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  1. Arctic Monkeys or The 1975, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers
  2. On the paper tickets, definitely remember getting an email from Ticketmaster a month or so back saying all their tickets would be like that to save paper/money/postage. mine arrived yesterday, buzzing
  3. He is main stage
  4. Me likey.
  5. Yeah, I actually won tickets to their gig at the SECC last week, they said on stage they weren't asked to do any Scottish fests this year. But said they would be doing a 10 year anniversary tour for Take Off Your Colours in 2018
  6. Ahhhh good old DF - keeping us in the dark righhhhhht up until the event happens.
  7. Sooooo we'll get say 2 of those lot on Friday, 3 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday; on a stage mixed in with other bands?
  8. The Lafontaines headlining that stage on Saturday night. Something other than Kasabian
  9. Someone wants me to switch allegiances. Never.
  10. He is the chosen one
  11. Chuckling to myself picturing them doing a call and reply for the "badabadaba"s across the field
  12. The The
  13. Foo Fighters are also teasing something this morning, something to do with a Photo Booth (Footo Booth they're calling it), related to Glasto announcement somehow maybe?
  14. "Sign up to get future announcements first" Suggests there will be another concert this year?