatboy Slim always outs on a good show. If it's anything like when he appears at Glasto the crowd will be massive for him. Can't stand Wiley the absolute gobshite. Apparently he is the godfather of grime. Clearly going to appear on the NME somewhere (probably sub or 3rd). They had him on the cover recently.
  4. For some reason R&L have decided to use Ticketmaster for the installment plan this year. They've only managed to take my 2nd installment yesterday rather than 1st Feb when it's meant to come out. Not entirely sure of the need for a 3 month gap in the installment either
  5. Likelihood of NGHFB appearing at R&L this year? Must be the only major festival (non-niche) he hasn't appeared at since the Oasis split. Would be a good Main Stage sub or NME headline, certainly preferable to the 1975 or Bastille, who seem to keep getting bookings despite both seemingly releasing the same song over and over again
  6. Ill be 38 by this years festival. Its defintely turned into a younger crowd since i started going in 2008. I feel a little old there now but its still awesome
  7. Ive been going to Leeds on and off since 2008, but the campsite dynamic has realky changed recently so looking for advice. We normally camp in Orange on the main drag not too far from the hill of death. Its fairly quiet so you can usually get a kip (getting old now). However was thinking of either camping in yellow bubble or blue valley (but at the top of the hill behind the village). Anybody camped in either of these? Im likelyvto arrive at noon on Wed so im assuming there will be loads of room (there is in Orange at this time) Is there really any difference between campsitrs these days, given the lower ticket sales? In 2014 i camped at Picadilly Circus. Not reccomended!!!
  8. Picadilly Circus is just the big open space at the bottom of Orange hill by the XFM all night disco thing. I camped on the little hill-side by it last year. Got about 12 minutes sleep per night and always woke up in the corner of my tent with a numb leg! No green camping back, still way down n tickets then (was planning to camp there). Orange it is then.
  9. It's due any time. Seems to arrive anywhere between 23 July and 1 August
  10. Marmozets and Slaves potential clash (according to Clashfinder General). Well that sucks a big one. Probably 2 of my must see bands for the weekend. Im hoping Slaves appear slightly higher up that the poster suggests. They rammed the John Peel at Glastonbury