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  1. Bands for 2017

    Except I can't go so screw that have Beiber!
  2. Bands for 2017

    Battles Beth Orton Wilco Deerhunter Tune Yards (good shout!) Lee Ranaldo Sleater Kinney on Friday Neil Young on Saturday Bjork on Sunday
  3. Favourite set this year

    Yeah I missed the first half or so of Thurston Moore. Was having too much fun at Broken Social Scene. Gutted I missed Teenage Fan club too. Not sure what I was doing for that one though...
  4. Favourite set this year

    Woods: broken social scene Garden: Ezra Big Top: Steve Mason or Anna Meredith Tipi: Basia Bulat My Tent: The Faces Neighbours tent: Beastie Boys
  5. EOTR 2016 - How Was Yours?

    I got that impression too. Loads of bands seemed grateful. And I have pretty good bullshit detection
  6. EOTR 2016 - How Was Yours?

    Thought Anna Meredith was excellent too She was really appreciative of the love she and her band were getting which was lovely to see. She seemed genuinely touched
  7. EOTR 2016 - How Was Yours?

    loved it Thought the sound quality was excellent this year. (Although could have done with a bit more volume at the disco ship to get my tired legs grooving) Highlights for me were Broken Social Scene, Animal Collective, Steve Mason, Anna Meredith, Basia Bulat, Steeling Sheep, Dr Dog, Phosphorescent, Ezra Furman! The whole place seemed a lot less busy to me. Was put off by the tipi queues a few times but otherwise thought it was generally pretty quiet.
  8. 2016 secret sets

    I saw that "poem" and moved swiftly on
  9. 2016 secret sets

    I'm headlining the Big top on Saturday
  10. 2016 secret sets

    Thurston doing a noise set would be incredible
  11. 2016 secret sets

    I loved their second album
  12. Weather :)

    "Everywhere you go always take your Willie with you" Crowded House for the big top on Saturday?
  13. 2016 secret sets

    You've got me, that's me not sleeping tonight!
  14. 2016 secret sets

    SFA would be great, never seen them live before
  15. The week of the festival excitement thread

    I've been buzzing about this for months! I had an operation in mid July that meant I had to cancel a couple of family camping trips, miss my cousins 50th and miss out on seeing the Yayoi Kusama exhibition in London. Gutted. Probably shouldn't be going to this either if I'm honest but I'm a lot better than I was and some things are worth the risk!