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  1. 2017 Ticket Sale

    TBF Glastonbury is massively overrated
  2. 2017 Ticket Sale

    not a sniff so far
  3. 2017 Ticket Sale

    ticket link dead already?
  4. Kanye west confirmed

    my guess is that the overpowering feeling reported in the media was that the glastonbury punters dont give a fuck about him so he delivered a couldnt give a fuck performance
  5. Kanye west confirmed

    Yeah, really not regretting having to send my tickets back this year based on what I've seen on tv so far (and the rain yesterday and due tomorrow)
  6. 2015 Campervan Tickets - Those in need...

    wow those West CV tickets are like gold dust it would seem
  7. Kanye west confirmed

  8. Kanye west confirmed

    De La Soul were pioneers of a new breed of hip hop at the time.
  9. Kanye west confirmed

    Modern stuff is definitely more mainstream and I'll over simplify as much as I like. New hip hop is tame and mainstream, old stuff is better and raw. I won't hear any more from you on the subject.
  10. Kanye west confirmed

    I agree, just look at this old tame stuff
  11. Kanye west confirmed

    Clearly not everything he has done is.
  12. Kanye west confirmed

    there were of course the exception to the rule! Although Chubby Checker and the Fat Boys was a choon!
  13. Kanye west confirmed

    I agree, never said otherwise mate, but modern stuff is much more chart friendly and I would say diluted compared to the old stuff. I love Kanye's stuff by the way, just hate him as a person, he's a c**t
  14. Kanye west confirmed

    or why not try out some proper hip hop instead of the modern Kanye pop stuff? Here's a little taster -
  15. Kanye west confirmed

    he has 2 ways of dealing with this backlash and let's be honest, what a fucking backlash it has been, a petition calling for him not to play, signed by 126,000 people 1) He comes out, no ranting, no petulance and fucking smashes it with a great show and a great set list 2) He comes out and fulfils peoples expectations of him being a c**t and rants like fuck at least once I just cant believe that he wont go for the second option, he just cant help himself.