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  1. EU Referendum

    what about FGM? throwing gay people off of roofs? public flogging making women cover their faces not allowing women to drive not allowing women to be outside without a male relation paedophilia beheading non believers blowing up public spaces killing people who draw pictures (for drawing pictures) bigamy having sex slaves you claim no moral superiority over people that agree with, and condone all of the above?
  2. EU Referendum

    no its not, and the more people like you say that, the less likely Islam is to even approach reformation. for those that don't know who Ayaan Hirsi Ali is, look her up. She is an Islamic Apostate, and critic of its barbaric customs
  3. EU Referendum

    you see people who agree with stoning people to death as equals? yay - go you! you should get an "I'm a regressive" badge.
  4. EU Referendum

    Way to misrepresent why I raised the issue, I raised the issue because you backhandedly called me a racist (which I absolutely am not). and then straw-manned the issue with saville.
  5. EU Referendum

    as I said previously, 1400 children in Rotherham would be better off if people weren't so quick to play the "racist" card. but they are dirty northern scum, so you just carry on. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11059138/Rotherham-In-the-face-of-such-evil-who-is-the-racist-now.html https://charliehebdo.fr/en/edito/how-did-we-end-up-here/
  6. EU Referendum

    Islam isn't a race
  7. EU Referendum

    British ex-pats and irish people don't believe in the death penalty for adultery, or that women are property, and they should be covered whilst out in public. Something like 40% of "moderate" muslims do.
  8. EU Referendum

    you lot? they dont integrate, they live here with their own ideologies and value systems. and we (and to a greater extent mainland europe) and sitting idly by.
  9. EU Referendum

    I think there are 1400 children in Rotherham that would be a lot better off if people werent called xenophobes and racists when addressing the forced integration of a completely incompatible ideology into western society.
  10. EU Referendum

    who knows what promises have been made (under the table) in relation to the migrant removals yesterday (and going forward)?
  11. The Gaming Thread

    hmmm, quantum break didnt exactly set the world afire fella! I was exactly the same, was hanging my hat on it for ages, then the inevitable downgrades in graphics and mechanics, then the lukewarm (or poor) reviews, meant I was glad I didnt buy it. It basically looks like destiny without the great mechanics and interesting locations.
  12. EU Referendum

    I don't recall claiming that leaving the EU would stop immigration, my issue is (and has been for a while) that Europe is sleepwalking into an islamic caliphate (which could take 20 years plus), and I'd rather not be a part of that.
  13. EU Referendum

    laugh it up all you like Neil, I'm just relaying that the 20 or so people I have had conversations with all feel the same way, that losing our decision making and law making capabilities to the EU bigwigs, and paying £8.5bn for the pleasure is not something they are keen on. Maybe east yorkshire is unique, but I doubt it.
  14. EU Referendum

    Well just talking to people around where I live and work, I haven't met a single person who wants to stay in. the only people who are "in" that I have encountered have been online. People "up north" seem to have a rather different outlook to those in the relatively more affluent south. And as has already been said, most "outers" will show up on polling day.
  15. Films

    I finally watched deadpool, it had some good lol moments, the "ironic nods" got a bit irritating from time to time, but on the whole I liked it. The action was really well shot, and the effects were great. 7/10 for me. It could easily have been 20 minutes shorter too.

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