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  1. Secret resales

    Yeah exactly. I want nothing more
  2. Secret resales

    The last few days have been very bizarre. I get the impression that we're all brainwashed, staring blank-gazed into vapid laptop screens mindlessly hitting refresh for days on end to gain admission to the devil worship party.
  3. Secret resales

    good point.. still worth a shot, need every chance we can get
  4. Secret resales

    thank you! will have a look now
  5. Secret resales

    hi all, unsuccessful in the general sale and resale this year (the first disaster being a timezone problem and the second a typo).. have registered for checkpage and followthatpage but any extra help would be really appreciated, was wondering if there was a whatsapp group going at all? Second glaso this year and would love to get last year's gang back together. cheers lads!

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