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  1. Basically they ain't paying the fee to show it.
  2. You'll get the BBC Introducing and Dance to The Radio (Thursday at Leeds) announcements probably in August. There's normally a decent band or 2 on the DTTR stage every year.
  3. Considering it'll be on around 4am I reckon data will be available enough (at least on EE) to stream it. I'll be knocking out zzzzs though by then
  4. I've booked my hotel already Fingers crossed for a good lineup
  5. Yeah It was
  6. I was asking a guy manning the photo booth in the Jack's Rock Stage at TRNSMT if it was heading to Leeds and he didn't know. The tent was was away bigger than the one Leeds had too, probably similar to the dance tent.
  7. Really enjoyed Sunday at TRNSMT. Only criticisms I really have were the bars seemingly selling out of almost everything but lager by about 7pm, large queue for the female toilets at times and that's about it. There's seemed to be some stage time slippage so an earlier start might be sensible in future yesrs. I wanted to see Superfood by the were over 30 minutes late so sacked them off as it was getting to close to Biffy. Found really good food with a little bit of effort.
  8. As if General Admission tickets don't get a wristband. Imagine trying to keep that flimsy paper ticket in one piece for the whole weekend!
  9. What's with them clashing everything on the main stage with everything on King Tuts? Amazons/TDCC is very annoying
  10. Nothing But Thieves also possible for a secret set (though they did play last year)
  11. Ask the hotel for an early check in. Some might allow it. I asked for our room for Raddison Blu and they told us to check on the day (despite boasting in their website they do early check ins). Seemed to think 12 wouldn't be an issue though. Basically planning to get their before noon and try and get in the room by 12 and over to the festival straight away
  13. As early as possible. By around 2-3pm the place is totally rammed.
  14. Leeds Sunday sold out. Any idea the last time they sold a day out.
  15. Leeds is about 20 minutes in a taxi (costs £20) or you can take the shuttle bus. Make sense to stay in the city centre tbh.