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  1. Oh, just remembered that they were performing Soft Bulletin last year, so would probably explain the absence of Do You Realize - but I'm fairly sure they had this at the encore of the Soft Bulletin performance at Alexandra Palace in 2011? Anyway, I am fairly sure there is no way they wouldn't end a set at Glastonbury without it - remembering the emotional end at 2010 - oh dear that's set me off again .........
  2. I'm definitely in - I need at least a yearly 'fix' - and have already got tickets for Brixton in January. I must insist that I get to see Steven perform this again though http://flaminglips.com/video/17454/ Strange thing happened last year - for the first time ever, and I have seen multiple performances, 'Do You Realize' was not included ......
  3. Best of luck to us all!
  4. The grim reaper of 2016 - please stop now - enough is enough, another authentic genius taken from us far too early. My daughter was born whilst 'The most beautiful girl in the world' was playing. A cliche but another person in the 'soundtrack' to my life has gone ..... RIP sweet prince
  5. Thank you so much for setting this up - have emailed you. Best of luck to everyone
  6. Despite the most brilliant help from Avalon-Fields, Miesh and Peroni we were unsuccessful today. Anyway, going to be philosophical here and say how heartwarming it was to get help from people I have never met - restores ones faith, which in the big scheme of things, is far more important! I am sure they had better things to do on a Sunday morning. Many, many thanks again for their help - and a little 'bump' for a worthwhile cause - just sent over a small donation in the way of a thank you.
  7. Oh no...... 2016 can certainly do one. Memories of Keith stabbing the organ at de Montfort Hall many years ago. Off to play America, Lucky Man etc etc. RIP
  8. I was hoping to do this again - worked out well a couple of years ago. Have contacted the festival last week asking if this was ok again, but unfortunately no response as yet. Anyone with insider info if this is still possible?
  9. And such integrity - turned down a knighthood Bowie explained his decision saying, “I would never have any intention of accepting anything like that. I seriously don’t know what it’s for. It’s not what I spent my life working for.”
  10. Devastated. Never before felt this way about someone dying I didn't personally know. Maybe it is because he has been a part of my life since when I bunked off school to catch a bus to Doncaster to see the Ziggy Stardust tour. He amazed and moved me then and. continued to do so. I am not sure whether anyone else noticed or if it does mean anything, but I like to think it does. When I first viewed the video for Blackstar I saw at the beginning on the space suit is a badge of the smiley face logo, a nod to the story in the film 'Moon' by his son Duncan? A message to us or am I over thinking this? My delivery of Blackstar arrived earlier today so I will be listening and learning with sadness - so like David to keep his illness such a secret and release a new album within days of his dying. RIP - my hero
  11. Many thanks for the info on Ashcombe - walking is not a problem - we mostly spend our time around The Park and Greenfields - so it looks not much difference from Campervan East. I will now shut up about Ashcombe!!
  12. Campervan ticket conundrum - I have just contacted Ashcombe regarding a pitch and I am confused why it isn't more popular. It's cheaper, you can arrive on Monday, they have showers, getting in and more importantly getting out should be easier (the queue from our campervan field out this year didnt go down until 4pm) shuttle bus, it's not elitist 'glamping' - whats not to like, so what is the downside?
  13. Avalon, Meish and Peroni, What can I say - words are not enough - your help and time is so appreciated. Wouldn't it be fantastic if all the groups have a 100% success rate. Even if we don't, just knowing that 'strangers' are happy to help others without any gain for themselves is truly heartwarming. Dizzymoo - thanks for the info on Ashcombe for CV - this definitely looks the best option for securing a pitch. I love this forum!
  14. Wow Avalon - this is so good of you. After the devastation of failing miserably on Sunday, would really appreciate any help in getting x 4 tickets for my son, daughter, her boyfriend and myself. Will send you a pm as requested. I also have the CV ticket conundrum - as there seems little chance of getting one in the resale would it be worth asking if anyone is willing to purchase one in the next few weeks (would paypal the amount in advance) then if they are able to meet up somewhere close on the Tuesday morning, we can then pick them up with all their kit, drive into the CV fields together, they can then camp in a bit more comfort than the car park (with plenty of free drinks and food) and be in the queue early on Wednesday morning - I don't know if this is a big ask and whether it would work for anyone? I know there is a chance that if we don't get tickets, we will forfeit the £100 CV ticket. Failing this, I am tempted to cancel our kitchen extension and bid on the Oxfam charity auction for tickets but that would be crazy ........ or would it?!
  15. 4 tickets and campervan east ticket received today! Must be the earliest we have ever received them. We had the awful problems with DX deliveries in the past - Royal Mail - love them - even if you aren't in to sign for them, the local delivery office isn't far to collect - most couriers have depots for collection miles away with weekday opening hours of 10am to 4pm - really useful. It now properly begins ..........