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  1. Either of these acts to headline Glasgow Green?
  2. Forgot it was Thu-Sat for BBK. So Radiohead / ??? / The Killers. Not a bad start really.
  3. What day are The Killers playing BBK? Obviously BBK has a twin festival so they'll be playing both - could make it difficult to get up to Glasgow as well for 3 nights on the trot.
  4. Looking at some announcements today - could have The Lumineers or Stevie Nicks. Both supporting Tom Petty on Sunday 9th July.
  5. Interesting... Green Day playing Bellahouston Park on 4th July, promoted by PCL Presents. Directly competing pretty much with the new DF concert it would seem!
  6. And with Chemical Bros instead of Calvin. And less EDM in general. I don't think the new festival needs to be too different overall, just a slight shift to the older demographic so that it still appeals to the mainstream and the 30+ (ish) demographic
  7. Radiohead/Stereophonics/Pixies The XX/Kaiser Chiefs Foo Fighters/Elbow/Lana Del Rey The Chemical Brothers/Twin Atlantic Coldplay/Paolo Nutini/Manic Street Preachers Royal Blood/Travis I will happily accept cash payments.
  8. Would be fantastic to have headliners in Radiohead, Coldplay and Foo Fighters, subs like Stereophonics, Elbow and Paolo Nutini, and an undercard with folk such as Pixies, Twin Atlantic, Travis, Lana Del Rey, the XX, Chemical Brothers, Manic Street Preachers, Kaiser Chiefs, Royal Blood. Dunno who else.
  9. I think no matter what it needs more than 1 year away to allow people to forget all the bad press it got. I don't see them bringing back T until there is a clear demand for - and they feel they are able to justify in terms of h&s etc - a large scale camping event again, whether that is 1 year, 5 years or 10 or so on.
  10. Not the first time we've been moved there to be fair! When was it, 2012/13 things got out of control here and the TITP forum was shut down?
  11. Does this mean we get moved to 'Old Forums' Neil?
  12. http://www.tinthepark.com/ Official: no TITP next year
  13. Kings of Leon just announced as a UK festival exclusive at BST on 6th July. Pixies announced as a main support, no mention of exclusivity there. They could make an appearance at Glasgow Green? Would appeal to the older audience, would be a good act tp have on a Radiohead day I think. EDIT: Also if you wanted to have some form of dance music, Fatboy Slim would do well. Announced for Nova Rock so he's doing stuff apart from the usual Glastonbury slot this summer.
  14. I suspect this event will have a few stages (maybe one big outdoor one, one big tent and 1/2 small tents at a guess) as opposed to just the one at Summer Sessions.
  15. This sounds like if done well it could be excellent. Trying to think how many stages you could fit at Glasgow Green. Drawing on R1 Big Weekend, maybe an open main stage, large tent (replacement for Tuts), then a couple of smaller tents (T Break/BBC Introducing, and either a dancey one or a Transmission style one). Not sure if there's the space for two large outdoor stages?