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  1. Headliners 2019

    People keep saying 2021, but won't that be the Variety Bazzar with a fallow year at Glastonbury?
  2. Glastonbury 2017 Awards

    Best Act: The Killers Best Song: Mr Brightside Best Discovery: Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes/Carl Barat and the Jackals Most Frequented Stage: Pyramid
  3. Cheap BST tickets?

    Yeah buy one get one free for Tom petty and for Kings of Leon
  4. Headliners 2019

    I was at it and can't remember a fucking thing. Was really looking forward to it, but remember waking up thinking what the fuck happened last night.
  5. Iffy Turnouts

    Alt J was small (as mentioned previously), Carl Barat and the Jackals was tiny too considering it was only the Williams Green tent. I did think Hacienda and the Bootlegs would get bigger crowds but suppose it was early.
  6. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Went up to Strummerville on Friday for the special guest too. Nobody there.
  7. The Killers Headling 2019

    Radiohead were Friday. Bootlegs were Sat and Sunday.
  8. The Killers Headling 2019

    So from the set the other day that people loved.... Hot fuss - 4 songs Day and Age - 2 songs Battleborn - 1 song Sams Town - 2 songs Sawdust - 1 song New Album - 1 song I'm pretty sure they could find another 10 quite easily that'd keep everyone happy. Say 2/3 from the new album. Jenny was a friend of mine, Bones, Miss Atomic Bomb, A Dustland Fairytale, For reasons unknown. (Only 1 of them is from Hot Fuss).
  9. The Killers Headling 2019

    Relevant for a festival is putting in a performance worthy of headlining, the crowd being happy and a massive number wanting to see them. All them boxes would be ticked. im not saying they're the pulling up trees with their later offerings but nor are the Foo Fighters.... went down ok didn't it?
  10. The Killers Headling 2019

    Irrelevancy? Great festival band and are the only act to sell out Hyde Park this year. They'll tour there new album and sell out arenas up and down the country. Not saying they'll headline it in 2019 but irrelevant....fuck off.
  11. Top 5 Acts

    1. The Killers 2. Royal Blood 3. Biffy Clyro 4. Liam Gallagher (luckily I had a good spot) 5. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes
  12. Largest Crowd of the Weekend?

    I may have been near you!! That women with 1 kid who had left her second one so security had to go find it. Unreal Also got crushed by the Ed Sheeran massive on the way out.
  13. The Killers?

    They were phenomenal, absolutely loved it. Hit after hit and everyone knew every word. Great festival band
  14. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Loads of room, I just walked down to the front (ish)
  15. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Hang on, who's she?!! Would she know?