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  1. Next Announcement thread

    Comparing Kendrick and Arcade fire, I can imagine "The Average person" to be like "Oh yeah I like that Arcade Fire song that was on an advert about waking up" and "I tried Kendrick Lamar and didn't get the fuss/like it, I prefer Kanye or some Jay Z for hip hop". I imagine they sit pretty similarly among these imaginary people. However, Arcade Fire didn't headline until their third album. I really don't think Kendrick has gained that much traction in the U.K. mainstream. I think sub now might even be slightly pushing it, and headlining next year off two albums is a massive massive push. Putting quality of acts aside somewhat, Mumford and Sons had a much much bigger fan base and them headlining was a stretch on two albums. If Glastonbury booked on critical appeal mixed primarily, with popularity secondary, then maybe Kendrick could headline next year. However, it seems booking primarily works the other way around. Kendrick is going to need another album, probably with at least one mainstream hit, to headline yet. (for the record I was there and Arcade Fire fucking smashed it, and I really hope Kendrick will be subbing Adele)
  2. Sigur Ros

    Headliner twins if that happens.
  3. Next Announcement thread

    Can you imagine how The National will go down with people waiting for Adele? (I'll probably be bored off my tits personally). Kendrick please! Although I dunno how much better he would go down..
  4. Who's Playing What Day Thread

    Porter could play two slots?
  5. Secret resales

    The ticket order seems quite random. My boyfriend has his ticket, I don't, from the same order. No worries yet, loads not dispatched.
  6. Secret resales

    Google the number
  7. Weirdest thing you've seen at Glastonbury Festival?

    Hah that was 'Briefs', the male comedy/drag/burlesque show that has headlined the Circus Big Top the last two years. Sadly looks like they won't be returning. Shame, they were brilliant.
  8. Next Announcement thread

    Now the secret sale obsession (just for a friend luckily) has died down somewhat... can we get a poster please? Having failed on that front, I want some cheering up.
  9. Secret resales

    After Thursday's sale, I have more quarter to fear. More specifically, 3:45 fear. Just trying for a friend, I think I would be an absolute state if it was for myself. Solidarity to those struggling.
  10. Secret resales

    Sending hugs xx
  11. Secret resales

    Not to dishearten people too much, but tragically looking at this thread last year, even days after the 18th May secret sale, they were tinkering with the coach pages. People were getting very excited, to no avail. So even changes now mean nothing really.
  12. Secret resales

    I recon I've seen about 100 people here/the WhatsApp groups. Throw in everyone from GlastoChat and the lurkers, 500 or maybe 1000 in total? Which seems roughly about how many you'd have on sale...
  13. Sunday Headliner confirmed - Coldplay

    That I doubt. There is a get out clause in there meaning he can produce some sort of Beyoncé style visual album .. which is effectively an album with some videos thrown in. Or maybe he means conventional as in music wise?
  14. Green Crafts

    I think its typically a bauble type thing yeah. I think it is more then £20, I had £40 in my head, but I might be wrong. Going to try and get in for that this year if I am feeling flush! If it's £20, I am definitely in!
  15. Secret resales

    They did last year, and there were no coach tickets.