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  1. Radiohead Headlining 2017

  2. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Re Manchester - I'm staying in the Travelodge at Sale and thinking of getting the bus to the show. Are the buses to and from pretty regular at 11 pm or should I drive and park? Also what's the food and drink options like inside the ground? Sorry for the questions - never been to Manchester before!
  3. Green Man Festival 2017

    There were a couple on twickets day before yesterday (I think) at face value
  4. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Did you get your link - got mine in the form of a survey ? Apparently I'll be getting my ticket as a download in 48 hours.
  5. The National

    Thanks for this got Wednesday standing tickets -helps with the pain of not being able to with Glastonbury (a bit)
  6. The National

    Any thoughts on if they'll be back in UK next year and where they might play? Can't see them doing latitude again but what about Hyde Park? Any other festivals they might headline size-wise?
  7. Secret Sets

    When Radiohead and Pulp played it was in the Sun and everyone knew by 9 am Friday morning. By 11 you couldn't get near the park and the mud was hell, so you had to make a decision - spend the day in the mud waiting for one band and forsake all others or miss the "secret" set. Ban the secret set i say - just creates bad feeling. And this opinion has nothing to do with the fact missed Radiohead. Nothing at all.
  8. BBC 6 Music Festival 2017

    Don't know about red button yet but struggling on the website. It was the same last year. BBC still struggle with broadcasting anything beyond the basics. Ive given up for now but will try again later.
  9. Latitude Festival 2017

    Id say a 'secret set' is high on the cards.
  10. Green Man Festival 2017

    Doesn't usually sell out til later - Easter in 2015 I think was quite early. But if it's a strong line up who knows! Its probably my favourite festival based on atmosphere and line up but probably can't go this year due to other commiments. Gutted.
  11. Latitude Festival 2017

    When they stopped me and searched my toiletries bag on re entry (see previous post) they didn't make it clear what they were looking for. As a security measure it was too cursory and seemed mad that they hadnt given the huge trolley I'd taken in 20 minuets earlier a second glance but gave a small item a good poke! Whilst I want to make clear, pretty much all of the staff at Latitude were great, this and a couple of similar incidents, just smacked of amateur corporate pettiness I expect (and happily live with) at Hyde Park or O2. That said, its a fab festival and if the line up was good I'd be back
  12. Latitude Festival 2017

    I think you hit the nail on the head there. In fairness most of the security were nice enough but one or two a bit over zealous and inconsistent. Eg one guy had to get his supervisor to give the OK for my teenage daughter to take a perfectly respectable 35 mm camera in to the arena whilst they didn't bat an eye at my magnum 44 sticking out the top of my jeans. I must have one of those faces I guess. A piss head who can't shoot straight!
  13. Latitude Festival 2017

    Ohh that's why ! (Sound of penny dropping 5 months late) I wondered why security were so over zealous when I did a return trip! Seriously though was the inspection of my pocket sized toiletry bag really necessary? This no alcohol rule will be a real deal breaker for a lot of people - more around the principle than anything else. I'm lucky enough to live quite close to several small festivals that are starting to put on some fairly decent names and that don't take a high-handed approach to punters bringing in their own booze. Latitude is great but it's gong to have to offer something completly different if it's going to keep on pulling in the punters. Them tickets ain't cheap!
  14. 2019 Festival Move

    The lengths some people will go to to avoid telling Coldplay - No Chris! 2020 is soon enough! The North is no place for your humdrum pop tunes.

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