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  1. They were phenomenal, absolutely loved it. Hit after hit and everyone knew every word. Great festival band
  2. Loads of room, I just walked down to the front (ish)
  3. Hang on, who's she?!! Would she know?
  4. Busy up there yet?
  5. Going to risk getting there for the start of Frank Carter
  6. Slaves BBC introducing stage today (2.35 I think)
  7. Royal Blood were phenomenal, The XX fantastic (and you could see how much it meant to them) and I had lots of fun at Dizzee!
  8. It's defo elbow?? Right??
  9. Johnny Depp just came out with Kris Kristoffoson
  10. Just started panicking about these too as I've forgot. I'll risk it.
  11. Yeah that's always the thing, they can say raining even if it's just one drop! We're going to be fine..... right
  12. Was tempted to trek up there for one of the late night special guests. Anyone have any idea who's been a special guest up there in the past?
  13. Yeah I had the finding a lump panic. Yeah just a cyst (which the used to pop with a hard object). They would pop it in another way now if it was too big etc.... fingers crossed the pain eases up for you
  14. Indeed, it's gone from hitting it to.... ignoring it.
  15. I had one of them the other month on my hand, lasted about a month. In the old days they just hit them with something heavy (like a book), although they advise against that now.