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  1. If they are then you get them from the guardian stalls scattered around the site. Ones I know are by the meeting point at Williams green, and just up from west holts on the way to the railway line.
  2. There's one around the corner now, the other side of Asda. And I'd forgotten about Asda. It's open 24 hours. If anyone does decide to go down there, it's a bit of a walk, or a bus ride.
  3. Looks like Brooklyn bowl is closed at the moment which is in the o2, and indigo2 hasn't got anything on that night. Only places that might have been open a bit later. Sainsburys is a couple of minutes on the bus down the road, and open until midnight for any last minute supplies, last time I was in they had some camping gear.
  4. Liam and Chris Martin. Strange times.
  5. I wonder how many of the crowd there are thinking the same.
  6. Why are the crowd all drinking ribena?
  7. Isn't that Liam's jacket from a few years ago?
  8. With the flaming lips? She can bring ariana along too.
  9. never mind oasis, I have now heard an ariana grande song. Much more monumental.
  10. The times don't match up on there. Radiohead starting at 9:30, but against 9:00 on the timeline thingy at the top.
  11. Not sure if anyone else heard, but I am pretty sure Tom ravenscroft said justice were headlining west Holt's on the Sunday.
  12. The ones at the bottom of the acoustic field get my vote. A few years ago 2002 maybe, I was feeling a bit the worse for wear on the Friday morning (the days of 2 litre bottles of brothers), and waded through about a foot of water to the portaloos next to John peel. They were pristine and I managed a little sleep.
  13. There's a big sainsburys just outside Victoria train station (not the coach station), just checked the opening times and it looks like it is open 7-11, so depending when you get there, that might suit. There are a few convenience stores around, but can't remember exactly where (been ages since I've been up that way).
  14. "Pasta with pesto is easy to do. Tasty and filling." And you'd pay a fiver (at least) for exactly that from one of the dodgy pasta stalls.
  15. I'll be there, it's down the road. and my kids will be there for the libertines, but I think they have messed up by not making travis Sunday headliners and the libertines Saturday.