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  1. Calling Out Stage

    Naff info if you watch the video on Twitter looks like they changed plans it appears that the new campsite is on the dirt road area upto emperor
  2. Calling Out Stage

    It will be a lot easier for people using bus and drop off point with a similar set up the other side off the site . Plus I think it maybe slightly less into the arena depending on where you camped in emperor in previous years .
  3. Calling Out Stage

    Think well 99% sure it’s where staff camping was round back of lake
  4. What are you looking forward to the most ?

    Has to be one of the shortest funniest posts on here ! Ha ha !
  5. Calling Out Stage

    Nope no increase this year ! But last time they did this kind of thing ................. it increased year after !
  6. Primal Scream

    Cmon on guys it was posted at 9:33 am on April fools day ! The line up is poor in comparison to other years but I have had on good authority that a certain other festivals promoter is or is trying to make life difficult for Kendal! They basically victims of their own success! Primal scream were never going to be added the only place in the line up they could of slotted in was Thursday headliner and that’s taken by hacienda and I tell you now if you go and watch with your party heads on you won’t be disappointed.
  7. Who would you like added in the next Announcement?

    Something from this decade would be good it’s got far to much from last century if I’m honest !
  8. Primal Scream

    Can’t see primal at Kendal............ is there not enough of this on the line up ?
  9. Hi Guys I’ve bought and sold on twickets before prices are always face value or less . Set up an alert . It’s a bit early as of yet once people have their tickets I’m sure you will get sorted here and be protected. https://www.twickets.live/tour/kendal-calling-tickets/570914839870840832
  10. Sold Out

    Your getting good at this jamjar!
  11. Sold Out

    Think we will get some more soon as y not are saying they got something to announce expecting a medium size couple of additional acts
  12. Sold Out

    Daft question you know they will be there !
  13. Sold Out

    Kids and Thursday no adult weekend. its taken them a while to shift the last 1500 they had day after line up announcing !
  14. Y not festival police dogs

    This is a story about something that happened at Kendal Calling 3 years ago things changed massively after this at Kendal and the guy that implemented a lot of them changes now manages production at Y not . So I would say there will be dogs ! As for the above comment on bury it before festival on the site that’s exactly what the dealers did they still got caught though! watch all 8 short episodes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p05c1fk5/one-night-of-ecstasy-series-1-1-back-then-you-felt-free
  15. Who would you like added in the next Announcement?

    It was DJ mega tune on Saturday night in the calling out tent ! He plays some decent indie disco then he drops cheese like van Gaylen jump I vaguely remember take on me by A-ha as well ! Always fun to pop in there after stages start to close .

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