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  1. Yep pretty obvious now, unless it's a massive red herring.. Think they making a mistake not booking at least one indie/guitar headliner,someone like Franz ferdinand/the vaccines
  2. Bit silly giving it all this hype if it is her ...really not the stellar booking they think it is. For this kind of hype only someone like florence or bjork would justify it
  3. possibly, be a strange booking with orbital headling as well...bit leftfield
  4. they do seem to be bigging it up, but florence seems too big and marling too small interesting..
  5. she?! lana del rey? cant think of anyone obvious for a small festival
  6. lots of new names then.... still no clue who this mysterious third headliner is, any ideas??
  7. some interesting stuff, wonder who 3rd headliner is? they have never done that before...
  8. orbital 1st headliner
  9. line up due tomorrow, any ideas for headliners? franz ferdinand maybe?
  10. food was great, drinks were great(Both a bit pricey but not crazy)site always tidy and clean, great atmosphere,loads of choice of acts for a tiny festival, the wristband top up didnt always work but generally ok
  11. really?! what were your issues? we didnt camp, is that were the problems are? we had friends in caravan who had no problems
  12. what a fantastic festival! really reminded me of the park area of glastonbury, will deffo be returning...only negative was the large hill back to campsite/carpark..
  13. yeah bit annoying that..would like to start planning who to see now
  14. 2 weeks 2 days still no map or line up splits...
  15. thats great,cheers any idea how long to walk from car parks to arena, we will have a buggy with us as well as bringing the baby(yikes)