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  1. The National

    Was always going to leave early to see all of Solange but when they came out and blasted out Sea of Love, Fake Empire then the new'un there was a part of me that was thinking, is this going to be too good to leave? then they went on and played more new songs which lost them a lot of momentum I thought, they could've just kept going playing through all the big numbers but I've just seen the short setlist now. Anyone think the amount of new songs could've been a massive 'why did you put us in this slot?' thing. And I get obv they wouldn't slam their own exposure, in fact Matt seemed to be loving the fact they'd made it onto the Pyramid, so it all seems a bit weird
  2. Weather 2017

    Was at (Thee) Oh Sees last night, security handing out water at the front reminded me of 2010's weather and how that was a requirement for every stage. Wasn't until 2011 I realised they didn't always do this and it was just because of how hot the year before had been.
  3. Secret resales

    I was so cool I actually did the reverse, took my 57 year old dad in 2013...
  4. Secret resales

    iDLEWiLD - because nobody would have to incessantly shout Captain or Shapes throughout their set, they'd have to play them as it's the 90s
  5. Secret resales

    http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/british-and-irish-lions-rugby-match-wont-be-screened-at-festival/ Good (for some, not everyone)
  6. Secret resales

    Depends if you want a ridiculous number of pages opening on a regular basis, maybe your page checker is better because it's only detecting significant changes
  7. Secret resales

  8. Secret resales

    Just had 11 pings in the space of a minute, I feel like they're just trying to test our resolve
  9. Would a ballot be a fairer system?

    I miss the 2010 days and the 12 hours it took to sellout. Persistance was rewarded.
  10. The National

    Some on Sunday have had 90mins though in the past, LCD Soundsystem, Chemical Bros.
  11. The National

    quiet company
  12. The National

    Also what's the maximum number of songs a Pyramid sub-headliner gets? 15? That's nowhere near enough for a set by the National, let's all just agree it'd be a terrible slot for them and avoid it like the plague.
  13. Would a ballot be a fairer system?

    Problem I see with a ballot compared to how it currently is, would it be only solo entries into the ballot? Or would you have group entries? Would it be more beneficial to enter on your own or as a group? Which has the higher chance? If it was only individual entries what if there is a group of eight of you wanting to go but only seven get tickets? That would be utterly devastating for the one without a ticket and the seven who got tickets wouldn't feel particularly great about it either. What if only two people out of a large group got a ticket and they were two of the least known to each other? What if no two people from any group got tickets together and everyone at Glastonbury was going and camping on their own? (Actually I think this last one would make for a really interesting festival - do it..)
  14. The National

    Can't rely on what you read in the NME
  15. The National

    Exactly! Even if you think about it from a management perspective though particularly in terms of TV , which is the better outcome for a band like them, a visble crowd that's not really into it or a headline slot where they're playing to the converted?

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