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  1. Holiday!

    Have a lovely time GF
  2. Holiday!

    *out of season
  3. Holiday!

    Turkey was beautiful. Gumbet is very touristy but because we were there put of season it was nice and quiet. It would be my idea of hell in high season, unless I was 20 again!
  4. Films

    Oh deeeeear!
  5. Holiday!

    I'm going to Gumbet in Turkey in 4 weeks. Anybody been??
  6. What women (don't) want.

    I have had similar experiences. I had my brother and male cousins growing up as a kid so it was no surprise as I got older I just preferred male company. Most of my mates are males and I haven't shagged any of them (apart from my best friend and father of my child).
  7. What women (don't) want.

    I was meaning the marketing of toys more than the toys themselves. If you disagree get yourself to Tesco and have a wander up and down the aisles and tell me what you think! Of course I can buy trains and nerf guns for Willow, but is she going to want them when all the other girls are raving about something different? I will protect her from all that as much as I can but at school etc she will be listening to those same peers who currently attend sure start sessions in tutus and headbands with big flowers on who's mothers quite openly giggle and comment on me and Willow being alternative. It's worse living where I do and we are hoping to move before she's much older but she's still going to be influenced by clever marketing etc.
  8. What women (don't) want.

    I know I'm always way behind in this thread but it moves too quickly! Anyway, just wanted to say, gender specific toys/clothes are far worse than they've ever been in my opinion! It does my head in!! We'd like Willow to experience all forms of play and we buy her and dress her in clothes which are comfy. I am forever asked how old he is and when I say she I do so not because I am offended but because she IS female. People try to explain themselves out of their mistake and I try to explain that I'm not offended by their presumption...when I look at the way other baby girls are dressed in pink tutus etc its not surprising really. If I had a boy I wouldn't dress him in dresses but if I liked something that was pink he'd be wearing it. A friend of mine wouldn't buy her three year old a tshirt with the frozen princesses on it because they only did girls ones (she even said this to him and so the cycle will continue). Ahhh I dunno, it's 4am, I'm waffling. Night zzzzzz.
  9. What women (don't) want.

    I'm always whapping my baps out these days!
  10. What women (don't) want.

    Exactly, my terms, not others.
  11. What women (don't) want.

    Yes. But I don't please myself to be thought of as successful by others. I do it to please myself.
  12. What women (don't) want.

    I want to know I am a great mother. Other people can think what they like.
  13. What women (don't) want.

    Not really, no. Being successful can mean both of those things or neither of them. I do like to please others but I also like to please myself. I feel proud of myself if I am successful at something and its nice if others also value that success but I don't need them to.
  14. What women (don't) want.

    I mean in any sphere. I don't care. I strive to be a good mother because I feel I should, not so I can impress others. I work hard because I like my job, not because I want to please others.