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  1. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Yeah, I usually buy one large bottle of water on site and just refill that over the course of the festival. Also usually buy a big bottle of pop to share with my friend (for some reason it's become part of our routine over the years!). I can't really see them banning pop from those shops, though I'd be happy having them go back to selling cans of pop instead of bottles- companies only brought in those small bottles of pop so they could charge more.
  2. Old Music Thread

  3. Old Music Thread

    One of my all time favourites!
  4. Old Music Thread

    I do like the clash original...
  5. The National

    You're doing the right thing- I only relented because I go away travelling on friday morning for 2 weeks, so wanted to be able to listen to it while I do so
  6. The National

    Thats how I feel about it at the moment- reminds me of King of limbs in places and 'sad songs for dirty lovers' I'm just fed up of synths, so I'm holding that against it for now. Hopefully it's a grower
  7. Festival cancelled due to mud

    How do you end up putting a tent peg through your knee?!
  8. Mr C telling a few porkies ??

    How do you read this and interpret it as him saying he's going to wipe out all existing debt? Here is the actual interview: There is a block of those who currently have a massive debt, and I’m looking at ways that we could reduce that, ameliorate that, lengthen the period of paying it off, or some other means of reducing that debt burden. I don’t have the simple answer for it at this stage – I don’t think anybody would expect me to, because this election was called unexpectedly; we had two weeks to prepare all of this. But I’m very well aware of that problem. And I don’t see why those that had the historical misfortune to be at university during the £9,000 period should be burdened excessively compared to those that went before or those that come after. I will deal with it. The tories level of self delusion on this one has been spectacular - on so many levels. From blatantly lying about it being pledge WHICH THEY DIDN'T EVEN BELIEVE THAT IT WAS AT THE TIME (if it were how come the tories never mentioned the costing of such a pledge at the election? Nor did any of the media claiming it was a pledge), to the fact that Labour isn't even in government so how do they even break a pledge?!
  9. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Labour now ahead of the Tories in the polls- they had a huge upward swing during the election but ran out of time. You're being ridiculous by pretending there's nothing going on at the moment and nothing was achieved.
  10. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Yeah, I liked it when he consistently voted against gay marriage and gay rights and measures to tackle climate change. Currently being changed into a 'character' by media and cretins who liked boris Johnson!
  11. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Unemployed people, asylum seekers, immigrants, LGBT kids, single mothers, black people, Liverpool football fans, disabled people, people who live on council estates, the traveller community, etc etc. Compare the abuse and vilification they all experienced by the tories over the years and compare it to what the original poster experienced at Glastonbury
  12. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Then stop pretending you're so sensitive that you can't handle the level of tory hostility at Glastonbury, it was mild at best. I don't honestly know how you get through life if you considered that so devistating.
  13. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    If you consider what you experienced at Glastonbury as vile, abusive, threatening and aggressive then you have lived a very sheltered, privileged life
  14. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Hostel bookers is showing a student halls room for £48, I think. If you don't opt for a room I think some cinemas do midnight screenings that might kill a few hours. Glasgow is not a great place to be at 3am though - there are no 24hr cafes or anywhere to just hang about (or at least there wasn't when I last lived there a few years ago) .
  15. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    I think some of the student halls are available to rent out like a hotel as the students have finished for the year- they're cheap and in the city centre. They should be listed on either hostelworld or hostel bookers

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