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  1. So just got my poster out of it's tube, and it appears to be signed by Stanley Donwood. Where they all, or am I just lucky? need to get a frame for it now.....
  2. More stuff should be open on the Thursday. I would really like to see things in the theatre and circus fields, as I always want to see more there, and invariably once the bigger stages are open I only spend a couple of hours there. And Williams green is basically packed for the whole evening. And wateraid should stop giving out temporary tattoos. You need to use water to put them on, and then spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower (and it still hasn't gone), so it wastes loads of water!!
  3. The bouncer at the rabbit hole on the Friday was great! Was up there buying a replacement recycled Glastonbury keyring from the smelting place for my 9 year old (she'd lost the first one), and wandered over to show her the people crawling through the entrance, The bouncer just said do you want to take him in (she dresses like a boy and had a woollen donkey hat on, so easy mistake to make), obviously said yes, and he stopped the queue, moved the barriers and let us straight in! I said to him that the missus would be jealous, and he said to send her up with my daughter and he let her in too!
  4. The one thing I noticed about Jimmy Carr was how pale he looked. He obviously hadn't been there on Wednesday. My forehead (which is bigger than his), was peeling like a bugger by the Sunday!
  5. Top 3 this year were wingmans buffalo wings, which I got lots of envious looks for, steak, chips and cheese in garlic butter from le rac shack and the condition duck, gotta cheese and red onion marmalade from go game in west Holt's (I had it without truffle oil, I am not sure if that makes me more or less middle class). Honourable mentions to goan fish curry mackerel and dal and the jerk chicken at the park.
  6. Spotted Jimmy Carr in the acoustic tent, the back of John Robb's head , which is distinctive. And my best one James endicott (dj/producer fella), who was at Thurston Moore. He is stalking me I think.
  7. Can 99% confirm the killers. Been chatting to some fire stewards. Speakers outside the tent are new, they considered a screen. Asked if they could confirm or deny it was the killers and they said no, but it would be busy.
  8. At John peel now for real estate, who have a much bigger crowd than I was expecting. Lots of people in the tent sitting down, so obviously here for something later. Killers or not it is going to be busy. Chatting to a bloke yesterday who randomly mentioned the killers playing. Get here early. I am off to Laura marling!
  9. Ed Sheeran supposed to be joining beoga at 13:35 on acoustic stage. Just been told by a steward. They are the galway girl backing band. He told me that, I had no idea.
  10. If they are then you get them from the guardian stalls scattered around the site. Ones I know are by the meeting point at Williams green, and just up from west holts on the way to the railway line.
  11. There's one around the corner now, the other side of Asda. And I'd forgotten about Asda. It's open 24 hours. If anyone does decide to go down there, it's a bit of a walk, or a bus ride.
  12. Looks like Brooklyn bowl is closed at the moment which is in the o2, and indigo2 hasn't got anything on that night. Only places that might have been open a bit later. Sainsburys is a couple of minutes on the bus down the road, and open until midnight for any last minute supplies, last time I was in they had some camping gear.
  13. Liam and Chris Martin. Strange times.
  14. I wonder how many of the crowd there are thinking the same.
  15. Why are the crowd all drinking ribena?