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  1. T in the Park 2016

    Still seems odd to me the idea of Biffy having fallen from grace quite so quickly, I don't really buy it. Especially as a Scottish act (we know T loves to push Scottish acts) I can't see them subbing so soon. Would either headline Sunday outright, or do the Saturday with Calvin as co-headliners.    T could make it a big ol Scottish day on main stage.   Calvin Harris Biffy Clyro Primal Scream Twin Atlantic Chvrches Frightened Rabbit Young Fathers Fatherson
  2. T in the Park 2016

    TITP just tweeted saying the lineup is being released 25th Feb
  3. T in the Park 2016

    Beyonce just announced she's playing Hampden on 7th July, so probably not doing T.
  4. T in the Park 2016

    Very impressive for them, strong line up. 
  5. T in the Park 2016

    http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/electricdaisy/2016/lineup.shtml So plenty of DJs for T to pick from for the weekend.
  6. T in the Park 2016

    Refused and Twin Atlantic both announced to headline 2000trees same weekend as T.   Twin Atlantic are one of my favourite bands, but I would prefer for them not to play T this year. I don't think they'll have a new album out by then, and they wouldn't get any better slot than headlining R1 like last year. Better to take a year or two out and come back with purpose. As for Refused, YES PLEASE. If we still had the Transmissions stage, they would be perfect to headline that. Guess the best we can hope for is a decent Tuts slot. Not the kind of act T regularly books, but they do sometimes get heavier acts (Enter Shikari, Marmozets, Slaves being examples from 2015).
  7. T in the Park 2016

    Calvin Harris' schedule for his new DJ residency in Las Vegas from now until September. http://omnianightclub.com/artist/calvin-harris/?utm_source=social-share-calvinharris&utm_medium=&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=OMNIA-LV-Social# Takes a weekend off once every couple of months. One of which is conveniently the weekend of T in the Park...
  8. T in the Park 2016

    And RHCP
  9. T in the Park 2016

      I see. Well Chilis were meant to be one. Weren't Eagles of Death Metal, Imagine Dragons, Two Door and Parkway Drive all meant to be an exclusive in some or other? Still leaves 3, Foals could well be one I guess.
  10. T in the Park 2016

    No mentions of exclusives or anything for Foals when they were announced for R/L this morning. They're playing NOS and BBK on 7th and 8th of July, could be at T to play the lower co-headline slot on Saturday the 9th, or appear as sub/R1 headliner on Sunday perhaps.
  11. T in the Park 2016

    http://thesun.uk/6014BkFb6   So there are indeed apparently beavers at the site. It sounds like the issue is one easily dealt with either by extermination or by moving the animals. T likey to scare them off rather than deal with the inevitable backlash of shooting them.
  12. T in the Park 2016

    That would be extremely convenient. Seems like a stretch for that to be the story, but I can't think of any other reason that the tweet would feature beavers destroying a T logo
  13. T in the Park 2016

    The wee GIF accompanying the tweet had some sort of beaver creature come and gnaw at the T logo, causing the logo to fall over. That to me suggests some new oversight concerning the site's natural residents which might hamper the festival again.   Ospreys move over. The age of the beaver has come.   apologies if this sounds stupid, but do we even have beavers in Scotland? My first thought is that we don't but there's probably some plan to introduce them.
  14. T in the Park 2016

    T's first full line up announcement for 2014: T's first post with this line up format: At no point was there someone above Steve Angello for R1
  15. T in the Park 2016

    I'm pretty sure Angello was always billed as R1 headliner. Pixies were always meant to headline Tuts that night. On the original line up poster for 2014 on Friday, the names go: Biffy, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Bastille, Pixies, Steve Angello, Alesso etc etc. The only switch that occurred was Bastille and Imagine Dragons, but they were both on main stage.